ReGrained Puffs Are the Upcycled Snack You Didn't Know You Wanted

Photo courtesy of Regrained.

ReGrained Puffs Are the Upcycled Snack You Didn't Know You Wanted

By Rachael Medina
Staff Writer December 07, 2020

The savory flavors, upcycled ingredients, and healthy recipes of ReGrained Puffs come together to create an unforgettable snack experience you’ll want to tell your friends about. These puffs are unlike anything else you’ve ever tried; made with upcycled grains, sustainability has never tasted quite like this. While the various flavors of ReGrained Puffs may remind you of your favorite foods—such as the Mexican street corn you ate in Los Angeles, the cheese puffs you feasted on as a kid, or the seasoning you had at a Texas-style barbecue joint—these snacks have profiles that are entirely their own. 

Founded in 2012 by brewers Daniel Kurzrock and Jordan Schwartz as a way to reduce their own waste, ReGrained has become a prominent brand in the upcycled food movement. Each puff is crafted from the byproduct of beer production; since yeast eats sugars during the fermentation process, the byproducts—barley, wheat, and rye—are simultaneously non-alcoholic, nearly sugar-free, and full of valuable nutrients. 

Traditionally, these grains are thrown away or, at best, tossed into a compost bin. By reusing the spent grain, ReGrained takes advantage of the natural protein, micronutrients, and prebiotic fiber of the upcycled ingredients to sustainably feed the planet. As an added bonus, ReGrained Puffs are naturally low in calories and crafted with organic ingredients—making them healthy snacks you can feel good about. 

ReGrained Review: What You Need to Know About This Edible Upcycling Brand

Regrained SuperGrain+ puffs are made from upcycled ingredients and come in a variety of flavors. Photo courtesy of Regrained.

While the sustainability efforts and cute packaging are enough to entice you to grab a bag or two of these unique snacks, the health benefits of ReGrained’s SuperGrain+ blend are sure to appeal to any conscious eater. With a variety of vegan options, organic ingredients, and an annual donation to 1% for the Planet, these puffs just might become your go-tos between meals. 

It’s worth noting that the puffs have a distinct yet satisfying crunch and texture. Since each puff contains the same base of dried SuperGrain+, they all come with a similar mouthfeel and dry consistency that, for some, can take a bit of getting used to. This base also comes with a unique, almost bitter, aftertaste—so keep an open mind and eat more than one to really experience the full flavor palate of each variety before moving on to the next. Here are the three flavors we tried.

Mexican Street Corn

ReGrained’s Mexican Street Corn puffs offer complex flavors yet come from simple, easy-to-pronounce ingredients. Combining the SuperGrain+ mixture with organic sunflower oil, paprika extract, and a few other ingredients, this snack provides an impactful burst of flavor with every bite.

Inspired by the delicious flavors of elote, this variety is a celebration of Mexican street food culture. Photo courtesy of Regrained.

Aged Sharp Cheddar

The Aged Sharp Cheddar variety was our team’s clear favorite, evoking memories of munching on less-healthy cheese puffs. While it’s ReGrained’s only non-vegan option, these puffs pack a flavorful punch that rivals your old favorite junk foods. Crafted with Parmesan, bleu, and cheddar cheeses, this pungent snack is savory and appetizing in an unexpected way. 

Sharp, tangy, and unexpected, the aged sharp cheddar puffs will remind you of the unhealthier version you ate growing up. Photo courtesy of Regrained.

Smoked Sea Salt and Pepper

If you’re looking for a more subtle profile, ReGrained’s Smoked Sea Salt and Pepper puffs are an excellent choice. One of our taste-testers remarked that it tasted like Thanksgiving stuffing in chip form. Seasoned with cracked black pepper and onion powder, these savory puffs provide a satisfying combination with added health benefits. 

These Regrained Puffs are slightly smoky, lightly salted, and peppered to perfection. Photo courtesy of Regrained.

Final Thoughts

The ReGrained SuperGrain+ Puffs have complex tasting notes, bold flavors, and even bolder nutritional benefits. Offered at a reasonable price and wrapped in inviting packaging, these groovy snacks are sure to draw your attention. As an ideal alternative to less-healthy chips or crackers, ReGrained Puffs just might sneak their way into your pantry and onto your weekly shopping list. 

Note: This product was independently reviewed by We did not receive compensation for writing this review, and we do not receive commission for affiliate links. 

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