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Sandy Serenity: Discover Burlingame's Best Beaches and Breathtaking Coastline

Sandy Serenity: Discover Burlingame's Best Beaches and Breathtaking Coastline

Unearth the best beaches near Burlingame, CA. From tranquil landscapes to historical sites, discover coastal gems within a day's drive. Team


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August 02, 2023

Burlingame, California, is a charming coastal gem brimming with serenity and scenic views. Beach lovers find a unique treasure trove of sandy retreats nestled near this peaceful city, each providing an idyllic getaway from the daily hustle. From tranquil landscapes to historical sites, here's your guide to Burlingame's best beach spots - all within an easy day's drive.

Coyote Point Recreation Area

When it comes to proximity, Coyote Point steals the show. Less than four miles from Burlingame, this recreation area offers much more than a simple beach. Visitors enjoy the tranquil sandy shoreline, thrilling sailing adventures, and winding hiking trails. The easily accessible parking makes it a popular weekend choice. Notably, the area served as a strategic military location during World War II, adding a historical touch to its charm.

Poplar Beach

A bit further afield lies Poplar Beach, an unspoiled paradise ideal for beachcombing and horse riding. Located in Half Moon Bay, this beach offers a sizable parking lot right next to the beach entrance, providing effortless access. Interestingly, Poplar Beach's surrounding area was historically known for its abundant farming industry, enhancing its rustic, rural allure.

Montara State Beach

A short drive northwards takes you to Montara State Beach. Known for its scenic beauty and vibrant wildlife, this spot offers free parking along Highway 1 and additional lots for a nominal fee. Its lighthouse, built in 1896, houses a quaint hostel today and stands as a testament to the area's maritime history.

From the peaceful Coyote Point to the rustic charm of Poplar Beach, and the maritime history at Montara, Burlingame is a beach lover's paradise. Each of these beaches, nestled within the lap of nature, is sure to captivate the heart and replenish the soul. Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or simply longing for a tranquil getaway, Burlingame's surrounding beaches welcome you with open arms.

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