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The Best Eco-Friendly Home Improvements for Your House
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The Best Eco-Friendly Home Improvements for Your House

Use these eco-friendly home improvement tips when looking for ways to make your renovations more sustainable.

Shahen Araboghlian


4 min read

September 17, 2022

Your eco-friendly journey can easily begin once you install solar panels.

Solar panels are quite straightforward: they capture the rays of the sun and convert them into reusable energy. The cool thing about solar panels is that they do not cause environmental damage, as they take what the sun already gives us and make use of it. Another advantage to installing these panels is that with the federal tax credit, 26% of what is spent will be refunded as a tax credit. They are the next step in your eco home. California’s weather also makes for a nearly ideal setting to start using solar panels and solar power in general.

Solar Water Heaters

Switching to solar energy is definitely one of the best decisions you will make. However, the beginning might be a little complicated. It does not end with the installation of solar panels on your roof, as there will be many other aspects of your house that will, most of the time, require a separate set of solar installations, such as water heaters. Solar water heaters can potentially reduce up to 50-80% of your bills.

Outdoor Solar Lights

For all the homeowners wanting to jazz up their backyards the eco-friendly way, outdoor solar lights are made for you. Time to say goodbye to those annoying cables, and make way for the classy futuristic look of outdoor solar lights. These amazing home improvements will last you a good three to four years before they need to be replaced. They can even be used inside the house, in areas where enough natural light shines to power them up.

Cool Roofs

Never notice the heat raging on the outside with cool roofs over your head.

Having installed your solar panels, it is not uncommon for your house’s temperature to start rising a bit more than usual. This is where cool roofs come in. These roofs are designed to reduce temps in the house while eliminating the constant use of air conditioning; they are the perfect addition to your energy-efficient home upgrades.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Bringing EV charging stations into your own home will definitely be a lifesaver.

An amazing way to reduce your fuel expenses and environmental footprints, electric vehicles are truly the face of what the future holds for our developing society. As an owner of such vehicles, you will be needing a good EV charger in your house instead of stations on the go. Or having to search for a charging station on your way back from embarking on one of the most eco-friendly California road trips

In every sustainable house, you will notice a corner dedicated to a high-quality EV charger. It is important to note that the average Californian spends $57.03 per month to charge their EV from home. Additionally, there is a federal tax credit for EV charger hardware and installation.

Panel Upgrades

If you are in the midst of installing your EV charging stations at home, consider getting panel upgrades along with it, for maximum enhancement. Thankfully, A-HOME Electric services specialize in upgrades to accommodate any electric model.

Smart Lighting

The future is here. Incorporate smart lighting into your eco-friendly homes.

As insignificant as it may sound, the kind of light bulbs you incorporate into your house improvements also affects the environment. Studies have shown that certain types of lighting are what will reduce negative effects on our environment and preserve our beloved planet. Smart lighting is the answer; it provides long-term reduced utility bills and turns life at home into the interactive experience you never thought you needed. Having control over lighting, like monitoring light fixtures from wherever you are in the house with just a click on your phone, is quite a refreshing change.

Lastly, did you know that smart light bulbs are generally a safer and healthier option than your regular old light bulbs? That’s right! Aside from the amazing energy reduction capabilities, they are also mercury free. Some types of regular light bulbs contain mercury, which may end up creating a harmful environment for both your family and the planet. Going green actually has more pros than cons!

Energy Efficient Appliances 

Enhance your home the green way – beneficial for present and future generations.

Green home improvements are not complete without altering the type of appliances used inside the house. What you need to look for is Energy Star-certified products, that are tested and are guaranteed to provide you with what you’re looking for. The market for energy-efficient machines is fortunately spiking, and you’ll be met with a plethora of options, such as washing machines, televisions, refrigerators, dryers, and more. 

Still a little lost? Worry not! Most solar energy companies offer energy efficiency audits. The audients assess your home’s efficiency and present a plan of where to start improving and changing to attain your eco-friendly home dreams.

When looking to improve your home, why not go the green route and make it eco-friendly? In today’s modern world, we might find ourselves losing touch with what makes this Earth so special, and that is nature. It is imperative that we remind ourselves that every step we take can affect this planet, so why not start thinking consciously?

Going green in California has started to become quite the movement. However, getting into the eco-friendly side of things may seem daunting at first; with the right guides, anyone will be able to transition with no qualms! A-Home Electric is one of the best options in California and will provide you with affordable yet high-quality electrical services. What do they have in store for future eco-friendly homeowners?

Solar Panels

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