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Where to Find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the OC

Where to Find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the OC

Are you looking for Electric Vehicles Charging stations in the OC? Here is a list of 10 locations to make your search easier.

Shahen Araboghlian


5 min read

March 28, 2022

The quick spread of EV charging stations is encouraging people to go green.

As technology advances, the battery life of most electric cars is becoming better and longer. Still, those vehicles need to be charged properly to provide enough energy for daily commutes. While most of the time charging takes place at home or through portable chargers, there are certain occasions when charging stations on the road come in handy — eco-friendly road trip anyone?

Whether at home or on the road, the E.V. charging equipment supplies enough power to charge the plug-in electric vehicles. In O.C. and all across California, more and more shopping centers, gas stations, and parking spots are providing stations in order to encourage a greener life.

Those stations come in three different levels:

  1. Level one chargers can give you up to five miles of range through one hour of charging.
  2. Level two chargers give you 20 miles in an hour, while level three gives you over 30 miles in less than 10 minutes. Some chargers are free to use while others have a charge much cheaper than gas or petrol. Depending on where you stop in Orange County you might find any one of these chargers—what’s important is that the drive will go on.


Where Can you Find Electric Vehicles Charging Stations in the OC?

Running low on battery in Orange? No problem. You’ll always find an EV charging station nearby.

1. The Outlets At Orange

Location: 20 City Boulevard West Suite, Orange 

Available types: CCS/SAE, CHAdeMo, Tesla

What’s better than going on an affordable shopping spree, is getting to charge your EV while you move from one brand to the next. Orange’s open-air outlet mall, The Outlets At Orange will do the trick for you. Find the EV charging stations near Neiman Marcus Last Call and get your car ready for the road back home. 

2. Orange City Hall

Location: 300 East Chapman Avenue, Orange

Available types: J-1772

Governmental buildings have you covered—the Orange City Hall is a great example. As you enter the City Hall from East Almond Avenue, you’ll find the chargers on the left. Take a short break from your daily routine, and charge up!

Where To Find EV Charging Stations In Irvine

3. Woodbury Town Center

Location: 6460 Irvine Boulevard #6200, Irvine

Available types: CCC/SAE, CHAdeMo, J-1772 

Switching to electric vehicles has never been more convenient now that EV charging stations in Orange County are present in the best shopping centers. Irvine’s favorite open-air shopping center, Woodbury Town Center will charge your car while you shop and dine on its premises. Just make sure you enter the parking lot from Irvine Boulevard to find the stations.

4. Heritage Plaza

Location: 14,370 Culver Drive, Irvine

Available types: J-1772

Heritage Plaza has over 80 shopping and dining options. It also has charging stations to bring your car battery back to life. The stations are in parallel with the retail stores, so you won’t miss them. Just remember that you get a maximum of two hours of parking while charging. 

Newport Beach EV Charging Stations 

Bring your car battery back to life at the nearest shopping center. Most of them have charging stations now.

5. Fashion Island

Location: 401 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach

Available types: CCC/SAE, CHAdeMo, J-1772 

All fashionistas know that getaways in Newport Beach call for an impulse buying spree at Fashion Island. Don’t worry about your electric vehicle dying out as you shop; EV charging stations are available at the top level of the north parking area.

6. Newport Coast Shopping Center

Location: 21175 Newport Coast Drive, Newport Beach

Available types: CCC/SAE, CHAdeMo, J-1772

At the Newport Coast Shopping Center, shopping takes a different meaning for EV owners. While most people shop till they drop, electric vehicle owners can shop till their car battery is good to go. If you happen to be in the area and need to stop at the Center for a quick charge, choose the entrance from Newport Coast Drive to easily access the stations. 

Where To Charge Your Electrical Vehicle In Costa Mesa

Road trips are more fun now that you know you’ll easily find a charging station for your electric vehicle on the road.

7. IKEA-Costa Mesa

Location: 1475 South Coast Drive, Costa Mesa

Available types: J-1772

IKEA is one of the most universally loved furniture shopping stores. What’s more? The IKEA in Costa Mesa provides great electric charging stations in Orange County. Shop and eat at your leisure while your car is being charged in the designated parking lot.

8. Marquee Costa Mesa

Location: 1534 Adams Avenue, Costa Mesa

Available types: NEMA 14-50, J-1772

Marquee Costa Mesa is located on one of the busiest intersections in Orange County. Naturally, the shopping center chose to add EV charging stations to make life easier for those living an eco-friendly life. The stations are situated at the back of the mall’s building near the entrance via Elm Street. Shopping can be enjoyed best when your car battery problems are being solved in the meantime.

Huntington Beach EV Charging Stations 

Shop til you drop at your favorite O.C. shopping center while your car gets fully charged at the EV charging station.

9. Huntington Harbor Mall

Location: 16847 Algonquin Street, Huntington Beach

Available types: CCC/SAE, CHAdeMo, Tesla, J-1772

While visiting Orange County’s best beaches is the best activity to do, retail therapy comes right next to the best. People visit the Huntington Harbor Mall for all the world-class shops and fine dining options, and because they can safely charge their EV in the rear parking lot while they do so. Not having your car fully charged is no longer a problem in Huntington Beach.

10. Walgreens

Location: 19501 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach

Available types: CCC/SAE, CHAdeMo, Tesla, J-1772

Most EV charging stations in California are located where people make regular stops, and Huntington Beach is no different. As one of the most popular pharmacy store chains, Walgreens is naturally a must-stop shop for urgent matters. Luckily, Walgreens Huntington Beach chose to add EV charging stations to its parking lot, to make those stops more convenient. The charging stations are located in the parking lot adjacent to Beach Boulevard—you won’t have trouble finding them.

More EV Charging Stations Across Orange County

  1. Bristol Plaza, Santa Ana
  2. Main Place Mall, Santa Ana
  3. Anaheim Plaza, Anaheim
  4. Disneyland-Mickey and Friends parking garage, Anaheim
  5. Laguna Beach Public Parking-Forest/Laguna Canyon lot, Laguna Beach
  6. The Ranch At Laguna Beach, Laguna Beach 
  7. Cal State Fullerton-Mihaylo Hall parking lot, Fullerton
  8. Fullerton Town Center, Fullerton
  9. Walmart-Gilbert Street, Garden Grove
  10. Great Wolf Lodge, Garden Grove

There has never been a better time to purchase an electric vehicle. Prices are going down, battery life is getting longer, and electric vehicle charging stations are everywhere. Those living in or visiting Orange County can relax, as the county has some of the greenest cities in California. It’s not hard to see that O.C. is doing everything possible today to ensure a better tomorrow. 

What is EV Charging and How Does it Work?

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