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The 5 Best Hot Springs Near Los Angeles

The 5 Best Hot Springs Near Los Angeles

Heal your mind, body, and soul at these hidden oases and thank us later for the immense relaxation you didn’t know you could feel.


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September 18, 2021

A dip into the relaxing and rejuvenating waters of a hot spring is exactly what you need to round off your summertime bucket list. Take a break from the surfer-clad beaches and scenic swimming holes and venture out a bit further to find peace at the best hot springs in Los Angeles. Heal your mind, body, and soul at these hidden oases surrounded by nature, and thank us later for the immense relaxation you didn’t know you could feel—trust us, these hot springs near L.A. are the real deal.

Balneology involves the prevention and treatment of illness by utilizing water from natural mineral hot springs.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Visiting Hot Springs in Los Angeles

Before packing up and hitting the road to check out the best natural and artificial hot springs near Los Angeles, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Bring plenty of food and water. Since the baths are naturally hot, the heat can easily get too much, causing dehydration.
  • Make sure to have enough gas in your car; there are no gas stations near most of the remote natural hot springs in Los Angeles.

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  • Bring a paper map, especially if you’re hiking to the springs. There’s a chance that you won’t always have cell service.
  • Leave the kids and pets at home. The strenuous hikes and clothing-optional pools may complicate your trip and not be suitable for children or dogs.
  • Pack the appropriate footwear and a spare change of clothes. The trek to some of these hot springs in Los Angeles is quite challenging, and you might also not have access to a shower straight away.
  • The natural springs host organisms you’d like to keep out of your mouth and nose. So, unless you get a clear green light, don’t submerge your head underwater.
For thousands of years, the therapeutic benefits of hot springs have been recognized and are broadly embraced in Europe and Japan as natural healing m

These Are The Hot Springs Near Los Angeles You Should Visit Now

Deep Creek Hot Springs

Situated northeast of Los Angeles, Deep Creek Hot Springs is a scenic locale with quite the reputation, and also, consequently, the eager crowds. Only accessed after a tumultuous 3.6-mile hike, this hot spring in L.A. is perhaps the most famous one on the list despite its remote location. But, don’t let the demanding hike discourage you—the warm geothermal pools feel all the more rewarding after the strenuous trek.

Characterized by three fairly large hot spring pools on the edge of Deep Creek, these geothermally heated natural hot springs near L.A. are filled with mineral water emerging from a source located nearby. With water temperatures sitting around 100 degrees, the pools provide perfect conditions for a relieving soak.

Pack plenty of water and make sure to save enough for the way back down—the 900-plus feet of elevation changes along the way making the short hike more difficult than it appears, especially during the hot SoCal summer months.

Immersing in mineral waters offers multiple advantages. They assist in improving blood circulation and balancing nervous disorders.

Beverly Hot Springs

While Beverly Hot Springs might not be located along a remote hiking trail in the middle of the wilderness, it’s still one of the most calming places to visit in Los Angeles. With the claim to the city’s only mineral hot tub, the Koreatown spa is the ideal place to escape reality and enjoy a full-body detox.

These hot springs in Los Angeles are so big that you can swim across. For the complete experience, follow your hot spring soak with a cold plunge or eucalyptus-infused steam bath. Let all the stress evaporate and conclude your relaxing evening at a hot spring in L.A. with a bamboo-stick massage to knead away the rest of your tension. The only thing to keep in mind before heading here is to follow the strict etiquette guidelines the spa provides on their website, such as refraining from talking and cell phone use.

Hot springs, abundant in sulfur, provide healing advantages, including the treatment of skin irritations and conditions like eczema and rashes.

Glen Ivy hot Springs

The Glen Ivy Hot Springs has been around since 1860 and continues to draw seekers of relaxation, renewal, and well-being with its natural mineral waters and extensive health offerings. Located about a two-hour drive away from Los Angeles, this wellness hotspot is basically a playground of saunas, lounge pools, mud baths, spa treatments, and salon boutiques. 

Sign up for a fun fitness class, rest in the relaxing hot springs near L.A., get a peaceful spa treatment, and indulge in a clean, farm-to-table dinner—this Temescal Valley destination is what a relaxing staycation is all about.

Regular bathing in hot springs can strengthen your autonomic nervous system, balance your endocrine system, and facilitate the elimination of toxins.

Willett and Sespe Hot Springs

Situated just a few minutes away from the famous Deep Creek Hot Springs, Willet and Sespe are slightly more off the beaten path and perfect for a stop on a backpacking trip. The trail that leads to these natural hot springs near L.A. is located at the end of Sespe River Road, which guides you down a moderately rated 16-mile path. 

We suggest turning this long hike into a weekend getaway and taking your time to enjoy the trek and magnificent views. Willett is the furthest down the trail, and thus, is more secluded. However, due to their rather remote locale, both hot springs near L.A. tend to have fewer crowds in general. Trek at your own pace, and stay overnight at the many campsites you’ll find along the way. This remote adventure will give you a lot more than just access to great hot springs in Los Angeles; you’ll spend a weekend full of lifelong memories in the beautiful wilderness.

Certain people argue that the iron found in hot springs, together with various trace minerals, could bolster your body's immune response.

Tecopa Hot Springs

Save your visit to Tecopa Hot Springs for when the weather starts to get a bit more chilly—due to its location near the southern end of Death Valley, this relaxing locale gets very hot very fast.

A hidden oasis in the desert, this large natural hot spring near L.A. averages a standard temperature of around 100 degrees. But fair warning, Tecopa Hot Springs is clothing optional, and many people do go in au naturel. If you don’t mind the beautiful birthday suits, take advantage of the mud’s healing and detoxifying properties and take a soak in the natural hot spring near L.A.

Have you been to any of the hot springs near Los Angeles? If yes, comment your favorite one!

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