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The Best Perfumes of All Time Inspired by California

The Best Perfumes of All Time Inspired by California

Ready to serve a killer look with a side of olfactory sensations? These are the perfumes that’ll have anyone around you California dreamin’.


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December 07, 2021

Ever wanted to put your favorite destination in a bottle and carry it around with you? Well, you can… sort of. The sense of smell is closely linked to memory, perhaps more so than any other sense. So, if you ever want to feel like getting lost in the redwoods or walking along white sandy shores, all you have to do is get a whiff of the best perfumes of all time inspired by California. 

Niche local companies and top perfume brands alike have made fragrances inspired by the Golden State. From striking West Coast sunsets to wild Big Sur winds, the state’s elements serve as inspiration to some of the best perfumes on the market. Ready to serve a killer look with a side of Golden State olfactory sensations? These are the perfumes that’ll have anyone around you California dreamin’.

The Most Popular Perfumes Inspired by the Golden State

California has a scent and you can smell like it whenever you want.

California Dream - Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is highly celebrated as one of the best perfume brands around and they’ve bottled the Golden State sunsets perfectly in their California Dream fragrance. A musky and citrusy scent with top notes of mandarin, pear, ambrette, and benzoin, this lovely fragrance joyfully captures the resonance of a sunset in the Golden State. 

Looking to get one of the best perfumes of all time inspired by California as a gift? You can order the dreamy blue-to-pink ombre bottle to be engraved with any letters or numbers you want! 

Clementine California Pure Perfume - Atelier Cologne

Can’t quite let go of the Golden State summer this year? Purchase the Clementine California perfume from Atelier Cologne. Made to feel like a walk on the beach under the California sun, this unisex fragrance is both the ideal summer fragrance and a subtle reminder of warmer days during winter. As one of the most coveted scents from this popular perfume brand, Clementine California is bound to make you the center of olfactory attention in any room.

How about a California-inspired perfume that will remind you of the California redwood trees all day long?

Redwood Mist Cologne - Juniper Ridge

You could like the mystery and depth of Juniper Ridge's Redwood Mist Cologne if you're not into sweet and citrusy beach-inspired scents. This gender-neutral perfume is an homage to a classic California environment, where some of the tallest trees in the world meet the Pacific Ocean and fog flows over amber-colored woodlands. It's perfect for anybody who enjoys being outside.

We consider this one of the best perfumes of all time inspired by California because it’s quite literally the redwood wilderness in a bottle. With notes of fog-drenched forests, fresh rain, and crisp coastal air, the Redwood Mist Cologne helps you bring nature home.

Mojave Ghost - BYREDO

BYREDO has been riding a high wave as one of the best perfume brands in the game for some time now, and we totally get why. The Mojave Ghost is another unisex fragrance that’ll capture your heart. Inspired by the soulful beauty of the Mojave, this floral and woody scent pays homage to the plants that dare to blossom in the desert. Sapodilla and ambrette are the top notes, magnolia, violet, and sandalwood are the middle notes, while ambergris and cedar are the foundation notes. The mixture leaves your skin with a persistent smell that symbolizes the Mojave Ghost.

Make your special day even more special by smelling like your favorite California flowers.

Melrose Place Eau de Parfum - OUAI

Want to smell like L.A. sunsets and valet parking? The fresh and floral Melrose Place eau de parfum from OUAI is the best perfume for you. Don’t get it wrong, this is nothing like your grandma’s rose perfume, it’s quite the opposite—this is effortless luxury in a bottle. This velvety-rich beauty has hints of bergamot, lychee, cedarwood, champagne, and white musk. 

If you’re not ready to commit to the entire bottle yet (although we totally think you should), you can try the shampoo, candle, or body scrub of the same smell from this top perfume brand.

WEST Eau De Parfum - Ellis Brooklyn

The City of Angels has long represented a land where dreams come true. Ellis Brooklyn pays homage to that statement with their WEST eau de parfum. Inspired by "Los Angeles writers of the '70s," WEST is a real citrus smell that is a testament to following dreams and optimism. This distinctive fragrance has the vigor of a fresh, inventive concept and has a complex, breathtakingly gorgeous perfume. This perfume, which has notes of blood orange, clementine, basil, water lily, and more, is among the greatest ever created because of its inventive attempt to portraying a distinct aspect of Los Angeles.

Shopping for a new fragrance becomes easier when you know you're looking for a perfume that reminds you of the Golden State.

Pink Canyon - SKYLAR

Founded by mom-preneur Cat Chen, SKYLAR fragrances are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, and inspired by the natural landscapes of the City of Angels. Similarly, all their fragrances carry the natural charm and dreamy aura you’d associate with the SoCal city. The Pink Canyon perfume captures the West Coast’s legendary magic hour. With fresh pink grapefruit grounded in the scent of pink salt and calming cedar, Pink Canyon is a celebration of that awe-inspiring moment when the sun sets over the mountains in the West Coast—it’s one of the best perfumes on the list for everyday wear.

Big Sur - L'Aromatica

Big Sur by L’Aromatica is a genderless, aromatic fragrance that feels like listening to the wild Big Sur waves crash in the distance as you explore the adjacent redwood forests. Clean, fragrant, woody, and herbal in essence, this Big Sur-inspired scent has nettle, bay leaf, sequoia, moss, and sea notes. A tour de force of a fragrance, Big Sur is one of the best perfumes of all time inspired by California for its fitting tribute to the majestic stretch of the coast.

Red Rock Eau De Parfum - Los Feliz Botanicals

Los Feliz Botanicals has understood the assignment of authentically capturing California’s varied landscapes. White sage and mitti attar come together to bring the scent of Red Rock to life with the namesake eau de parfum. This arid and unusual fragrance is one of the most popular perfumes from the 100-percent natural brand. Punchy at the head with a smooth and almost magical dry down, Red Rock is the olfactory embodiment of the desert cliffs, dramatic buttes, and spectacular rock formations in the state park.

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