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The Top Five Window Companies You Can Find in California
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The Top Five Window Companies You Can Find in California

Here are the top five window manufacturers in California you need to check out before you go window shopping.

Dikran Seferian


7 min read

May 26, 2022

Windows are an essential part of any living space, and having them replaced can often require you to dig deep in your wallet. That being said, it can be a good idea to choose the best possible option, also considering that it’s a long-term investment — and can come in handy when you’re listing your house given the value that a fresh set of windows can add.

There’s no denying that going for a trusted window company is the right step, especially since you’d have no doubt about its reputation or about the reliability of its products. Luckily, a number of window manufacturers in California have gained the confidence of many homeowners across the state. Getting familiar with some of these well-known brands will help you make an informed choice that you won’t regret, whether you’re replacing your current windows or moving into a new house.

California Deluxe Windows

Founded in 1999, California Deluxe Windows is one of the most popular window manufacturers in Southern California. The company currently boasts an A+ rating while establishing itself at the forefront of quality and performance. Based in the city of Chatsworth, the SoCal-based window supplier manufactures its own products and always aims to provide its customers with fast and reliable services. Clients will also get the chance to take a tour of the company’s facilities and see the manufacturing process of the windows while learning about the latest technologies that help to create products of the highest quality.

California Deluxe Windows particularly specializes in vinyl units with an emphasis on replacement windows, offering a wide variety of styles including but not limited to double-hung, casement, bay, sliding, and even curved. Aside from standard glass units, customers can also choose from special effects such as rain, delta, flemish, and glue-chip.

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California Deluxe Windows prices tend to be competitive and can accommodate a range of budgets. Clients will be glad to find out that each and every one of the windows on the company’s product portfolio comes with a lifetime warranty that is also transferable from one homeowner to another — should you decide to put your California home on the market.

As per California Deluxe Windows, the products ensure a handful of benefits such as security, noise reduction, and ease of maintenance. Besides windows, the company also offers a variety of doors designed to complement the unique styles of California houses. These include French doors, bi-fold doors, as well as sliding glass doors. 

California’s top window brands offer style, durability, and energy efficiency.

Veracity Windows and Doors

Partnered with Marvin’s Infinity brand in 2014, Veracity Windows and Doors has built up a reputation as a trusted replacement window company in Riverside, California. While the Marvin brand offers over a century of experience in the window industry, Veracity brings to the table a combined 60 years of expertise in service and installation of replacement windows — handling just about any frame material available.

This experience allowed Veracity to determine what is best for houses in Southern California considering the region’s climate. One material that particularly stood out was Marvin’s very own Ultrex. According to the Riverside-based company, no material is as good as Ultrex when it comes to longevity and performance. Veracity boasts a wide selection of Ultrex windows in a handful of styles such as awning, double-hung, casement, bay, and round-top — all of which come with fully transferable warranties.

After partnering with Veracity Windows and Doors, the Marvin brand became one of the most well-known window manufacturers in Riverside, CA. Marvin first opened its doors in 1912 as a family-owned lumber company, eventually gaining its status as a pioneer in the window design and manufacturing industry. Based in Warroad, Minnesota, the company operates across 16 cities in North America and has more than 7,000 employees.

Marvin’s mission always revolved around delivering products that served both form and function. Its commitment to sustainability is not only evident in its energy-efficient products, but also in the eco-friendly manufacturing processes — granting the products an Energy-Star rating and adding to the overall reliability of its California-based partner, Veracity Windows and Doors. 

Quality comes first with the most well-known window companies in California

Milgard Windows & Doors

Originally named Milgard Manufacturing, Milgard Windows and Doors evolved out of a glass company founded in 1958 by Gary Milgard and his father Maurice in Tacoma, Washington. After diversifying into an aluminum window manufacturer, the company’s main aim was to provide reliable products that met the architectural standards of the Western states.

Fast forward 27 years, Milgard introduced its first vinyl-frame windows in 1989. A series of fiberglass doors and windows followed only a year later in 1990. Although headquartered in Tacoma, Milgard also operates in several locations across California including Sacramento, Simi Valley, and Temecula.

While a lot of window companies simply distribute the products of other manufacturers, Milgard produces its own components — everything from glass units to fiberglass frames. This vertical integration allows the company to have tight control over the quality of the products they manufacture.

Besides extruding its own frame material and fabricating the doors and windows, Milgard even handles the process of tempering the glass units. In 1980, the company established Milgard Tempering, Inc. in Tacoma to meet the region’s demand for high-quality tempered glass. A second tempering plant was opened by Milgard in Dixon, California 12 years later. Skilled professionals and modern technologies allowed Milgard Tempering to become one of the most reputable suppliers of tempered glass in the Golden State.

As one of the most popular window brands in California and the rest of the country, Milgard offers a selection of product lines including the Tuscany Series, the Trinsic Series, and the Ultra Series. The windows are available in vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum, in addition to common styles such as casement, sliding, and double-hung — all of which are supported by some of the industry's top warranties. Despite being acquired by MI Windows and Doors in 2019, the company retained the Milgard brand and continues to provide its own high-quality products.

Invite California’s warm sunshine into your living spaces with a locally made window.

Pella Corp.

Pella Corporation began as a small company in Pella, Iowa when Lucille Kuyper and her husband Pete Kuyper decided to invest in a window screen that opens like a shade. Although starting out in 1925, it wasn’t until 1937 that the company introduced its first window — after introducing the Rolscreen Venetian blinds in 1934.

To this day, the Kuyper family still owns Pella Corporation and maintains its status as one of the best window brands in the industry. With its headquarters still in the Dutch community of Pella, Iowa, the company has more than 8,000 employees, 17 manufacturing sites, and over 200 showrooms throughout the country. In California alone, you can find 10 branches of the company including those in Fresno, South Pasadena, Belmont, and San Francisco.

Over the course of 64 years, Pella introduced a variety of products including the Slimshade blinds, Architect Series wooden windows and doors, HurricaneShield windows and doors, Impervia windows and patio doors, and Lifestyle Series, and most recently, 250 Series windows. The Energy Star-rated company is also known for its innovative designs and technologies such as the patented Integral Light Technology, the patent-pending PerformaSeal Design, and Pella Insynctive (a series of smart windows and doors).

Pella’s products are available in various materials including wood, fiberglass, as well as vinyl. The Iowa-based window manufacturer also offers a range of styles such as casement, double-hung, awning, and picture. Insynctive, another result of Pella’s innovative ways, consists of windows that feature app-operated locking systems that give you the ability to monitor them from your smartphone. As far as warranties go, Pella has some of the strongest in the industry. 

Boasting extensive varieties of products, the window manufacturers in the Golden State have something for everyone.

Andersen Windows

Danish immigrant Hans Andersen and his family founded the company in 1903. Initially called Andersen White Pine Frames, the establishment saw its beginnings in Hudson, Wisconsin, where lumber was shipped through the St. Croix River. Over the years, Andersen went on to become one of the top window manufacturers in North America — and a well-known brand in California.

Today, you can find the headquarters of Andersen Corporation in Bayport, Minnesota, with its subsidiaries manufacturing and marketing window and door products under the brands Andersen Windows, Renewal by Andersen, MQ, EMCO, and Weiland. While Andersen Windows deals with manufacturing, Renewal by Andersen handles window replacement services. You can find Andersen window suppliers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orange County, and San Diego just to name a few.

MQ, on the other hand, is a 2017 acquisition of Andersen that specializes in luxury windows and doors whereas EMCO produces storm and screen doors. As for Weiland, it is an industrial door and window company that Andersen also acquired in 2013.

As a privately held company, Andersen employs over 12,000 people and has manufacturing sites that operate in North America as well as Europe. The company was granted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Partner of the Year - Sustained Excellence Award in 2021.

The variety of products that Andersen offers include windows composed of wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, as well as the company’s very own Fibrex composite material. You can find their windows in common sizes and styles which include sliding, casement, double-hung, single-hung, bay, and picture, among others. The company also offers windows in customized designs to suit your personal taste and needs. Andersen products provide high quality, visual appeal, and energy efficiency, all for budget-friendly prices and exceptional warranties.

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