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TikTok Stars from California to Watch Now

TikTok Stars from California to Watch Now

Catch a break from Twitter debates and photoshopped Instagrams and enter the world of TikTok stars.


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July 08, 2021

So you finally gave in and downloaded TikTok? Buckle up. We’re here to give you the ultimate list of TikTok stars from California to follow and get up to speed with the best the app has to offer. Catch a break from Twitter debates and photoshopped Instagrams and enter the world of TikTok stars. From dancers and lip syncers to chefs and makeup artists, there are plenty of fun and interesting individuals who gained a large following on the app. 

If you find yourself unknowingly scrolling for hours on end, don’t blame us—California’s biggest TikTok stars are just too entertaining.

The Biggest TikTok Stars From California to Follow Now

Charli D'Amelio began dancing at three and was a trained competitive dancer for over 10 before starting TikTok.

Charli D’Amelio - @charlidamelio

We couldn’t make a list of TikTok stars without Charli D'Amelio—she practically coined the term. At just 17 years old, D’Amelio is TikTok’s most-followed person with 118 million followers and counting. The Los Angeles resident rose to fame for her dance videos, but her posts are certainly not limited to one genre. Follow D’Amelio to catch a glimpse into the life of L.A.’s teen IT group; you’ll see regular cameos from her equally famous friends and family.

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Addison Rae Easterling - @addisonre

Not too long ago, Addison Rae was settling into life as a freshman at college when she began posting choreographed TikToks. Today, she’s the highest-paid TikTok star according to Forbes. It’s safe to say that Easterling’s life as one of the hottest TikTok stars looks very different from how it did less than two years ago. She still posts fun content dancing, lip-syncing, and hanging out with her family (all also on TikTok), but she also lives life like an A-lister in California. Recently, she made her reality TV debut on Keeping up with the Kardashians and has other fun projects coming up such as a lead role in the much-anticipated He’s all That.

We've all been invested in the lives of our favorite TikTokers, and we're not even shy about it.

Brent Underwood - @brentwunderwood

In 2018, Brent Underwood bought an abandoned mining town in California called Cerro Gordo for $1.4 million. When he was visiting at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, he got stuck there for a month and eventually decided to move in as the town’s sole resident. Over the next year, this TikTok star started documenting all the cool stuff he found in town, the mines he explored, the old buildings he renovated, and the adventures he embarked on. Soon enough, Underwood had amassed a large following with interesting guests visiting from all over, including Jeff Goldbloom, Cole Sprouse, G-Eazy, and many more. 

Kirk Maxson - @kirkmaxson

Kirk Maxson has a very niche specialty and over 800 thousand people following him on TikTok. The San Francisco-based artist started making drip sandcastles on the beach to deal with the stress of the pandemic and posting them on TikTok—apparently that resonated with a lot of people. But sandcastles aren’t the only thing this TikTok star and artist can make. You’ll see other types of art on his account as well, including collages, sheet metal flowers, and beautiful pairs of brass wings created especially for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Who said TikTok is just for dancing?

Kyle Meshna - @kylemeshna

Follow Kyle Meshna if you feel like you need a dose of travel to keep your wanderlust at bay every day. The San Francisco-based photographer and videographer travels all over the West Coast to post the most beautiful videos on his account. From Yosemite to the Golden Gate Bridge and beyond, the content on this TikTok star’s page will have you packing for a solo trip in no time. If you’re also into photography and videography, you’ll love Meshna’s easy and simple tutorials as well.

You might know her as the cutest dog mama, or the co-founder of phone-case company Wildflower, either way you know you want to follow her.

Devon Lee Carlson - @devdogmoney

Devon Lee Carlson is everyone’s favorite cool girl on Instagram, and now she’s on TikTok as well. Influencer, style icon, dog-mom, and co-founder of the popular phone-case company Wildflower Cases, Carlson is for sure a fun follow. Keep an eye out for the occasional celeb cameo and follow her sister Sydney for a double dose of Carlson content on your feed.

Christina Najjar - @tinx

We love L.A.-based Christina Najjar for her pop culture commentary and uncensored look into her daily life in Los Angeles. A five-minute scroll through her profile full of relatable videos and laugh-out-loud content is all you need to click the follow button and come back for more. Have fun deciding which “Rich Mom Starter Pack” you relate to most, and don’t blame us if this TikTok star’s videos get you sidetracked a few times a day.

My Nguyen - @myhealthydish 

Need a little more inspo to start eating healthy? My Nguyen is your girl. While this TikTok star’s blog has been around way before the app was invented, her videos skyrocketed her following immensely. From easy five-ingredient meals to incredible vegan concoctions, Nguyen posts one yummy recipe after the next.

Our favorite fashionista, Brittany Xavier, was huge on Instagram way before she became a household name on TikTok.

Brittany Xavier - @brittany.xavier

Come for the fashion and stay for the adorable family videos—Brittany Xavier is one of our favorite TikTok stars and soon, she’ll be yours too. Having been a blogger and Instagram influencer for years before TikTok, Xavier knows how to make engaging yet authentic content you won’t ever get bored of. Follow this TikTok star to stay on top of all the fashion trends, find new affordable outfits, and figure out if an item is worth the splurge or not.

Liv Huffman - @lilbittylivie

With Liv Huffman, makeup is the name of the game. One of the biggest TikTok stars in the makeup and beauty world, Los Angeles-native Huffman knows how to deliver over-the-top looks and binge-worthy content. But as great as she is at doing what she does, her videos aren’t limited to makeup either. Huffman’s content about fashion, friends, and trends is just as cool, making her a fun follow to keep up with.

Maxwell Alldread - @malldread

The friend group FOMO is real with Maxwell Alldread. The photographer, videographer, and student at UC Berkeley gives you an occasional look into what he and his friends get up to with the most aesthetically pleasing content. If you want to get inspired to go out and live life with your friends, Alldread is the TikTok star you need on your feed.

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