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Virgo Gift Guide: The Coolest Gifts For Virgos

Virgo Gift Guide: The Coolest Gifts For Virgos

Wondering what to get your favorite Virgo? Check out our gift guide for the coolest gifts to give Virgos this season.


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August 28, 2021

Did you wake up this morning feeling more selfless, concentrated, and with a desire to micromanage everything in your life? You're not alone, Virgo season is upon us.

Here’s the thing about these highly organized and intelligent earth signs—they can be very picky and service-oriented at the same time. This means that they hit the right mark with gift-giving every single time, but they also expect the same level of attention to detail when their birthday rolls around. In other words, shopping for gifts for Virgos can be intimidating.

We considered practicality, originality, and quality to compile a list of Virgo gift ideas that compliment the sign’s earthly senses. Here’s what we came up with.

Who wouldn't want a lovely succulent kit from the Juicy Leaf? We know we'd love one!

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A Succulent Kit from the Juicy Leaf

Virgos have a sort of “earth child” reputation, and it's not for nothing. Their penchant for nature, combined with their desire to be in control means a succulent-making kit might be just up their alley. The Juicy Leaf offers a variety of vases that come with all the necessary items to make your own arrangement, as well as a QR code to a step-by-step video, walking you through the process. If your friend already has succulents and you're worried about whether they’d like another one, the answer is yes they will. There is no such thing as too many succulent gifts for a Virgo man or woman.

Face Bookend Vase from Jungalow

Justina Blakeney—who was also featured on our interior designers to follow list—is the creative behind these super cool bookends. Adding just the right amount of charm to your shelf, the Face Bookend Vases are Virgo birthday gifts that’ll definitely be well received. Your Virgo bestie can fill the vases with flowers or plants and use them to keep their TBR list in order; you just know they have a long one piled up.

Light up the life of your favorite Virgo with a unique candle set and give them more reasons to "reWax".

Personalized Candle Gift Set from Voluspa 

You know how every time you go to your Virgo friend’s house, they always have a clean-smelling candle lit? Candles are surefire gifts for Virgos. But don’t be lazy with it—nothing else says “I care about you” like a personalized gift. The California-based candle company Voluspa offers gift boxes you can assemble completely on your own. Your very particular Virgo friend definitely has a favorite fragrance or two, so try to recall those and give them a gift that matches their personality to a T.

Spectrum Wall Planner from Poketo

Planners are already a part of every Virgo’s life, whether they’re using one on their phone or carrying it around in their tote. Why not help them up their planner game with a huge wall calendar? The Spectrum Wall Planner from Asian-owned business Poketo is as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical—a perfect gift for a Virgo woman or man.

Recycled Bottle Canisters from Heath Ceramics

Help your Virgo pal keep their storage and organization game in good shape with the minimal recycled bottle canisters from Heath Ceramics. Coming in three sizes, these practical gifts for Virgos will look great on any shelf, especially on symmetrically organized ones. Did we mention they’re also dishwasher and microwave safe? Yeah, they’re pretty awesome.

Live it up with a luxurious manicure from Olive and June. Is there a better way to spend your self care Sunday?

The Mani System from Olive and June

Have you ever seen a Virgo with unkempt nails? Us neither. Over the course of quarantine, your Virgo bestie most likely mastered the at-home mani-pedi like no other sign. The Mani System from Olive and June is the perfect D.I.Y. Virgo gifts for her or him and will make their already perfect nails look extra polished. If you want to get yourself a set while you’re at it, we totally recommend it.

Ahh, the flavor and health benefits of matcha. Purely divine. Share the love with the special Virgo in your life and gift a matcha set.

Matcha Gift Set From Alfred

Virgos can be very health-conscious, and their daily habits usually serve a purpose beyond just short-term pleasure. A beautiful matcha gift set is perfect to enhance their inherent sense of calm and rationality, and you and I both know that Alfred has ah-mazing matcha. You know what they say—give a friend matcha and they’ll sip for a day, but give them a matcha-making set and they’ll have it forever… ish

P.S. if your bestie is more of a coffee person, Alfred’s Vanilla Latte D.I.Y. Kit is also an awesome alternative Virgo gift idea.

The Bathhouse Edit Set from Flamingo Estate Harvest Shop

We all know a Virgo who just needs to take a deep breath and chill for a second. But, there’s a nicer way to put that, and it comes in the form of a luxurious bathing gift set from Flamingo Estate. Made from natural garden ingredients that smell incredible and awaken all senses, this set comes hand-wrapped and checks all the marks for a perfect Virgo birthday gift.

What way to say "I love you" to the adorable Virgo in your life than with a lovely vintage find?

A Vintage Find from Nickey Kehoe Shop

Now if you’re really looking to impress with your gift for a Virgo, choose something that’s elegant, tasteful, yet practical. Nickey Kehoe has an incredible vintage collection that ranges from vases to sofas. A timeless blue marbled vase circa 1930, an intricate 19th-century serving platter, or even an antique ceramic jug could all find a place in a Virgo’s home. 

The Large Shopper from Von Holzhausen

Ask a Virgo for anything and they’ll pull it out of their bag because they’re always extra extra prepared. That’s why a chic yet practical sustainable tote bag makes a perfect gift for a Virgo. Los Angeles-based Von Holzhausen has a super cool range of totes, and their popular large shopper is a showstopper. Choose any of the versatile five colors and you got yourself an A+ Virgo birthday gift.

Spoil your loved one with a gorgeous pendant or necklace. Jewelry is a definitely a favorite gift to be given.

An 18k Zodiac Pendant from Metier

If you think any zodiac-themed gift is a cliche, you haven’t seen Metier’s pendants yet. Timeless, luxurious, and hand-carved, these 18 karat charms will immediately elevate anyone’s everyday jewelry collection. We can totally see a Virgo proudly rocking this gift. Get the pendant with the ]guarantee that this Virgo birthday gift will be met with much appreciation and delight.

Which of these would your Virgo bestie like? Let us know in the comments below!

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