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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Every Personality Type

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Every Personality Type

Still not sure what to get your friends and family for Christmas? Find them the perfect gift based on their Myers–Briggs personality type.


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November 30, 2020

Having a hard time figuring out what to get your friends and family for Christmas? Worry no more—we’ve come up with the perfect holiday gift guide thanks to the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI). This self-report questionnaire was developed by Isabel Myers and her mother, Katherine Briggs, to help identify an individual’s personality type, strengths, and preferences. Now, we’re using the MBTI to formulate a comprehensive Christmas gift guide so you easily choose presents your loved ones will enjoy.

The Best Gifts For All Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Since the MBTI is designed to uncover your personality traits, it can be used to improve various aspects of your life—you can also use it as a tool for finding the ideal present for every person on your list. Instead of shopping for last-minute gifts or getting them unwanted presents, ask them to take the Myers-Briggs test to see which one of the 16 personality types they are. Given this information, you can end up buying exactly what they want. So, find your holiday spirit and check out our holiday gift ideas from California companies for each Myers-Briggs personality type

Not sure what to get an ISTJ? A daily planner is a great gift for this practical and responsible personality type.

ISTJ Personality Type: The Inspector

The ISTJ personality type tends to be more detail-oriented, matter-of-fact, and practical. “Order” is their middle name. Loyalty, tradition, and having things organized in advance are traits that they value within themselves and others. Popular careers for this Myers-Briggs personality type include librarians, doctors, accountants, dentists, computer programmers, detectives, and police officers.

ISTJs would love to receive classic California-based books, which you can purchase from the coolest used bookstores in the Golden State; a used book has more history to it—something a traditional and thorough person would appreciate. More holiday gift ideas for the ISTJ personality type include a smartwatch, a daily planner from Erin Condren, a thermal mug, and a sophisticated coat.

There's nothing more suitable for the crafter than a 3D printing pen to help them turn their ideas into reality.

ISTP Personality Type: The Crafter

Self-confident; easy-going; action-oriented; logical—these traits describe the ISTP personality type. Typically introverted, ISTPs spend more time with their thoughts rather than verbally expressing them. But when a problem arises, they aren't afraid to act quickly and find solutions. Many of them end up becoming pilots, firefighters, scientists, engineers, mechanics, or electricians.

The best Christmas gifts for this Myers-Briggs personality type would include multi-tools, mind-teaser puzzles, a 3D printing pen, or a copy of Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

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ISFJ Personality Type: The Protector

The ISFJ personality type is perhaps the most sensitive and emotional one out of all the 16 types. ISFJs dislike abstract concepts and have a strong eye for detail. With a great emphasis on personal considerations, they concentrate on developing social harmony and connection through kindness. Typical ISFJ personality types happen to be nurses, teachers, paralegals, social workers, administrators, counselors, bankers, and office managers.

It’s not difficult to come up with great gifts for them—personalized presents will do, no matter how big or small. Think of a memory you shared together or an inside joke between the two of you and materialize the holiday gift idea. For a more generalized guide, get them a book by a Latinx or Hispanic author they should know about, or better yet, give them a California experience instead of a material present

Buy art supplies, virtual cooking classes, or unique experiences for the creative and introspective ISFPs in your life.

ISFP Personality Type: The Artist

From the 16 personality types, the artist is the one who enjoys hands-on learning. ISFPs are practical, loyal to their values and beliefs, and very aware of their environment. The ISFP personality type is instantly drawn to jobs that offer a lot of personal freedom and autonomy—many ISFPs become musicians, composers, artists, designers, chefs, naturalists, veterinarians, pediatricians.

There are so many holiday gift ideas for this personality type: A DIY guitar pick punch, turntable, painter’s palette, sketching wallet, online cooking class, color wheel necklace from Yellow Owl Workshop, or a pair of funky socks from California Sock Company

Since Advocates are often passionate about environmental issues, giving them an eco-friendly gift like a reusable water bottle is always a good idea.

INFJ Personality Type: The Advocate

Occasionally referred to as the idealist, this personality type tends to be reserved and sensitive to the needs of others. You’ll find the advocate frequently thinking about the meaning of life; whether or not they’ve found an answer, we’re yet to find out. This Myers-Briggs personality type is usually an entrepreneur, actor, writer, psychologist, photographer, counselor, or religious worker.

The perfect gift guide for the advocate or idealist commonly consists of annual passes to their favorite Los Angeles museum or art gallery, eco-friendly products from California companies, stylish and sustainable loungewear, or a couple of must-read books by famous female authors from the Golden State

INFP Personality Type: The Mediator

The INFP personality type is strongly driven by their values and has a sense of responsibility to make the world a better place. Although they’re sensitive and caring, they prefer working alone and achieve their goals successfully without the help of others. A mediator is a devoted and loyal person who greatly values close relationships, too. Popular career choices of this personality type are graphic designers, physical therapists, social workers, psychologists, artists, and librarians.

The best Christmas gifts for mediators include a cute ceramic mug from Hollywood Mega Store, an antique wooden jewelry box, a Cricut Explore Air 2, at-home spa treatments, and a handmade tote from MONOLISA

Intellectual and goal-oriented INTJs are bound to love a stack of books that help them hone their skills or expand their mind.

INTJ Personality Type: The Architect

Also known as the architect or strategist, the INTJ personality type has high standards and is usually self-confident, hard-working, and a great listener. The architect is also good at reading between the lines and recalling impressions more than exact details of certain events. Most of the time, they choose to become scientists, lawyers, mathematicians, dentists, doctors, judges, and engineers.

Don’t spend too much time looking for holiday gift guides for the INTJ personality type—they’ll appreciate a handy mug warmer from Accessory Geeks, a Ruth Bader Ginsburg magnet from Local Take, and a wooden laser-cut S.F. skyline puzzle from San Francisco Mercantile

INTP Personality Type: The Thinker

This Myers-Briggs personality type is an abstract thinker and an independent individual. Although they’re loyal and affectionate, they think logically and objectively when it comes to making decisions. As introverts, thinkers tend to socialize with a small circle of friends. Typical career paths for this personality type include chemists, physicists, forensic scientists, computer programmers, geologists, software developers, and pharmacists.

You might think it’s impossible to find a gift for INTPs, but we’re here to answer your prayers. Thinkers love to get books to add to their reading list. They’d also highly appreciate a moonwalker motion puzzle from Tweak, an amethyst moonstone silver crystal necklace from Los Angeles County Store, and rainbow UFO stud earrings

Since they enjoy material comforts and style, ESTP personalities will appreciate receiving house plants this holiday season.

ESTP Personality Type: The entrepreneur

Creating a holiday gift guide for the entrepreneur is an easy job. They’re energetic, funny, and friendly. The ESTP personality type is extroverted and influential; they prefer practical over abstract and act quickly based on their impressions and logic. Since they’re outgoing and social in nature, they end up becoming marketers, entrepreneurs, sales agents, computer support technicians—any career path that requires strong people skills.

A black leather briefcase from KILLSPENCER, a portable battery charger, a trip to The Miracle Resort Springs and Spa, and a macrame plant hanger from The Plant Foundry are all great gifts for the ESTPs in your life. 

ESTJ Personality Type: The Executive

The executive has the strongest leadership skills from all the 16 personality types. As realistic, traditional, and hard-working people, executives possess resolute beliefs and sensible judgment and have the same expectations for others when it comes to upholding the same principles. The career paths they often choose are police officers, judges, politicians, business managers, school administrators, or military personnel.

ESTJs are bound to appreciate a subscription to their favorite publication, a bundle of stickers from Livs By Design, a Notorious RBG shirt from Drunk Girl Designs, and an “I'm Speaking” mug

ESFP Personality Type: The Performer

Did you have a class clown back in third grade? Or a classmate who loved being the center of attention? Chances are they’re the ESFP personality type, the performer or entertainer. Always seeking new adventures, they get bored easily and dislike sticking to a routine. They live for spontaneity. You’ll see many ESFPs becoming actors, fashion designers, musicians, artists, athletic coaches, human resources specialists, childcare providers, and psychologists.

The ideal holiday gifts for the performer include a Harry Potter music box from Donuma, an extreme adventure in California, an “I’ll Be Bach” shirt from Clothing Art By Nicole, or New Orleans-inspired ghost and gramophone pins from Lady Lavender Supply.

When it comes to presents for caregivers, go with classic items such as elegant home decor.

ESFJ Personality Type: The Caregiver

The ESFJ personality type is the most caring, loyal, and tender-hearted. The caregiver or consul loves to encourage others to do their best and give their all—they choose to see the glass half full. If you’re a counselor, teacher, receptionist, nurse, physician, bookkeeper, or office manager, then chances are you’re this Myers-Briggs personality type.

As for holiday gift ideas, caregivers would appreciate Millenium Falcon cufflinks from Vector Engraving, beautiful handmade plates from Heath Ceramics, a set of cactus planner clips from SoCuties, and chill pill earrings from Rubipotamus.

The Champions of the world deserve the best, so buy them an amazing tea blend from a California company.

ENFP Personality Type: The Champion

The most charismatic Myers-Briggs personality type is the champion or campaigner. Independent, energetic, and innovative, ENFPs live in the present but focus on the future a lot. Champions also have strong people skills—they’re very caring and empathetic. The ENFP personality type is likely to become a journalist, psychologist, reporter, actor, nutritionist, politician, or a social worker.

For them, the best gift guide consists of a journalist tote from Practically Packed, a “Don’t be afraid to take WISCS” wall art from Ms. School Psychologist, and a fragrant tea blend from California Tea House

ENFJ Personality Type: The Giver

What to give to the giver? The ENFJ personality type is affectionate, outgoing, warm, and very supportive. Although they have a wide circle of people, they’re empathetic and encouraging towards each of their friends. The giver is highly likely to be a teacher, counselor, social worker, psychologist, sales representative, or a human resources manager.

This Myers-Briggs personality type’s gift guide includes a self-care set from Earth Medicine Herbals, practical self-care oracle cards from Mahrukh X Shop, and a flamingo weighted blanket from Sheltered Co

ENTP Personality Type: The Debater

Out of the 16 personality types, the debater is the most idea-oriented one and a visionary. The ENTP personality type enjoys debating, values knowledge, and (naturally) is a great conversationalist. The debater often ends up becoming a lawyer, engineer, inventor, psychiatrist, journalist, or scientist.

An engineering coffee mug from Engineering Corner, an Elle Woods-inspired notepad from Avant Dante, and a silver light-bulb necklace from Dainty N Darling are on their holiday wish lists.

ENTJ Personality Type: The Commander

Last but not least is the commander—assertive, confident, and outspoken. The ENTJ personality type is self-assured, well-organized, rational, and good at making decisions. Commanders tend to become company CEOs, business analysts, lawyers, entrepreneurs, university professors, human resources managers, or software developers.

Their gift guide includes a #boss sign from Design Lioness, a personalized motivational notebook from 100 Wolves, and a wealth and prosperity crystal necklace from Just Breathe Zen.  

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