Weird San Diego Laws You Didn’t Know

Weird San Diego Laws You Didn’t Know

November 15, 2020

When it comes to the Golden State, there's plenty of shocking, strange, and obscure rules (not to mention weird facts). California's strange laws even impact the SoCal town of San Diego. Indeed, "America's Finest City" is far more than a big beach city offering top-notch nightlife, rich history, and can't-miss cultural attractions; you'll find many funny laws as well. While you might already know some interesting facts about San Diego, these strange San Diego laws are bound to surprise and delight you. 

1. Everyone knows it's illegal to drink and drive—this law is practically enforced in every nation—but in San Diego, it's also prohibited to drink while being a passenger. According to the city's law, no person who is under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or any other substance is fit to be inside a vehicle.

2. San Diego’s weird laws even correspond with the seasons. It's illegal to consume any alcoholic beverage or walk with an open bottle of alcohol (even if you’re not drinking from the bottle) along Del Mar Avenue, in parking areas, public parks, playgrounds, and beaches. This law is enforced starting from 12:01 a.m. on March 1 and is in effect until midnight the day after Labor Day. However, during the fall and winter seasons, it is permissible to carry alcoholic beverages in public.

3. Sharing is caring, but not in San Diego—well, not for cups at least: It's illegal to share a cup or any drinking container in the city.

Unless you have the proper permit, you might want to think twice before wearing your high heels out in public in San Diego.

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4. You must get a permit to wear your favorite heels before taking the streets. One of the funny laws in San Diego states that it's illegal to wear shoes with heels extending more than two inches tall. If the heel's surface area on public space is less than one square inch, it's illegal. If you absolutely must wear those four-inch platforms, then make sure your permit is approved first.

5. It should go without saying that billiard centers should be allowed to have the same amount of running water as other places. But in San Diego, it's mandated that pool and billiard halls must have adequate running water for both employees and patrons to use. (Also bear in mind the law states that no sleeping is allowed in billiard halls.)

6. The SDCCU Stadium imposes strict rules when it comes to its parking area. There's a strange law dictating that it's forbidden to throw, discharge, or launch solid objects—such as footballs, baseballs, frisbees, and other items—as well as liquid substances in the parking lot.

When in the SDCCU Stadium parking area, no throwing footballs (or any object, of any kind). Super strange, but that's how the stadium rolls.

7. It’s always fun when you discover that a random object is forbidden in certain cities. When visiting El Cajon, you won't be able to find a lighter anywhere. (And if you do, you should think twice before you purchase one.) The retail sale, offer of retail sale, or gift or distribution of any sort of novelty lighter is forbidden in the city of El Cajon. A "novelty lighter" is defined as a lighter that may look like a toy—think lighters with flashing lights, musical sounds, or shapes of cartoons.

8. Do you have a mouse in the house? Well, in order to handle the affair, you should have a permissible license before acting. In San Diego—as well as in all of California—a weird law commands that people have a valid hunting license in order to set up a mousetrap. 

9. In America’s Finest City, it's illegal to leave your Christmas lights up past February 2. In fact, failure to take them down after that date can result in a fine of up to $250.

Still have your Christmas lights up past February 2? If so, you better rush to take them down to avoid a hefty fine.

10. Hypnosis is not allowed to be practiced on any San Diego school premises. 

11. It's against the law to go swimming in any lakes found in the city. However, since they are manmade bodies of water, you won’t be missing out much. In fact, with 70 miles of shoreline to dip in, who even thinks about San Diego's lakes.

Read on to learn more about new California laws.


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