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Where to Get the Best Crab in Los Angeles

Where to Get the Best Crab in Los Angeles

The benefit of being on the coast is access to amazing fresh seafood. Here are our picks for the best crab in Los Angeles. Team


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January 08, 2024

Los Angeles offers a bounty of options for seafood enthusiasts. Among the various delicacies, crab dishes stand out for their freshness and inventive preparations. From traditional steamed crabs to modern fusion dishes, Los Angeles' best crab-serving restaurants provide a range of experiences for seafood lovers.

1. The Boiling Crab

For a hands-on dining adventure, The Boiling Crab is a must-visit. This lively eatery, known for its Southern-inspired seafood boils, offers a variety of crab options including Dungeness, Snow, and King Crab. Served in bags with your choice of seasoning and spice level, the experience is as messy as it is memorable. The 'Whole Sha-Bang' sauce, a secret blend of spices, is a crowd favorite.

2. Providence

Providence, a fine dining institution in L.A., takes crab to a new level of elegance. Known for its sustainable seafood, the menu often features a seasonal selection of crabs prepared with impeccable precision. Whether it's a soft-shell crab amuse-bouche or a Dungeness crab salad, Providence offers a sophisticated crab dining experience.

Crab is at its best when its eaten close to the source. California is perfect for that.

3. Santa Monica Seafood

A go-to spot for both buying and dining, Santa Monica Seafood offers a casual café setting with a comprehensive menu. Their crab offerings include fresh crab cakes, crab salads, and even whole cooked crabs for those who prefer a traditional feast. The freshness of their seafood, sourced daily, makes every crab dish a delight.

4. Fishing with Dynamite

This small but mighty restaurant in Manhattan Beach serves up some of the best crab dishes in the city. Known for their Maryland Blue Crab Cake, which is packed with fresh crab and minimal filler, it’s a must-try for crab lovers. The intimate setting and expertly curated seafood menu make it a hidden gem.

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5. Crustacean Beverly Hills

Crustacean, with its upscale ambiance and innovative Vietnamese-fusion menu, offers a unique crab experience. Their famous Roasted Crab, drenched in garlic sauce and secret spices, is a decadent treat. The An family's secret kitchen and their creative takes on crab make Crustacean a standout.

6. Quality Seafood

Located on the Redondo Beach pier, Quality Seafood is a bustling market where you can select your crab and have it cooked to order. The experience is as fresh as it gets, and the lively atmosphere of the pier adds to the enjoyment. It's a perfect spot for those looking to combine a great meal with a day out by the ocean.

Crab is one of the most popular forms of seafood and can be great when paired with a variety of cuisine styles.

7. EMC Seafood & Raw Bar

For those in the heart of the city, EMC Seafood & Raw Bar offers a modern, urban take on seafood. Their King Crab Legs, served either steamed or grilled, are a highlight. The contemporary setting and extensive seafood menu make it a popular spot for both lunch and dinner.

Each of these establishments offers a unique way to enjoy crab in Los Angeles. Whether you're seeking a casual crab boil, a sophisticated dining experience, or fresh seafood by the ocean, L.A.'s crab scene has something to satisfy every palate. Remember to check for seasonal availability and to make reservations where necessary, as these popular spots can get quite busy. Enjoying crab in Los Angeles is not just about the food; it's about the experience, the atmosphere, and the joy of sharing a meal with friends and family.

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