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Your Favorite Classic California TV Shows on the Map

Your Favorite Classic California TV Shows on the Map

Find out which one of your favorite classic California TV shows were filmed in the Golden State and where their sets were located.

Palig Dzadourian


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October 02, 2022

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It’s a known fact that The Golden State is one of the most aesthetic and beautiful places in the world. It comes as no surprise that many fan-favorite shows have been filmed in California, even the ones that were supposedly set in another state or country. The convenience of Hollywood being in close proximity to beaches, mountains, deserts, and big cities makes this state the perfect place to set up your camera and start filming. We have seen many tv shows and movies set in California throughout the years, capturing the attention of worldwide viewers. So which TV programs were actually filmed in the Golden State? Which one of these California TV shows do you recognize?


The iconic cast of Seinfeld, a blast to the past!

When talking about the show about nothing, AKA Seinfeld, the fact that it is based in California does not really cross our minds. And for good reason, as the show makes us believe that it was set in New York, heavily relying on the city’s setting and people living there. However, Seinfeld was filmed in Los Angeles. Jerry’s very apartment is in West LA, somewhere fans have the opportunity to visit. Larry David’s most popular TV program which many think is a New York show is actually a California TV show, a fact even some fanatics of the show do not know.


Visit the famous cozy cafe of Central Perk, where it all began.

Friends is a show that absolutely blew up back in the day, and continues to be a fan favorite to this day. But why is Friends, a show set in New York, included in this list? Well, the reason is that it’s actually not filmed on the East Coast, but in Los Angeles once again. This could be quite surprising, as during the entirety of the 10 seasons the creators of the show did an amazing job replicating the hustle and bustle of New York. However, if you watch closely, you’ll notice streets that are a bit too narrow or realize that you’ve never seen the 4th wall of any room in Friends.

The Central Perk cafe’s set is not to be confused with the real-life version of Central Perk that was opened up in New York on 130 East 23rd Street. While you can enjoy a cup of coffee or pastries in this real-life functioning cafe, you will not find the exact replica of the show’s shop.  Fans will be glad to know that they can visit the entire Central Perk set in California’s Warner Bros Studios in Burbank.

Full House 

Looking at this picture, you can already hear the familiar tune of the opening of this funny show.

While the fact that the first two on the list were filmed in California might have come as a surprise to some fans, the premise of Full House is actually San Francisco. This classic television show had shots of the Golden Gate Bridge in the opening theme and the Tanner family’s adventures were filmed in a regular house in California - although it’s quite hard to spot if you don’t know where you are looking. For anyone who wants to make the trip to the place the show was filmed, you definitely can! Fans of the show can even visit the iconic house, located at 1709 Broderick Street with its familiar red door. Visitors should keep in mind that this is an actual neighborhood with people living in the adjacent houses.


Entourage is one of the shows in LA that represents the life and culture of the city extremely well. The program was shot in various locations throughout California, including Hollywood, Los Angeles, LAX, Joshua Tree National Park, and many more. Entourage does an amazing job at mentioning some trendy Los Angeles spots, while at the same time comedically talking about the daily challenges people face in the city. You can visit most of the locations featured in the show, as they are literally part of the city. Visiting these locations is one of the best ways to spend time in Los Angeles

Gilmore Girls

Rendez-vous at Burbank’s Warner Bros Studio set, where the beloved Gilmore Girls was filmed.

One of the many tv shows filmed at USC, Gilmore Girls continues to be loved and watched even today. While you might be under the impression that Rory went to school in Connecticut, a lot of scenes were shot in various places across the state. That includes the Warner Bros Studios lot and the University of Southern California, where Rory and her mother are seen. The scenes shot at USC were supposed to represent Yale, but that mostly went unnoticed by fans of the series. 


Yet another classic we can never get enough of.

One of the most iconic beach shows ever, Baywatch is an absolute classic. This LA show was an amazing way to show off the SoCal beaches we have fallen in love with. Most of the scenes were shot in Will Rogers State Park, along with a few other LA locations. This is one of the tv shows in LA that made people from all over the world want to visit the California beaches. You can experience the Baywatch fantasy by heading over to Will Rogers State Park, but hopefully, you won’t need to get saved by lifeguards.


Along with many other tv shows in Los Angeles whose premise was not set in California, Frasier is another classic. The show was a spinoff of Cheers, which was also shot in California. Frasier’s original setting was Seattle, and despite the illusion of the Space Needle in the background, all the episodes were shot from inside a studio in Los Angeles. Pretty surprising as most of us were duped into thinking otherwise.

Curb your Enthusiasm 

Larry David’s other famous show called Curb your Enthusiasm is one of the more recognizable ones. Mostly due to the fact that the show is based on the creator’s life, as the main protagonist of the show. This California tv show features many locations about Los Angeles and Santa Monica, as the city is where Larry David lives in reality. The way the show takes the viewer along the various restaurants and streets in Los Angeles is quite endearing. The cameras follow the main protagonist around as he goes about his business, letting the audience immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the city, and seeing the various Los Angeles attractions.

Along with the classics, an innumerable amount of TV shows and films have been shot in this photogenic state, so keep your eyes peeled and you might just recognize a scene from one of your favorite movies.

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