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Your Guide to Visiting World of Barbie in Los Angeles

Your Guide to Visiting World of Barbie in Los Angeles

Immerse yourself in the perfect Barbie experience at California's World of Barbie exhibit.

Mateos Glen Hayes


4 min read

July 28, 2023

Hero image via Kilburn Live

Welcome to the World of Barbie, a full 20,000 square feet of pink glitz and glamor, and a monument to one of the most popular toys in modern history. The World of Barbie is a must-visit for any pink lover and is chock full of cool things to see and do. It truly is fantastic to be in a Barbie World, and you’ll experience that firsthand at this unique Santa Monica theme park. 

It might not be Malibu, but the beach vibes, pink corvettes, and Barbie’s extensive wardrobe are all there to experience. The World of Barbie sports a fun, upbeat, and colorful atmosphere in a big spacious venue full of friendly and helpful staff all dressed in pink. This is the perfect opportunity to dress up in Barbiecore, grab your fellow Barbie superfan friend, and head on over to a world of pink. So, come on Barbie, let’s go party at Barbie World.

Step Into Barbie’s Dreamhouse

Sure you’ve probably seen plenty of Barbie Dreamhousess, but you’ve almost certainly never stepped into one. World of Barbie boasts a full-scale retro dreamhouse. Barbie’s dreamhouse has taken many forms throughout the years, and this human-sized dreamhouse comes complete with Barbie classics that work to capture the bespoke luxury of the rosy Barbie lifestyle. Explore a range of cool rooms including a spacious wardrobe full of Barbie’s most famous rosy-colored outfits, a vintage kitchen with a cool retro fridge, and Barbie’s movie theater that plays classic animated Barbie films. Here you can truly feel like a Barbie girl in a Barbie world. 

Image courtesy of Kilburn LIVE

Grab Some Refreshments At the Barbie Bar

After some fun in the dreamhouse, mosy on over to the Barbie Bar for some light refreshments. Enjoy a refreshing cold beverage and treat yourself to a Barbie cupcake, and some of Barbie’s favorite healthy fruit snacks. Once you’ve had your fill, embrace your inner child and dip in the nearby bubble pool for some whimsical fun with your fellow Barbie-loving friends. When you’re ready to move on, the next stop is a full-scale replica of Barbie’s iconic camper van. Experience what life is like for Barbie on the road, and take control of the rosy camper van on a road trip you and your friends won’t soon forget.

Try Out Barbie’s Outfits

What better way to experience the World of Barbie than to get an authentic Barbie makeover? In this section of the theme park, you can “try on” Barbie’s most glamorous outfits. There’s a huge array of outfits to pick from including sparkly formal wear for the sophisticated business Barbie, sporty clothes for crushing it on the tennis court, and Cinderella-esque party outfits that are all about glamming it up. Get one of your friends to snap some pics of you in Barbie’s outfits for a truly memorable and not to mention instagrammable moment. With the Barbie look comes Barbie fame, so embrace the limelight and head on over to the Barbie news center to deliver the latest headlines to the millions of World of Barbie citizens.   

Image courtesy of Kilburn LIVE

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Get your Hair Styled Like Barbie 

Transform your hair to look just like Barbie’s in just twenty minutes with some talented hairstylists from the world-famous Paul Mitchell firm. Now you can truly look the part with three distinct Barbie hairstyles to choose from and a world of quality accessories to accentuate the Barbie look. Don’t forget to pick up some bespoke hairstyling products so you can preserve the glamorous Barbie look no matter where you are.  

Blast Off in Barbie’s Space Center 

That’s one small step for Barbie and one giant leap for all of Barbie-dom! The motto of the World of Barbie is that you can be anything, and there is no better example of that than the high-tech Barbie Space Center. Now you too can be anything just like Barbie and enjoy the exciting new world of luxury space travel in your very own Barbie Space Center replica. Strap in for an interstellar voyage to the stars and beyond in a pink spaceship that’s ultra-futuristic and ultra-chic. This is an experience that’s truly out of this world - pun intended - and there’s nothing else quite like it.  

Image courtesy of Kilburn LIVE

Explore a Vintage Barbie World

Did you know that the Barbie brand is over sixty years old? Conceived by Ruth Handler, the wife of one of the Mattel toy company’s co-founders, Barbie was meant to fill a gap in the market since most toy dolls at this time were representations of infants rather than adults. The first Barbie doll made its debut at New York City’s American International Toy Fair on March 9th, 1959. Barbie quickly took off in popularity after this, selling hundreds of thousands of dolls in just the first year. 

This date is now considered Barbie’s official birthday, and this iconic first doll is now on display at World of Barbie donning Barbie’s iconic black and white striped swimsuit which is also featured in the Barbie movie. There are also plenty of other blasts from the past at World of Barbie. Check out the various pink Corvettes Barbie has driven, explore the evolution of her style over the decades, and reveal the different eras and styles of Barbie’s iconic dreamhouse.    

Grab Some Bespoke Barbie Merch 

No trip to World of Barbie would be complete without a souvenir or two (or three). Fortunately, the World of Barbie has covered all their bases and features an extensive gift shop that’s filled with every conceivable piece of Barbie merchandise you can imagine. You can truly find everything here from cute Barbie mugs, eye-catching Barbie tote bags that will make your grocery runs that much more glamorous, and even sparkly Barbie Christmas ornaments. The ultimate souvenir is a Barbie t-shirt so you can bring the World of Barbie aesthetic with you wherever you go.  

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