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A Guide to Donner Memorial State Park

A Guide to Donner Memorial State Park

Donner Memorial State Park is a fantastic destination for history enthusiasts, campers, bikers, hikers, and fans of water sports.

Palig Dzadourian


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April 15, 2024

Let’s take a step back in time and discover the fascinating yet tragic journey of the Donner Party. Although this is already a well known story, you are bound to discover more about the tragedies that occurred at the now Donner Memorial State Park. In 1846, a group of 87 American pioneers migrated from Illinois to California in a wagon train. Tragedy struck when they got stuck in an early, heavy snowfall near Truckee Lake, now known as Donner Lake, high in the mountains. It took four months for the Californian rescue team to read the stranded, and by then half of the group had already turned to cannibalism, eating the bodies of those who died by exposure to the elements. When they were rescued in 1847, there were only 48 survivors left of the Donner Party.

Located within the historic town of Truckee in the Sierra Nevada, the park is a goldmine for not only history buffs, but also for those seeking to find exciting recreational activities. Whether you are visiting in the winter or the summer, Donner Memorial State Park will always have something to do, such as picnicking, camping, hiking, water sports and more. What’s so special about this park is how a tragic event in the past has created a space where people can now enjoy themselves, all while remembering and honoring their past. 

Donner Memorial State Park Visitor Center

Upon arrival at this beautiful park tucked away among pine and fir forests, heading over to the Donner Memorial State Park visitor center is a great start to your itinerary. Featuring a variety of different activities for visitors, it perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the park’s atmosphere. 

An Intriguing History Lesson

At the visitor center, you will be able to enter the Donner Memorial State Park museum, also known as the Donner Memorial State Park Emigrant Trail Museum, where you can get more information about Truckee’s interesting past. 

There are six exhibits in total, each one delving into different topics and historical events; such as the Washoe Tribe, the Emigrant Trail, a detailed retelling of the Donner Party Journey, the Chinese railroad workers that changed the West, and so much more. The Multipurpose Theater is what enhances people’s experience of the museum; with state-of-the-art audiovisual systems dedicated to making presentations, you won’t be forgetting this history lesson quite so soon. 

The Sierra Nevadas are enchanting, and you are bound to want to return to see more of its wonders, such as the Truckee River.

An Overview of the Magic of Sierra Nevada

Not only will visitors be able to learn all about the groups that are a huge part of the Donner region’s heritage, they can also explore the natural history of the beloved Sierra Nevada. This part of the Golden State is one of the oldest and has been through countless stages and natural transitions. Adventuring in this region should definitely be on every California lover’s bucket list. Truly a sight to behold.

For those wanting a physical memory of their trip to the Donner Memorial State Park, the gift shop is the ideal place. In this area you will find a wide variety of souvenirs, gifts, and intricate items to take back home with you so that Donner will always be a part of your life. 

Time for Some Good Old Fashioned Camping

Donner Memorial State Park ridge campground is made for visitors wanting to take in the enchanting environment of Truckee. Welcome to one of the best camping grounds in the state, with 154 sites separated into three arenas. Most of the campsites have accommodations for RVs, trailers, and tents. Some of the campgrounds are tent-only, so be diligent when choosing which campsite tickles your fancy. Whichever one you choose to go to, you are guaranteed to have one of the best camping experiences ever. 

Northern California’s lakes are simply magical, and freshwater Donner Lake is a testament to this statement.

The Donner Lake 

As the campgrounds are located near the shore of one of Northern California’s most beautiful lakes, you will find no shortage of outdoor activities to partake in with friends and family. Donner lake is also what attracts a lot of visitors seeking to indulge in water sports. You will be able to rent boats, with instructions for beginners, at the Donner Memorial State Park Water Sport Rental. One of the many ways to enjoy the activities the lake has to offer. 

Picnic Anyone? 

While you are exploring the wonders of the Donner Memorial State Park, you might start feeling a little hungry. Thankfully, there are plenty of picnicking opportunities right around the corner. The picnic area is located right next to the lake and is equipped with amenities such as restrooms, picnic tables, and drinkable water. A sandy beach provides visitors with ample walking space, or a place to simply relax and relish in the peacefulness of the lake. Swimming is also permitted from the State Park access points, although the water gets quite cold, it may be a refreshing feeling all the same.

The Historic Donner Pass Trail will take you through unique passages where you can immerse yourself in the history of Donner State Park.

A Goldmine for Hiking enthusiasts 

To fully take advantage of the mesmerizing environment this park is in, going on hikes is a must. There is a multitude of trails to choose from, each one ranging from easy to pretty challenging. 

One of the most popular hikes is the Historic Donner Pass Trail which is definitely up there among the most unique ones you will ever experience. Taking up to three hours to complete, it is generally considered to be a moderately strenuous route to hike. The main selling point of this trail is the several tunnels you have to go through. You may want to bring flashlights along the journey as they are rather dark. 

Another trail to consider is the China Cove Trail Loop. It is quite an easy hike, taking an average of 50 minutes to complete. The trail goes through the forested areas and around the lakeside, and is the perfect stroll for people looking to relax with their loved ones.

Get a spectacular view of Donner Lake atop the snowy mountains of Donner Park while skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing.

Cross-Country Skiing and Winter Fun

When visiting the Donner Memorial State Park during the colder months of the year, cross-country skiing is one of the best things to do! Available for visitors of all ages, sliding down the snow covered slopes in between pine trees is an amazing experience. Snowshoeing is also part of the winter adventures in the park, as you will have the chance to travel the historic emigrant trails. Guided snowshoe hikes are available for those too intimidated to undergo the trek by themselves. All in all, Donner Memorial State Park is a strong contender for a family winter vacation getaway.

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