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A Guide to Lagoon Valley Park in Vacaville

A Guide to Lagoon Valley Park in Vacaville

Lagoon Valley Park is for those who want to experience uninterrupted nature and explore a variety of hiking trails and scenic views.

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August 22, 2022

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As one of the largest waterfront cities in Solano County, Vacaville’s history is as rich as the amount of fun and exciting activities it holds. The Mediterranean-like climate makes for ideal conditions for things to do indoors and adventures in the great outdoors, turning the city into a giant playground for people of all ages. The Lagoon Valley Park is among the most popular locations inside the city and is frequented by tons of visitors looking for the best natural attractions within the Golden State. So what are the best ways to spend time at this 300-acre scenic park?

Located at 1 Peña Adobe Road, Lagoon Valley Park is quite easy to find. There are parking spaces available for anyone arriving with a vehicle. The parking fee is $5 for daily use, and you also have the option of paying $25 for a 6-month pass. Pedestrian and equestrian access is, on the other hand, free of charge and does not require any sort of permit.

get hiking

Hiking never disappoints, especially in a park as beautiful as Lagoon Valley.

Although Lagoon Valley Park is not considered a big park, it still has lots of hiking trails filled with pleasant surprises. Most of these trails are quite flexible and allow visitors to bring mountain bikes, dogs, and even horses.

Peña Adobe Hill 

Length: 3 miles. 
Time to complete: 1 hour and 40 minutes.

The Peña Adobe Park trail is arguably the most popular trail in Lagoon Valley Park, Vacaville. Considered to be a moderately challenging route, hiking here will definitely not disappoint. Stunning views will greet you all along the way, and so will fellow hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. Keep your eyes peeled for critters and birds that wander about the park – will you be able to catch clear pictures of some?

Lagoon Valley Loop 

Length: 3 miles. 
Time to complete: 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Another one of the Lagoon Park trails to consider going on is the Lagoon Valley Loop. This trail is one of the easier ones to go on, an ideal spot to bring your kids along for some outdoor exercise and adventure. There are plenty of trees all around the trail, but not all provide shade enough to hide from the sun, so it’s recommended to bring water and sunscreen.

Dog-Friendly Fun 

A weekend getaway isn’t the same without your furry best friend!

In addition to the dog-friendly hiking trails in Vacaville, C.A., Lagoon Valley Park has specific areas dedicated to visitors looking to bond with their four-legged buddies. Locals are already familiar with how welcoming the park is for dogs, and usually choose to come here instead of any other location. While some of them head over to the walking trails, others choose the 30,000-square-foot off-leash fenced area, the true paradise for puppies! This is an amazing way to not only socialize your dogs and get some training in but also a way to befriend fellow dog owners. Lagoon Valley Park is arguably one of the best dog-friendly getaways you could opt for.

Dive Into Local History

Although Lagoon Valley Park wasn’t established until 1972, the area has a rich history to discover. This piece of land was once home to Native American tribes, and remnants of these communities still exist in bits and pieces inside the park. Thanks to the efforts of the Peña Adobe Historical Society, the land was and continues to be preserved and well taken care of. 

The Peña Adobe is also part of the history of the land, as it is the oldest standing structure in all of Solano County. Containing memories of the Peña family – who were one of the first settlers of Vacaville – visiting it is truly an intriguing trip. Dropping by the park on the first Saturday of every month will grant you a guided tour of the historical structure, with loads more information about the family and the settlers. 

Get Active 

Lagoon Valley Park is not only a great place to sit back and soak in the sheer beauty of the surrounding environment, but it’s also an amazing place to get a good workout in. With various areas dedicated to a plethora of activities, anyone can find a spot they belong in at this charming park. 

Outdoor Archery Range 

Archery is among the best activities you can practice while outside.

Located near the rear exit, an archery range is set up for people wanting to practice their skills or try this very intricate sport out. The range is maintained by local archers on a volunteer basis and is quite well maintained. Remember to raise the range flag before notching an arrow and letting it fly!

Disc Golfing

Lagoon Valley park attracts the attention of a wide variety of people with unique hobbies and interests. Disc Golfing is one such example, as the park is home to a 6,800 feet length course equipped with 27 disc baskets, solely dedicated to the sport. Located near the lake, the natural formations make for the ideal disc golfing course, with the rolling hill and trees all around to create something akin to an obstacle run. Local players frequently participate in various events and competitions held at this very park, bringing the entire community together.

Go Fish

Fishing is considered by many to be a calming sport.

Lagoon Valley has had a very good reputation with fishing to the point of hosting catfish derbies back in the 1980s. The lake still attracts many fishermen who come with the intention of refining their catfish fishing skills. It is also abundant with other types of fish like the bluegill and the bass, so there will always be something to catch. Getting to the fishing area is also a breeze, just use the boat ramp available for any visitors to the park.

Picnics Anyone? 

There’s nothing quite like picnicking with great company.

If you are planning on spending the whole day at Lagoon Valley Park, setting up a small picnic to recharge your energy is not a bad idea. Thankfully, the park provides picnic tables nestled in between magnificent trees to help visitors get comfortable. Another recommended spot is way up the rolling hills, from which you will be able to enjoy your snacks with unobstructed views of the surrounding scenery and of the enchanting city of Vacaville.

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