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Best Matcha in Santa Cruz and Where to Find It

Best Matcha in Santa Cruz and Where to Find It

Explore the top spots in Santa Cruz to enjoy a delicious matcha latte, and experience their unique flavors and ambiance. Team


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June 14, 2023

Where the surf meets the city, Santa Cruz serves up more than just breathtaking views and salty sea breezes. It's also home to a thriving café culture where the matcha latte isn't just another beverage on the menu—it's an experience. Embark on an epic taste adventure as we hunt for the best matcha latte in Santa Cruz, a city where every sip tells a story.

The Verve Coffee Roasters is a popular roaster throughout California, with locations across the state.

The Verve Coffee Roasters

The Verve Coffee Roasters consistently delivers on the title of the best Matcha Latte in Santa Cruz. When it comes to artful presentation and meticulous preparation, Verve takes center stage. A single sip of their matcha latte is a harmonious play of high-quality, organic matcha powder mixed with steamed milk, which laces your palate with a deep, earthy flavor and a subtle, milky sweetness. This beverage is brought to life by the silky froth that crowns the top of the latte, acting as the finishing touch to this already exquisite drink. The vibrant green hue gives the matcha latte a visually appealing aesthetic, that is just as enticing as its taste.

Matcha lattes offer a delicious alternative to having a coffee or loose leaf tea when at a coffee shop.

Cafe Delmarette

For those yearning for a traditional taste, Cafe Delmarette serves up one of the best Matcha Lattes in Santa Cruz. The cafe boasts a richly prepared matcha, carefully whisked to smooth perfection and coupled with frothy milk to provide a delicate equilibrium of flavors. The traditional matcha latte can be personalized with the addition of cardamom or honey, which offers an intriguing contrast and introduces a new dynamic to your latte experience. Each sip of Cafe Delmarette's matcha latte acts as a portal, transporting you to the heart of Japan, where the drink was first born.

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11th Hour Coffee

Your search for the best Matcha Latte in Santa Cruz would be incomplete without visiting 11th Hour Coffee. Their matcha latte is not just a beverage, but a testament to the skill and precision of their baristas. They craft this beverage using only premium-grade matcha powder and offer a range of milks to choose from, enabling a personalized experience. The end result is a rich, luscious, and frothy matcha latte, perfectly presented with an artful design on top. The matcha latte from 11th Hour Coffee is a true treat, as pleasing to the eyes as it is gratifying to the taste buds. With every sip, you'll understand why it is hailed as the best Matcha Latte in Santa Cruz.

In Santa Cruz, your perfect cup of matcha latte is always just around the corner, nestled in the heart of quaint cafes and bustling coffee shops. As each cafe brings its unique blend to the table, we're reminded that the best matcha latte isn't just about the perfect whisk or the finest matcha powder. It's about the adventurous spirit of Santa Cruz, where every sip invites you to experience the city's ever-evolving coffee culture.

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