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11 Cheap Christmas Gifts Crafted in California

11 Cheap Christmas Gifts Crafted in California

These California-made cheap Christmas gifts will get you back in the holiday spirit in no time.

Roubina Al Abashian


5 min read

December 03, 2021

The house is decorated, the holiday playlist is on, and plans with loved ones are in motion. The only thing missing is the one thing you dread most: buying everyone’s gifts. Christmas is a time to show our appreciation to our loved ones—yes, even that cousin who’s basically your frenemy. In an ideal world, you’d just go out and buy whatever you want for your friends and family. But the truth is, the list is getting longer and the budget is only getting tighter. And while this can be a real buzzkill, we’ve found a solution that won’t break the bank. These California-made cheap Christmas gifts will get you back in the holiday spirit in no time.

Cheap Secret Santa Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Adore

Any climber will appreciate a durable and unique chalk bag, because extreme outdoor fun calls for extra gear.

1. Canvas Chalk Bag From Static Climbing

Price: $25

For your climber friend, purchase a Canvas Chalk Bag from Static Climbing to motivate them with outdoor gear. Handmade in San Diego, these durable, functional, and unique bags will give your friend extra incentive to stay active next year. You never know, you might end up joining on the fun!

2. The Pineapple Sticker Pack From California Juju

Price: $20

We all know someone whose laptop is covered in funky stickers, so why not give them a new addition? California Juju has the coolest ones that’ll make it even better. Their Pineapple Sticker Pack is a set of creative and colorful mini prints and stickers that can be glued on anything. Besides, who wouldn’t want to have tropical vibes when they’re working from an office?

Gift your favorite colleague a roast from Dark Horse Coffee and their morning cup of joe will never taste the same again.

3. Brazil-Cerrado from Dark Horse Coffee

Price: $18

There’s always that one colleague who lives off coffee. We know them, we love them, and we’re always down to have our morning coffee with them. That extra-special person deserves to have the best roast from Dark Horse Coffee. The Truckee-based roastery is one of the best in the Lake Tahoe area, and their Brazil-Cerrado package is the way to go. They roast every batch to perfection, which means that your friend’s morning cup of joe will brighten their day. Did we just give you the best cheap secret Santa idea or what?

4. Diamond pen from California Sparkle Pop

Price: $16

Are you someone’s Secret Santa and looking for presents on a budget? This is for the person who values handwritten notes and loves journaling. The Diamond Pen from California Sparkle Pop is the perfect addition to your friend’s pen collection. Your friend will channel their inner Elle Woods with this unique pen—it comes with a diamond-shaped rear that looks glamorous and glitzy.  

5. Classic Beaded Bracelet From Bellaforma Jewelry

Price: $28

Classic beaded bracelets are an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe. The easy-to-match accessory is a staple that never gets old. Bellaforma Jewelry’s Classic Beaded Bracelets are made in Santa Barbara using the highest quality silver stainless steel beads. Spoil your friend with this beauty, and maybe get one for yourself too—when was the last time you two wore matching? 

Presents on a Budget For Everyone in the Family

No one better appreciates a good California honey than your grandparents. They already know what a good honey tastes like.

6. Autumn Aromas Gift Set From Sola Bee Honey

Price: $30

Coming home for the holidays is a treat we all look forward to during Christmas, and there’s no way we’re doing it empty-handed (especially if you have nephews and nieces). But the hardest gifts to buy are for your grandparents. The Autumn Aromas Gift Set from Sola Bee Farms is a present that’ll bring them warmth and happiness. The set includes Sola Bee white sweet clover honey, a citrus honey cold-pressed beeswax soap medallion, and three different beeswax candles. Sweeten their lives with this present on a budget—it’s the best cheap stocking filler that’ll remind them of you all year

7. Neighborhood Maker Coloring Activity Set From Green Toys

Price: $18

Kids these days are hard to satisfy. There’s always a new toy and they tend to easily get bored with whatever you gift them—they aren’t exactly the easiest audience to please. But with the Neighborhood Maker Coloring Activity Set, you can be sure that they’ll stay busy (at least for a few days). The Sesame Street-themed set allows them to create a 3D playscape and color both the interior and exterior using the crayons made with soy and beeswax; you’ll end up playing with them. 

The fashionista in your life deserves to look effortlessly chic wearing a beautifully knitted headband from J.Crew.

8. Twist Headband in Supersoft Yarn From J.Crew

Price: $23

Headbands are a hot trend right now, and that special someone in your life deserves to be in style. Not only are they totally in right now, but they’re also the fastest way to look effortlessly chic. The beautifully knitted Twist Headband in Supersoft Yarn from J.Crew comes in white, black, camel, chanticleer, pale pink, and mint colors. Save every bad hair day with a simple accessory that can elevate any look with this cute Secret Santa idea.

9. The Paradise Hoodie From The Long Dog Clothing Company

Price: $24

Your Christmas shopping on a budget definitely includes buying a gift for your four-legged pal. The Paradise hoodie from The Long Dog Clothing Company is literally the cutest. The lightweight top will keep your dog warm and fuzzy on cool nights. With a tropical flower print, Fido will be vibin’ all day, every day—at least someone in this family is vacation-ready. 

A warm blanket, hot cup of coffee, and a good read. That's all cold winters call for.

10. Clover Blue By Eldona Edwards

Price: $15

Nothing beats a good read while snuggling in a blanket, especially if the book is written by our favorite Californian authors. Make Eldona Edwards’ Clover Blue your choice of gift to be the next read of the bibliophile in your life. The mysterious, coming-of-age story follows 12-year old Clover Blue as he goes on a self-discovery journey asking all the questions that are hard-to-answer. Disclaimer: this book tends to keep people up all night. 

11. Winter Wonderland Candy Cane Candles From Summerfield Beeswax Candles

Price: $25

If you’re still looking for a fun and cheap Christmas stocking filler, Summerfield Beeswax Candles will solve your problem. The company’s holiday creations make the perfect Christmas decor. The Winter Wonderland Candy Cane Candles are made of 100- percent beeswax and don’t drip or smoke. The candles come in pairs and are non-toxic, so hurry and purchase the cutest and best-scented candles of the holiday season. 

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