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The Essential Concert Checklist and Survival Guide

The Essential Concert Checklist and Survival Guide

Concerts can be stressful—between planning the logistics, budgeting, and packing—but follow our survival manual so they don’t have to be.


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August 28, 2019

Whether you are heading to festivals like Outside Lands, Coachella, and Stagecoach or are seeing Elton John, Ariana Grande, or Blink-182 on tour, taking some time to prepare for a concert can make your experience the best one yet. Concerts can be stressful—between planning the logistics, budgeting, and packing—but follow our survival manual so they don’t have to be. 

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13 Things To Add to Your Concert Checklist

Concert Day Survival Guide

Whether you're heading to Coachella or Outside Lands, give yourself ample time to prepare for the music festival so you don't leave behind any necessities. 

Plan Ahead

While packing and coordinating travel logistics are half the battle, making a game plan for concert day will make the whole experience seamless. Figure out what time the gates open, what the lineup looks like, where you’ll have to be to see the performers you want to, and how long it will take you to get to the venue under the toughest circumstances. It’s always better to allow yourself more time than you need; it gives you the perfect excuse to check out the merch table and get settled before the main event.

Bring the Essentials

On top of the items in our concert checklist, ensure you bring anything you absolutely cannot live without (like medicine, tissues, or your lucky necklace). For multi-day festivals, you should pack all of your camping essentials as well as your day-of concert goods. 

Know Your Budget

Stop by an ATM before heading out to the concert, and put away the credit card to ensure you only spend what you have budgeted. Swiping a card is far too easy—making it hard to keep track of how much you spend—but cash doesn’t lie. Set your boundaries when you purchase your ticket, and if you can, bring snacks from home so you don’t spend extra on food.

It's always tempting to pull out your phone to record your favorite performer on stage, but resist the urge so you can truly be present and enjoy the live experience. 

Live in the Moment

As tempting as it can be to capture every second of a concert on camera or to start making post-show plans while the performers are still on stage, you are there for a reason: to experience live music. Not only is it terribly annoying to be trapped behind a bright screen that is obscuring your view, but it also prevents the person taking photos and videos from truly experiencing the show. The afterparty plans and selfies can wait, so live in the moment.

Dress Comfortably

Those heels that look super cute but kill your feet are probably not the best choice when you know you’ll be standing for a good portion of the night. But kicks can be both comfy and fashionable, so pick out a pair that you already have or check out some of our favorite brands.

Layer It On

Wearing layers is key when you’re in need of a comfortable, not-too-hot but also not-too-cold outfit. Just like getting dressed for the office, start with a cute tank and pile on the pieces from there. You will be glad to have the chance to remove layers during the afternoon, particularly in the summer months, but it’s always nice to have a sweater to put on in the evening. As an additional benefit, folded-up sweaters make perfect seat cushions when they aren’t being worn.

Be courteous to your fellow concertgoers by removing your wide-brimmed hat or baseball cap, which can block the view of the people behind you. 

Take Off the Hat

To avoid being that person, do the world a favor and take off your wide-brimmed hat if you’re standing at the front of any section. Even baseball hats can be annoying to those behind you, especially if you insist on turning your head every five seconds and blocking everyone’s view behind you. 

As a short woman, I know what I’m talking about here; I can’t even count the number of times that incessantly talking, hat-wearing concertgoers have tainted my experience. So please, please take off your hat.

Designate a Meeting Spot

If you are going to a concert with a large group, it is likely that you will split up at some point during the event, so picking a meeting point is a must. While relying on texts and calls can sometimes work, it’s easy to be oblivious of what’s happening on your phone with so much other stimulation occurring around you. 


With so much going on, it can be super easy to forget to drink water—and with dozens of other flashy beverages around, it’s probably not your first choice. But staying hydrated is a much cuter look than passing out, so try your best to make this a priority.

Once you have finished the preparations and packed all of your essential items, you'll be fully ready to enjoy the show. 

Now that everything is packed and planned, you’re officially concert ready. So load up your ROAM suitcase, grab your fanny pack, and get hyped for the best music event of your life. Rock on! 

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