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13 Famous Movie Houses in California You Need To Know Now

13 Famous Movie Houses in California You Need To Know Now

Join us as we scout for California’s most famous movie houses and see how many you recognize.


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September 11, 2021

When it comes to movies, the Golden State is all about location, location, location; and we’re not just talking about Hollywood magic either. So many of your beloved flicks were filmed right here, on location—often hiding in plain sight among California’s kaleidoscopic landscape. Stark desert landscapes, quaint alleyways, seemingly unassuming Victorian abodes, run-of-the-mill office buildings, all of these places have graced the big screen, you just might not know it yet. Join us as we scout for California’s most famous movie houses and see how many you recognize.

Iconic Movie Houses in the Golden State 

The house from The Holiday has that distinctive, Mediterranean-influenced California style

1. The Holiday Mansion

Location: 1883 Orlando Road, San Marino

When Kate Winslet’s Iris leaves her small U.K. cottage and exchanges it for Cameron Diaz’s luxe L.A. mansion, “starstruck” doesn’t even begin to cover it—and, we can all agree. After filming wrapped, the gorgeous 10,324 square foot home quickly became a tourist attraction; everyone wanted to know what it was like to be featured in a glamorous rom-com. The mansion featured a media room in the finished basement, a pool and spa, a paddle tennis court, and a rose garden.

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2. Halloween’s Haunted House 

Location: 1000 Mission Street, South Pasadena

This home featured in the iconic 1978 slasher film is now a South Pasadena Historic Landmark; you’ll find an art gallery dedicated to the flick inside. That’s right. You can totally get your daily dose of pop culture while exploring this iconic movie home—and even though it’s been painted over in happy hues of baby blue and pale pink, Michael Myers may still be lurking in the shadows.

3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’s Colonial

Location: 4160 Country Club Drive, Long Beach

Think you know everything about this 1986 classic? Well, what if we told you that the traditional Colonial where Ferris embarked on his ‘day off’ may have been set in Chicago, but the property, in fact, stands in none other than Long Beach—another great California film location. The 5,000 square foot home was used in both interior and exterior shots—yes that also includes the wallpapered staircase.

It is said that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's rockstar hideway in A Star is Born is located in Calabasas.

4. A Star is Born Undisclosed Location

Location: 481 Cold Canyon Road, Calabasas

In what’s rumored to be Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s secluded rockstar hideaway, this home is a gem in the heart of Calabasas. And while no one from the cast or crew has confirmed the location, the four-bed and three-bath property looks nearly identical to the one shown in the Best Picture-nominated flick.

5. Mrs. Doubtfire’s Victorian 

Location: 2640 Steiner Street, San Francisco

This corner Victorian will always have a special place in our hearts. The exterior setting for the 1993 classic has four bedrooms, three and a half baths, leaded windows, hardwood floors, and a curving turreted floor plan. There’s also a chef’s kitchen with premium countertops, a patio, and a two-car garage—who wouldn’t want to be a nanny at this famous film home?

6. Poltergeist Home

Location: 4267 Roxbury Street, Simi Valley

To amp up the eeriness, this iconic 1982 thriller located the fictional Freeling family into a very real house on a quiet, California street. And even today, the house is still standing, carrying similar elements of sleepy suburban life mixed with evil spirits that may or may not be lurking around. If you wish to tour the place, you can— just remember to be respectful of the residing spooks.

Famous TV Houses in Sunny California 

Man Men might've been a New York-based show, but truth it was mainly shot in Los Angeles, and Don Draper's house was located in Pasadena.

7. Mad Men’s Draper Residence

Location: 675 Arden Road, Pasadena

Said to be located on Bullet Park Road in Ossining, New York, the Draper family’s colonial home is actually found in one of Pasadena’s most picturesque neighborhoods; it’s also situated across the street from the Father of the Bride House. In real life, the Draper abode features a blue front door, but in the series, it’s bright red. Rumor has it that while filming, the door was painted from blue to red and back again each and every time filming took place.

8. The New Girl Loft 

Location: 836 Traction Avenue, Los Angeles

Nestled near downtown Los Angeles, the building used in almost every exterior shot of this beloved Fox sitcom is a real-life apartment building available for rent. The apartment has been found in many listings and is available to view upon request—we can’t guarantee your new roommates will be as fun though.

We all dreamed of living in Madeline's luxurious mansion. Well, we at least know it's located in Malibu.

9. Reese Witherspoon’s Shiny Estate in Big Little Lies 

Location: 30760 Broad Beach Road, Malibu

While the riveting series is set in Monterey, the Cape Cod-style home Witherspoon’s Madeline lives in is classic Malibu. The seven-bedroom luxurious mansion can easily host up to 12 people, and do so quite opulently. The master bedroom, for instance, includes a massive outdoor deck with a fireplace and jacuzzi (talk about romancing for two please).

10. The Painted Lady from Full House 

Location: 1709 Broderick Street, San Francisco

Featured in the opening credits of the iconic T.V. series Full House, the Tanner residence is a San Francisco staple—it’s actually included in the city’s must-see attractions. Sitting in a row of homes named ‘The Painted Ladies’, the home is three stories, spanning 3,728 square feet of living space. The lower level of the house actually opens up to an English garden; a rarity when it comes to San Francisco.

11. Murder, She Wrote Home

Location: 45110 Little Lake Street, Mendocino

This historic cottage featured in most of the exterior shots for Murder, She Wrote is located in the tiny town of Albion—just eight miles south of Mendocino. The interior decor is reflective of the original era, filled with heirlooms, art, and antiques; basically everything that gives it an old-world feel. In the kitchen, you’ll find the fridge from 1940, preserved so that you can feel as though you’re having lunch with Jessica Fletcher.

Remember when Will Smith was the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, living with his aunt and uncle? Well, their mansion is in L.A. and you can even rent it.

12. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Airbnb

Location: 251 North Bristol Avenue, Los Angeles

Fans of the beloved ‘90s classic rejoice—The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air mansion is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Will Smith himself has teamed up with Airbnb to offer those who wish to live out their sitcom fantasies a one-night stay at the Brentwood property; one that has served as the iconic exterior of Uncle Phil and Aunt Vivian’s abode.

13. The Bachelor Mansion

Location: 2351 Kanan Road, Agoura Hills

Contrary to popular belief, ABC doesn’t actually own ‘The Mansion’ it uses for its iconic dating shows. A real family actually lives there and has to pack everything up twice a year to let the network in for filming. The property itself is quite famous—a gem nestled within the Santa Monica Mountains—and is available to rent, host conferences, workshops, and numerous other events.

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