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A Guide to the Suburbs of Los Angeles
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A Guide to the Suburbs of Los Angeles

Incredibly diverse and culturally rich, L.A. and its surrounding areas offer great advantages to their residents.


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May 07, 2021

The City of Angels is a sprawling metropolis known for its amazing climate, ethnic diversity, and tales of fame and fortune. If you haven’t been able to resist the appeal of this California destination, you’re not alone.

The sheer size of the county makes it tricky for people to pick the best L.A. suburb to move to—especially when they’re moving from other states. As the nation’s second most populous city, Los Angeles attracts people from all over with its SoCal charm, endless opportunity, and natural beauty. 

Incredibly diverse and culturally rich, Los Angeles and its surrounding areas offer great advantages to their residents. Though you might be eyeing D.T.L.A., you should definitely have these Los Angeles suburbs on your radar.

People from all over the state want to experience the laidback SoCal lifestyle. Whenever you're longing for L.A., check out these suburbs.

An Overview of the Suburbs

Los Angeles County consists of many diverse regions, each one a unique destination in its own right. Roughly speaking, the county can be divided into these major subdivisions.

  • Downtown Los Angeles 
  • South Los Angeles
  • West Los Angeles
  • Echo Park and Westlake
  • Los Feliz and Silverlake
  • Hollywood
  • San Fernando Valley (aka The Valley)
  • Wilshire

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Within the subdivisions, there are hundreds of suburbs and neighborhoods with unique properties. Due to the county’s extreme economic and cultural diversity, you’ll find both affordable suburbs of Los Angeles and high-end neighborhoods within driving distance of each other. Similarly, historically Black neighborhoods and other ethnic enclaves have also made L.A. the diversified county it is today.

The best way to find the ideal residential match is by booking a consultation with a real estate agent, making a list of the prioritized qualities you're looking for in a neighborhood, and actually going to see the suburbs yourself. Without further ado, these are a few of the Los Angeles suburbs you should know.

The best suburbs of Los Angeles

As the oldest suburb in the City of Angels, Pasadena was once called the San Gabriel Orange Grove Association. It received its current name in 1875.


Median home value: $963,000

Public school rating: B+

Ethnic and economic diversity: A+

Pasadena is kicking off the best suburbs of Los Angeles list for its excellent location, countless amenities, and friendly community feel. This L.A. suburb is well-known for its craftsman homes—it even has a devoted weekend dubbed “Craftsman Weekend.” 

Home prices are generally in line with the Los Angeles County average. But you’ll also find a lot more expensive residences in certain neighborhoods. The more expensive homes are found in areas like South and North Arroyo and Oak Knoll.

While the commute from Pasadena to Downtown L.A. is a mere 18 to 20 minutes, you don’t even need to leave the limits of the suburb to find quality dining, shopping, and entertainment. With over 500 restaurants within city limits, this Los Angeles suburb actually boasts more eateries per capita than New York City.

Many fun events and festivals are also held in the City of Roses. In fact, its nickname comes from the famous Rose Bowl stadium. The iconic outdoor stadium also hosts the Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl Flea Market. Great food, amazing architecture, football games, and beautiful roses—Pasadena is a Los Angeles suburb that has earned its rightful reputation.

Culver City has been a center for film and later T.V. production since the 1920s. It's best known as the home of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios.

Culver City

Median home value: $1,325,000

Public school rating: A+

Ethnic and economic diversity: A+

Culver City is a top L.A. suburb that is recommended for both young professionals and families. Rooted in entertainment history, this well-known Los Angeles district grew with the motion picture industry in the 1920s. Today, it’s home to iconic TV and film companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The areas surrounding Culver City are home to some of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles for families, especially young families of three or four. Charming condos, townhouses, and one-story homes adorn the tree-lined streets.

You’ll find that the schools in and around this Los Angeles suburb have top-notch ratings and rave reviews. If you prioritize cleanliness, inclusivity, outdoor recreation, and ample entertainment opportunities, Culver City is a good fit for you.

When speaking of Malibu, the first thing to come to mind is celebrities living in luxurious beachfront homes.


Median home value: $3,469,000

Public school rating: A+

Ethnic and economic diversity: B-

Barbie was onto something when she chose Malibu as the location of her dream house. Away from the high energy of Downtown Los Angeles, this coastal suburb is a sunny seaside paradise.

While most people believe that Malibu is limited to the rich coastal city itself, the region entails much more. Rolling hills line the outskirts of Malibu. You’ll find residential complexes and recreational venues densely located along this Los Angeles suburb’s coastline. 

While the education system is superb and the community is welcoming, living in Malibu does come with a relatively hefty price tag. This L.A. suburb is home to many of the county’s most expensive neighborhoods including Malibu Colony, Serra Retreat, and La Costa. However, if you branch out further into the hills, you’ll find more ranches, stables, and fields rather than extravagant mansions.

If you value solitude, safety, and have the means to keep up with Malibu’s big-budget living, this is the best L.A. suburb for you.

Redondo Beach is a coastal suburb where the salty sea breeze meets sun and sand. Living here means always experiencing the beach.

Redondo Beach

Median home value: $1,226,000

Public school rating: A+

Ethnic and economic diversity: A

Redondo Beach is adjacent to many of Los Angeles’ other favorite coastal suburbs such as Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. This Los Angeles suburb (along with most of the other South Bay suburbs) is a textbook example of the SoCal beach lifestyle.

Surf, swim, and mingle with other beach bums and young families while living in Redondo and take advantage of all the coastal destination has to offer. Aside from pristine beaches, this L.A. suburb also offers access to great food, a thriving farmers market community, regular new property developments, and a great shopping scene.

While you’ll find all you need and want within the limits of Redondo Beach, you’ll be glad to know that the commute to Downtown L.A. is just about 30 minutes.

Burbank was named after David Burbank, a New Hampshire-born dentist and entrepreneur who established a sheep ranch there in 1867.


Median home value: $965,000

Public school rating: A

Ethnic and economic diversity: A

In the Southeastern ends of San Fernando Valley lies Burbank, the “Media Capital of the World.” The Los Angeles suburb rightly earned the nickname by housing numerous media and entertainment corporations. Among them are Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and the Walt Disney Company.

The public school and healthcare systems are very reliable in Burbank. The community is generally described as friendly and welcoming. Safety and cleanliness are prevalent in this L.A. suburb—if you value these qualities in a residential neighborhood, you’ve found a match.

Besides hosting safe and quiet residential communities—and some of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles for families—Burbank is also a fun place to be. Numerous eateries, shopping destinations, and recreational opportunities await at this vibrant urban town.

Which Los Angeles suburb would you add to the list?

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