How To Get More Exercise If You’re Expecting A Baby

How To Get More Exercise If You’re Expecting A Baby

By Jane Norton
Guest Writer January 29, 2021

According to the CDC, there are around 450,000 new babies born in California every year. If you are an expectant mom, it is important to keep fit and healthy, both for the benefit of you and for the health of your baby. There are plenty of ways to maintain your health and fitness levels, not only by eating well, but also by doing some regular exercise. Staying active will reduce your risk of developing conditions like gestational diabetes and decrease the general discomfort of pregnancy. Research has even found that regular exercise when you’re expecting can make labor easier. 

Easy indoor Workouts

Do safe workouts at home to help maintain your energy levels and positive mental health during pregnancy.

You don’t have to hit the gym hard or jog 10 miles every day to improve your fitness levels. There are plenty of safe indoor exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home that don’t put stress on your joints. Darts are suitable if you’re expecting, and it’s great for balance, coordination, and arm strength. You can play right up until the end of the third trimester. Yoga and pilates are also perfect for indoor workouts. California Yoga Center in Mountain View and The Yoga Center in Santa Monica both offer classes specifically for pregnant women. You can cycle, too, when you’re pregnant—if you have an exercise bike, you can do it in the comfort and safety of your own home without needing to go out on the roads. Try signing up for a virtual workout class tailored to expecting moms. 

Swimming and aqua fitness

Enjoy easygoing workouts during pregnancy by swimming regularly. This low-impact form of exercise can relieve stress and make you stronger.

Swimming is one of the most beneficial low-impact forms of exercise that you can do when you’re pregnant. The water supports your bones and joints; it can also be an effective form of pain relief, taking some stress off your muscles and helping you to feel more comfortable. According to Metrostudy, there are more than 1 million swimming pools in California, so there’s plenty of places you can take a dip—it’s safer than swimming in the ocean. Aqua fitness classes are also a good idea if you are pregnant. Sacramento’s California Family Fitness offers some great classes for expectant moms (just make sure you book your spot in advance). So, get ready to don your new California swimwear and take a dip.


Enjoy the great outdoors while pregnant to stay fit and boost your overall well-being.

Walking is the simplest form of exercise that can be done right up until the end of the third trimester. Research has found that you are less likely to have an unplanned cesarean section if you walk regularly throughout your pregnancy. You even lower your risk of developing gestational diabetes. Just 30 minutes of walking every day can also help you to burn off some calories and keep your weight under control. You could try joining a local meet-up group in your area so that you can go walking with other expectant moms or new moms. 

It is important for both you and your baby that you exercise regularly when you are pregnant. Getting out in the California sunshine, even for a short walk every day, can make a difference in your overall well-being.

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