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I Tasted Health-Ade's Booch Pop and Here's What You Should Know

I Tasted Health-Ade's Booch Pop and Here's What You Should Know

Are you a sparkling kombucha connoisseur and Olipop enthusiast? If so, pick up a can of Booch Pop and jet set on your next rendezvous.


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April 20, 2021

The tantalizing tastes of ginger, pomegranate, elderberry, lemon, and lime linger in my mouth long after I’ve finished sippin’ my first cans of bubbly Booch Pop. I consider myself a health nut and kombucha aficionado—savoring a fermented beverage full of probiotics, minerals, and herbs gets me more excited than a burger and fries ever will. One day while wandering the mean streets of my local market, I came across a beverage I hadn’t noticed before—Health-Ade’s Booch Pop.

Booch PopHealth-Ade’s kombucha with a twist—takes fermented fizziness to a whole new level. Intrigued, I knew it was time to pack a can each of Ginger Fizz, Pom-Berry, and Lemon + Lime Booch Pop in my tote bag and head straight to Manhattan Beach. With a healthy drink in one hand and Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina in the other, I settled down on my towel and watched the waves gently roll to shore.

Curiosity definitely got the best of me and I immediately opened all of the cans at once. A single sip and I was hooked; I finished three cans of Booch Pop before I knew it. Like traditional kombucha, each flavor is unique and refreshing in its own way.

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An Intro to health-ade booch pop

We've all fallen in love with Health Ade's high quality kombucha flavors, and year after year the company brings it back with a twist.

Based in Torrance, this California kombucha company is dedicated to crafting the highest quality kombucha—and more recently, sparkling probiotic drinks—on the market. Booch Pop is a revitalizing soda alternative that makes every day feel like summer. 

Though it may seem like you’re sipping on a refreshing flavored tonic, you’re getting the essence of taste and so much more. Why drink tonic sans health benefits when Booch Pop combines cold-pressed fruit juice, prebiotics from cranberries, and naturally-occuring minerals, including calcium and magnesium, that are naturally derived from seaweed? 

Better yet, Booch Pop is vegan, organic, and gluten-free, so it’s a great addition to any backyard barbeque, beach day, river rafting excursion. Not to mention it’s au naturel, not too sweet, and brewed with plant-based fiber which helps promote better gut health. Treat your second brain like the queen she is and nourish your belly. Wondering what the key to living well is? A happy gut is a must.

Yummy, healthy, and refreshing, Health Ade's Booch Pop is all you need and more.

The Ultimate booch pop review

Pom-Berry Booch Pop: Pom-Berry was the first flavor I sampled. I’m an avid pomegranate and berry lover, so naturally I was immediately drawn to the Pom-Berry Booch. The authentic tastes of pomegranate and berry were reflected in each sip of this fizzy drink. This variety was light and not overbearing in the least.

Lemon + Lime Booch Pop: Before yielding my taste buds to Ginger Fizz, I decided to try the Lemon + Lime. This light, refreshing beverage was everything I needed and more. Think bubbly lemon-lime water with benefits. Is there anything more appealing when chillin’ like a villain under the hot California sun? I think not, so Booch Pop’s Lemon + Lime is now my go-to beach beverage. It’s hydrating, tasty, and nourishing—can I ask for anything more?

Ginger Fizz Booch Pop: Last but not least, I sampled Ginger Fizz. I absolutely love GT’s Gingerade Kombucha, so I had a feeling I would fall head over heels for Health Ade’s Ginger Fizz. Boy, was I right. It tasted like the lighter, fizzier version of Gingerade. By nature, ginger is anti-inflammatory; that's just another reason I’m quite the fan of this Booch Pop. Ginger Fizz is double the trouble—probiotics mixed with cold-pressed ginger and lemon juice. Can you think of a better detoxifier? 

Are you a sparkling kombucha connoisseur and Olipop enthusiast? Do you want to expand your horizons and find healthy alternatives to pop? If so, Booch Pop should be your new go-to. Pick up a chilled can and jet set on your next rendezvous.

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