I Tried Lauren Conrad Beauty and This is What You Should Know

Photo courtesy of Lauren Conrad Beauty.

I Tried Lauren Conrad Beauty and This is What You Should Know

By Alejandra Saragoza
October 09, 2020

Lauren Conrad first came to prominence after being cast in the oh-so-juicy reality TV show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and the subsequent series The Hills (cue flashbacks of her singing Natasha Bedingfield while cruising through L.A. in a convertible). But in the years since, she’s made a name for herself in the fashion world, founding her own clothing brand, launching The Little Market—which sells fair-trade goods from women artisans and entrepreneurs around the world—and starting a lifestyle blog. (All while getting married and growing a family—talk about a #boss).

As if all of that wasn’t enough, the savvy entrepreneur recently announced Lauren Conrad Beauty, her new cosmetics line featuring everything from lipstick and blush to mascara and eyeshadow. I’m one of the seemingly few people still wearing makeup during the pandemic (maintaining my pre-COVID morning routine helps me maintain my sanity), so upon hearing the news, I immediately wanted to try it. I’ve also been making an effort to exclusively use natural beauty products, so I loved that Lauren Conrad Beauty was born from a desire to provide eco-friendly makeup with clean ingredients. Each product is vegan, cruelty-free, certified-Clean, Peta-approved, ethically sourced, and made in California.

It almost sounded too good to be true, so I couldn’t help but wonder, Do these products really work? I decided to find out for myself.

Our Honest Review of Lauren Conrad Beauty

Lauren Conrad Beauty's liquid eyeliner is vegan, cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and made in California. Photo courtesy of Lauren Conrad Beauty.

The product: The Liquid Eyeliner in onyx

Made in: Santa Ana, California

Price: $20

I chose to try The Liquid Eyeliner because Conrad claims that out of all the products in her cosmetics collection, the eyeliner took the most time to get right. Plus, a good liquid eyeliner is hard to find: You want something that stays put but is easy to remove when you want to, something that goes on smoothly but doesn’t smudge or run, and something that can create both a super precise line and an impeccable cat eye. I’ve tried numerous liquid eyeliners and had problems with almost all of them, so I wanted to put The Liquid Eyeliner in the Lauren Conrad makeup collection to the test.

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First Impressions

I was glad to see that The Liquid Eyeliner wasn’t expensive; it was actually slightly cheaper than most other liquid eyeliners as well as the gel eyeliner I normally use (score!). I received it within four days of ordering it. The packaging was minimalist but elegant, and thanks to the welcome card that came with my order, I learned that everything was made with 100-percent recyclable materials, so I could easily recycle the eyeliner after I was finished with it.

Gettin’ Jiggy With It

The liquid eyeliner features a flexible brush tip applicator, making it easy to attain defined lines. Photo courtesy of Lauren Conrad Beauty.

Giddy with excitement, I woke up the next day eager to try my new product. According to its packaging, the eyeliner features a lightweight, non-smearing formula that’s transfer-proof, so it stays on all day long. We’ll see about that, I thought. The directions on the package read:

Shake well before use. Hold the brush at a slanted angle. Start from the inner corner and glide the brush along the lash line. For fine, exact lines press lightly. For thicker, bold lines add more pressure.

I followed the instructions for thinner lines, and holy moly, was I impressed. Thanks to the flexible brush tip applicator, it glides on very easily and creates a precise line without you having to press down firmly. I appreciated that it didn’t skip or pull on my eye—or the worst, bleed, leaving you with a big black ink blob on your eyes. (My trick for getting a perfectly straight line is to use my pinkie finger as an anchor on my cheek to help keep my hand steady.) When I was done, I liked that the eyeliner wasn’t jet black; the onyx color evokes a softer, more natural look. 

As the day went one, I fell in love with the liner even more: No black smudges on my brow bone, no fading or patchiness, and no running—even when I did my virtual exercise class after work. It also came off easily with my makeup-removing wipes, and my eyes didn’t seem irritated (which has been an issue in the past with other liners because I wear contact lenses). 

Final Thoughts

The liquid liner is one of the many offerings in Lauren Conrad's makeup line. We can't wait to try more. Photo courtesy of Lauren Conrad Beauty.

After using Lauren Conrad Beauty’s Liquid Eyeliner for one week, I can say that it’s a game-changer. As I said before, I’ve tried many liquid eyeliners in the past, and this one is my new go-to. It’s super simple to apply—it’s almost impossible to mess up, even when doing a cat eye—and easy to build up if you want to go a bit darker for a date night. And when it comes to staying power, this liquid liner would be tough to beat. The eyeliner truly stays put and lasts all day; I never had to reapply it or fix smudging. I am in love, so Conrad got it on this one, and I can’t wait to try other products in her cosmetics line. 

Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Note: This product was independently selected and purchased by We did not receive compensation for writing this review, and we do not receive a commission for affiliate links.

Alejandra Saragoza

Alejandra Saragoza

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