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Double Rainbow Is the Ice-Cream Brand to Stock Your Freezer With
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Double Rainbow Is the Ice-Cream Brand to Stock Your Freezer With

Embark on a choose-your-own-adventure experience without leaving your house by stocking up on Double Rainbow ice cream.


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February 01, 2021

Complete with plant-based, organic, and traditional dairy-based desserts, Double Rainbow is the magical ice-cream brand the whole family will love. From the classic French vanilla, to the peanut-buttery It’s a Goody, to the surprisingly creamy Soy Mint Chocolate Chip, every flavor from this California ice-cream company is better than the last. While the unique tasting notes are enough to entice you to grab another pint, the nostalgic vibes and vibrant packaging put the cherry on top of this crave-worthy foodie experience.

A Brief History of Double Rainbow Ice Cream

Founded by longtime friends Michael Sachar and Steven Fink, Double Rainbow Ice Cream is a delicious Golden State creation. Named after the double rainbow that appeared in San Francisco’s Castro District after the duo signed a lease for their first scoop shop, Double Rainbow Ice Cream was established in 1976 and has been family-owned and -operated ever since. 

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Double Rainbow: A Scrumptious Ice Cream Review

Dig into the award-winning French vanilla—this ice-cream flavor is far from basic.

French Vanilla Ice Cream

As a dessert lover and former ice-cream scooper, I’ve had my fair share of vanilla ice cream, but Double Rainbow hits the nail on the head with this flavor. Smooth and creamy but not overly sweet, this decadent pint is far too easy to eat. It’s both nostalgically familiar and surprising in its approach.

It's Goody is a favorite flavor from Double Rainbow - vanilla, peanut butter, and chocolate chips to delight over for days.

It’s a Goody Ice Cream

The name really says it all—with peanut butter swirls, fudgy chocolate chunks, and a vanilla base, It’s a Goody is a comforting new classic. The flavors meld together perfectly, recreating the peanut butter cups you loved as a kid but with a sophisticated edge. The heavier savory flavors are complemented by the light decadence of a perfect vanilla base. You’ll definitely want this pint all to yourself.

Peppermint Cookie Crunch Ice Cream

If we had to choose a pint to eat in one sitting, this would be it. Every spoonful tastes like the holidays and skillfully blends cookies and cream with candy canes. The texture of this variety is incredibly satisfying and melds many of our favorite flavors with the smooth, melt-in-your-mouth experience you’d expect from ice cream. Most intriguing, however, is how Double Rainbow crafts such a craveable combo without making it overly sweet. Regardless of how the company does it, we’re hooked.

Chocolate and Vanilla Malt Frozen Custard

While many of Double Rainbow’s ice-cream flavors are noteworthy for their innovative take or unique texture, this one hits home because it evokes fond memories. From ordering a malted milkshake at the local diner to grabbing a scoop of ice cream with your grandparents, it’s hard to eat this dessert without thinking about your childhood. The tried-and-true combination of chocolate and vanilla just works, and while it’s simple, it’s absolutely not basic. This frozen custard is incredibly smooth, delicious, and, with a slightly heavier mouthfeel than the other product lines, it’s easy to savor every bite.

Double Rainbow exceeds expectations and consistently satisfied for every flavor-lover.

Mint Chocolate Chip Soy Cream

Silky, minty, and tasty is the perfect way to describe this indulgent flavor that’s so good you might not be able to tell it’s dairy-free. The soy mint base offers a refreshing and invigorating zing while the chocolate chips add a welcome crunch—all without the gross green food coloring we’ve come to expect from mint chip ice cream. 

When it comes to California-made ice creams, it doesn’t get much better than Double Rainbow. Since the diverse flavor profiles include everything from non-dairy Avocado Pineapple, to Sea Salt Caramel frozen custard, to Ultra Chocolate ice cream, there’s something for every mood. So, for an exciting choose-your-own-adventure experience you can embark on without leaving your house, stock up on every flavor under the rainbow.

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