From Landscape To Long Exposures, These Are The Best Places To Take Pictures In L.A.

From Landscape To Long Exposures, These Are The Best Places To Take Pictures In L.A.

September 13, 2020

As California mitigates health risks during the COVID-19 pandemic, some travel restrictions may remain in certain communities. Call the local and regional tourism offices to learn more about the restrictions in your intended destination. Thank you for reading, and stay safe.

Los Angeles loves to sit pretty for the camera. Whether it appears as the famous backdrop of a suburban sitcom or poses as the ever-familiar beach setting for Hollywood movies, L.A. is quite confident in front of the lens. Home to the iconic Hollywood sign and starlets, pristine beaches, and towering palm trees, this city is worth innumerable rolls of film.

As Fred R. Barnard's well-known quote goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and “La La Land” has a lot to say. Whether you're looking for a place to take family portraits or have your engagement shoot, these are the best places to take pictures in L.A. for your upcoming photo sesh.

Los Angeles Photo Spots For Couples

When in Los Angeles, make sure to take romantic photos at Vista Hermosa Natural Park with your S.O.

Vista Hermosa Natural Park

Are you and your S.O. looking for cute places to take pictures in L.A.? Stop your search now and head to Vista Hermosa Natural Park to parade your love for all to see. Stop by the fountain in the park for an aww-inducing postable pic. Besides having this gorgeous hidden oasis as your backdrop, you'll also get a stunning view of the city.

For a unique photo session, head to the Griffith Park Observatory to snap shots with your friends.

Griffith Observatory

California’s cool architecture will have you reaching for your camera—what better way to show that you love your partner to the moon and back than by taking pictures together at this romantic observatory? Griffith Observatory is the perfect place to be with your S.O. by your side. Capture a romantic night atop the city lights, or spend an afternoon posing amid the breathtaking Griffith Park. Whether you go during the day or at night, the Los Angeles skyline will never fail to enhance your photos.

For Insta-worthy, crystal-clear shots of the Los Angeles skyline, head to Elysian Park.

Elysian Park

Located in the northern part of Downtown L.A., Elysian Park offers a few great spots to capture photos of the city skyline. The park is less crowded than the Griffith Observatory, making it an ideal destination for a laid-back photo session. Make sure to stop by the secret swing that boasts a superlative view of the neighboring homes and highway—the money shot of any romantic photo sesh.

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Cool Indoor Photo Places In L.A.

Bookworms, rejoice! The Last Bookstore is the place for you, so it's time you show off your rad photography skills.

The Last Bookstore

Are you a bookworm and searching for a way to let the world know? The Last Bookstore is possibly the most rad library in which you'll ever set foot. With books as far as the eye can see, this book lovers' haven will satisfy all of your literary and photographic needs. Once you're through with your "woman of letters" photo shoot, browse through California’s largest bookstore for interesting finds.

The next time you're in Los Angeles, you best be making your way to the Bradbury Building.

The Bradbury Building

The perfect illustration of fine historic architecture, the Bradbury Building tastefully combines modern and antique styles into one edifice. The ornate design of the building, full of intricate details that make iron resemble lace, is a good reason to experience the landmark up close.

Capture a photo by the vintage stairway, complete with unique lighting thanks to the skylight above. The building is also famous for its light-filled glass atrium, striking brick construction, and embellished metal stairways. Southern California film locations are plenty, and Bradbury had its fair share of fame, with appearances in 500 Days of Summer and Blade Runner.

Admire the lovely grounds of the Huntington Library. With 16 themed gardens, you won't run out of places to photograph.

The Huntington Library

Nestled on the edge of Los Angeles, the Huntington Library is definitely worth the trip. The expansive library is one of the best photo spots in Los Angeles, offering delightful botanical gardens and a lavish art collection worth millions. With so much to see and capture here, you're bound to return. The 120-acre property encompasses 16 themed gardens, too, that can add some variety to your next photo shoot.

Hot Spots For Outdoor Photos In Los Angeles

Snap cool photos at the Venice Canals, which boast breathtaking vistas that are begging to be captured.

The Venice Canals

The Venice Canal Historic District boasts breathtaking sunset views that are ideal for romantic photos. Hidden gems in L.A's Venice Beach, the Venice Canals were constructed in 1905 by developer Abbot Kinney, who wanted to replicate the feel of Venice, Italy. The district provides numerous pedestrian walkways and bridges over the pearlescent waters, taking you on a journey through gorgeous homes and gardens. 

Fashion District

Looking for cool places in L.A. to take pictures? The Fashion District should be your next stop. Stretching from 8th Street to Olympic Boulevard, D.T.L.A.'s Fashion District is chaotically colorful; it boasts a number of gigantic bright murals, including one created by Teddy Kelly. Besides diffusing a much-needed pop of color in the very center of "La La Land," the mural is also the quintessential backdrop for your artsy Insta photos. To capture the mural in its entirety, walk across the street for an enigmatic shot.

Perched above the city of Los Angeles, the famous Hollywood Sign is the perfect backdrop for photos.

The Hollywood Sign

Easily access the iconic Hollywood Sign through Lake Hollywood Park; the stunning city skyline and steep mountains against the blue sky will leave you speechless. For a close-up picture showcasing the entirety of the sign, take a hike around the edge of the hill via the Burbank Peak Trail. The out-and-back route provides solitude for those wanting to take photos away from the crowds. On the right side of the trail, look out for spectacular, photo-worthy views of the Lake Hollywood Reservoir.

"Made In L.A." Wall

If you are an L.A. enthusiast, this beloved wall on Melrose Avenue is a must-see. Los Angeles has always been a mecca for street art, and this vibrant wall doesn't disappoint. It's simple yet bold—the font of the text is literally bold—serving as the perfect backdrop for an edgy photo session.

The most iconic place to snap a shot of the sunset, the Santa Monica Pier is a photographer's dream.

Santa Monica Pier

L.A. has no shortage of beautiful beaches, but Santa Monica Beach is among the most quintessential, showcasing the classic Cali feel and miles and miles of pristine sand. The Santa Monica Pier is an amazing spot to watch the sunset, too. Walk under the pier as the sun makes its way across the horizon to capture dramatic photos with the perfect lighting.

Murphy’s Ranch

For a good workout and a picture-perfect environment, hike along the Murphy’s Ranch Loop Trail. This four-mile route takes you through Pacific Palisades and straight back in history to the 1930s. The trek is now famed for its graffiti-filled walls and ruins of a collapsed shed and garage, power building, and gate from the 1900s. Multiple professional photographers have chosen this ranch for their photo shoots, so pack your camera or smartphone, and join in on the fun.

When at LACMA, take a unique photo at the Urban Light installation and post it on the 'Gram.

Los Angeles county museum of art (LACMA)

The Urban Light installation at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is the place to be when the sun goes down. The restored street lamps from the 20s and 30s illuminating their surroundings create a magical vibe that's a dream-come-true for every avowed Instagrammer. Capture the famous lanterns that once lit up the historic streets of Southern California for an enviable addition to your feed.

When you find yourself in NorCal, head to the best photo op locations in the Bay Area.


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