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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired By California

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Inspired By California

From cute couples costumes to creepy ensembles, these California Halloween costumes are easy to throw together at the last minute.


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October 23, 2020

The time has come for you to get spooky-good Halloween costumes inspired by the Golden State. ‘Tis the season to dress up as your favorite Hollywood film character or to don terrifying makeup for a good scare. We won’t let you be bare; self-expression through costume is a necessity this Halloween.

With one too many movies and TV shows featuring California, it’s only fair to derive your costume ideas from the state where stars are born. Whether you’re looking to get your gore on or to dress up with bae for a cute couple's costume, California provides plenty of inspiration. Here are a few California Halloween costumes that you can easily throw together at the last minute.

easy Halloween costumes inspired by your favorite characters

La La Land gives you a great costume idea to try with your better half this Halloween. Photo courtesy of La La Land.

La La Land

No, we're not talking about Los Angeles. (Or are we?) La La Land, the award-winning movie that made everyone want to move to L.A. and pursue a career in music and street dance, tops our list of costume ideas. For an easy couple's costume, dress up as main characters Mia and Sebastian; strut your way around the room, showing off your love for each other. Not only is the costume charming and simple, but you can also incorporate elements of it into your daily outfits later on.


Enter the mask of all masks: Scream. You may think that this costume has been done one too many times, but what can we say? It’s a Halloween favorite for a reason. The scary costume is simple to assemble; all you need is a white mask, a black cloak or dress, and a plastic knife. If you want to get even spookier, grab the ketchup bottles, and splash ketchup on your basic white T-shirt with blue jeans. With this look, you'll perfectly portray the last scene where Billy attacks Sydney. If you want a creepy couple's costume, dress up as Billy and Stu in the final scene; everything you need, you already have. 

Dress up like Dionne and Cher from Clueless to feel like the fashion icons from the classic 90s film. Photo courtesy of Clueless.


As the 90s style makes its way back into today's fashions (thank goodness, the best trends were from the yesteryears), you can quickly put together one of Cher Horowitz’s iconic ensembles from Clueless. For an awesome best friend Halloween costume, you and your bestie can dress up as Cher and Dionne by donning their famous plaid skirt suits. (And we wouldn't judge if you just decided to wear them on the daily.) You can’t go wrong with a classic at Pure Costumes.

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Nothing is scarier than a psycho roaming around unleashed. Alfred Hitchcock's famous Psycho was a game-changer in the world of horror. Pay tribute to the film's most memorable scene by draping yourself in a shower curtain. Better yet, have your S.O. dress up as the one and only Norman Bates, complete with the (plastic) knife and coat.

The iconic looks from Full House make for easy last-minute Halloween costumes for guys and gals alike. Photo courtesy of Full House.

Full House

Whether you're a fan of the classic sitcom Full House or the newer version of Fuller House, you can draw inspiration from either of the show's characters to throw together a perfect last-minute Halloween costume using clothes in your closet. Dress up as D.J. Tanner—everyone’s favorite girl next door—or the charming Uncle Jesse, decked out in leather and jeans, capturing the hearts of women everywhere he goes. 

That’s So Raven

That's So Raven made its debut in 2003 and has stayed in our hearts ever since. It's hard to dispute that at one point or another, we all wanted to be Raven—between her stylish outfits, brilliantly sassy phrases, psychic abilities, and vibrantly decorated room, she was an amazing role model in the early 2000s. Dress up in her iconic red tracksuit with a white bucket hat; for the 90s feel, carry around a large boombox. For another best friend Halloween costume, dress up with your BFF as Raven and her bestie, Chelsea.

Have you met the Sandy to your Danny? Grab bae and don Grease-inspired outfits for Halloween. Photo courtesy of Grease.


Who doesn't love the musical rom-com Grease? For a classic, easy Halloween costume, it's time to pull out the gel, do the hair, and don all things black and leather. A Grease-inspired outfit is perfect for last-minute Halloween costumes, and there's a good chance that everyone will know exactly “who” you are. Be the ultimate cheerleader and show off Sandy’s white-and-red ensemble. A Sandy-and-Danny costume is never a lame option for couples, either, and is easy to put together.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Many believe that vampires and the fictional town of Sunnydale are real—who are we to decide? This Halloween, be the famous chosen one and set forth to slay vampires and all unholy beings roaming the earth. But, you must be properly dressed to do so. The quintessential Buffy look from Buffy the Vampire Slayer entails a pair of fire-red pants, a black T-shirt, and a leather jacket—all of which can likely be found in one simple trip to your closet. Throw in a wooden stake, and you are set to slay vampires. Better yet, you can grab your vampire essentials from Party City and challenge Buffy.

Feel empowered this Halloween by pretending to be environmental activist Erin Brockovich for a day. Photo courtesy of Erin Brockovich.

Erin Brockovich

If you felt inspired by this fierce environmental activist and want to channel her vibes this Halloween, you're in luck: Her wardrobe is likely to match yours. Pull up your hair in a half-updo (it's easier if your hair is wavy or curly), pair your favorite denim skirt with a halter top, and you're good to go (maybe add in large hoop earrings to tie the look together). For extra dazzle, throw in her famous catchphrases—“I don't need pity; I need a paycheck” and “Are you gettin' every word of this, honey, or am I talking too fast for you?”—to get your message across.

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