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San Diego Destination: Coronado

San Diego Destination: Coronado

Sandy beaches, surfers, and sunbathers alike surround you along the San Diego Bay in the picturesque resort town of Coronado. Team


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July 01, 2022

Sandy beaches, surfers, and sunbathers alike surround you in Coronado’s picturesque resort town. Located along the San Diego Bay, Coronado mixes historic charm and luxury to create a destination like no other. With temperatures averaging 70 degrees year-round and white-sand beaches that literally sparkle in the sun, this peninsula oasis is consistently ranked among the top 5 beach towns in Southern California.

Coronado’s beauty can be seen from any angle: as you walk down Orange Avenue and through the historic downtown, gaze upon the Hotel del Coronado — a National Historic Landmark — ride a bike along the expansive coastline or sail beneath the Coronado Bridge scenic highway. Though it’s only 32 square miles, Coronado boasts several distinct attractions, including the Ferry Landing, and above all, outstanding beaches.

The Coronado Ferry Landing

Fun times await you at the Coronado Ferry Landing.

Sweeping views of the San Diego skyline from the historic Centennial Park, a shopping village, and a selection of premier waterfront restaurants are only a fraction of the offerings you’ll find when your boat docks at Ferry Landing. Ferries run throughout the day from San Diego to Coronado and serve as a pleasant, sightseeing alternative to the traffic of the scenic highway.

Ferry Landing hosts an assortment of dining and shopping options for every mood, featuring coffeehouses, cupcake shops, gourmet restaurants, and boutiques filled with beach-fashion staples and souvenirs for the whole family. For the adventurous, Coronado Island San Diego offers bike, kayak, and stand-up paddleboard rentals—all ideal for exploring more of what the peninsula has to offer.

Historic Downtown 

The Coronado movie theater is a part of the beautiful city's history.

Taking a stroll down Orange Avenue, the town’s main street, evokes pleasant memories of days gone by. Though Coronado’s history is deeply rooted in naval activity, the surfboard shops, high-end jewelry merchants, and quaint cafés of the downtown district would never allude to such. One of the most urban areas along the peninsula, downtown Coronado offers a host of beach alternatives, including a performing arts center, a movie theater, plentiful restaurants, a historic library, and the iconic Hotel del Coronado—whose previous guests include Marilyn Monroe and Thomas Edison, among many other prominent figures.

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The Coronado Beaches 

Coronado California’s 32 square miles are almost entirely surrounded by brilliant, white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. These miles of coastline are separated into three main beach areas: Central Beach, North Beach, and South Beach. Since each beach is as beautiful as the next, it may be difficult to choose where to settle in for a day by the water; however, each beach offers a slightly different experience of Coronado, C.A.

Central Beach 

Kick back and relax at one of the most frequented beaches of the area.

Central Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Southern California, filled with scenic views and fun activities for all the family to partake in. The main lifeguard station towers over Central Beach and sits among volleyball courts and beach facilities, offering a safe refuge for families and sporting enthusiasts. Central Beach is situated to the north of the Hotel del Coronado and in front of extravagant family homes and mansions, providing an architecturally stimulating but less remote experience.

This side of the beach also has a beach made specifically for dog owners to be able to bring their dogs along with them. The Coronado Dog Beach, where you can explore the wonders of the beaches with your pups. There are also many pet-friendly hotels you can stay in all around, the ideal adventure for you and your dogs.

The Silver Strand Beach 

Soft white sand beach shores, warm weather, and clear waters, Silver Strand Beach is definitely worth checking out.

Silver Strand State Beach serves as the perfect refuge for guests wishing to spend multiple days on San Diego Island, as it is one of two areas where overnight camping is permitted (note that reservations are required). Since this southern stretch is set up to accommodate a campground, it is equipped with plenty of facilities and lifeguard stations, and it is located six miles down the peninsula, away from the historic downtown and Ferry Landing districts of Coronado San Diego. Experience one of San Diego’s finest recreational beaches at Silver Strand Beach.

Coronado Shores Beach

Beautiful views of the Coronado Shores beach from the Coronado shores condo complex.

The third and final coastal region is South Beach, also known as Coronado Shores Beach, a portion of which is restricted and serves as a U.S. Navy training facility. While this beach is less accessible than the main beaches of the island, it is still a great option for a family day out. This beach is far less crowded than the others, has free parking lots, and even a lifeguard on site.

To find the Coronado Shores Beach, just head towards the tallest buildings on Coronado Island, South of Coronado beach and you will get there. As an added bonus, if you are visiting during the winter months, you will be able to see the shipwreck of the SS Monte Carlo at low tide, a 300-foot-long ship used as a casino back in the days, until it was blown away onto the beach on New Year’s day in 1937.

Hotel Del Coronado 

The impressive Hotel Del Coronado, frequented by many very famous people.

Standing right at the edge of Coronado Beach is the infamous Hotel Del Coronado, a magnificent wooden Victorian-style beach resort that should definitely be on your list of things to see while you are in San Diego. The hotel was opened in 1888 and it has about 399 rooms, setting the record for the world’s largest resort!

It has sheltered a great number of celebrities and famous people over the years, establishing its reputation and becoming one of the most famous resorts in the state and the world. The hotel continues to operate to this day, and although it has been modernized, it retains that Victorian-style glamor and presence.

Disney Coronado Springs

Spend the night at the Coronado Springs near Walt Disney World, a guaranteed good time with the family.

Among the huge list of things, there are to do in Coronado, spending a day at Walt Disney World Resort is definitely one of the best things you can do. And if you are planning on staying a little longer, stopping at the Coronado Springs Resort is a must, a resort filled with fun and nostalgia. Although it is mostly business-oriented, the small Disney details all around the resort are what give it its magical feel. Coronado Springs is a moderate resort that celebrates the blend of multiple cultures, like Spanish, Mexican, and Southwest American.

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