Tesla Introduces a New Crossover: Model Y

Tesla Introduces a New Crossover: Model Y

By Oliver Jenkyns May 21, 2019

Headquartered in Palo Alto, Tesla is shrouded in mystery and packed with innovation experts. After releasing sneak peeks of its newest invention—a small crossover SUV—Tesla is on track to debut the highly anticipated vehicle during the first half of 2020, preceded by its official unveiling in March 2019.

This new SUV, the Model Y, is the fifth vehicle in the Tesla lineup and will follow the legacy of the Roadster, Model 3, Model X, and Model S. The Model Y is predicted to maintain the 113.2-inch wheelbase of the Model 3 and to combine the higher seating position and large cargo area of traditional SUVs with the fuel economy and handling of a passenger car.

Tesla founder Elon Musk approved the prototype in October 2018, leaving many anxious for the full reveal. Rumors have swirled about what the the car will look like, where it will be produced, and how much it might cost. The new model is supposedly taking on an entirely vegan parts list, including the steering wheel (if the car even has one). Concerns are mounting over where the crossover will be created since the Model 3 took up capacity at the Fremont facility, improvements would be needed to produce at the proposed scale in the Gigafactory, and overseas production is coming into question.

The new model is supposedly taking on an entirely vegan parts list, including the steering wheel (if the car even has one).

The company has reportedly learned from its mistakes on the Model 3, for which it set ambitious timeline goals but was unable to meet them. Musk has even gone as far as to say that the Model Y production will hit one million units per year while experiencing a “manufacturing revolution”.

Regardless of the vehicle’s aesthetics, the highly awaited release is sure to turn heads and draw attention, once again, to the efficiency and performance of more environmentally friendly automobiles.


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