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7 Things to Know Before Moving to Sacramento
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7 Things to Know Before Moving to Sacramento

Are you looking forward to moving to Sacramento? Here are 7 things you need to know about the city before moving there.


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January 12, 2023

Rico Rivera is a seasoned real estate professional with an undying love for Sacramento and the Bay Area. He has a deep understanding of how special California is and uses that knowledge to provide the best service to those who seek to buy a home in the Golden State. He is also a member of the Recommended Business Program

Sacramento offers a unique blend of urban sophistication and laid-back charm, setting it apart from many other Californian cities. As the heart of California's government, it boasts a thriving economy, an array of outdoor activities, and a diverse culinary scene, all contributing to a superior living standard. Its relaxed vibe is just one of the many reasons why Sacramento is considered a hidden gem among California's urban landscapes, offering numerous undiscovered attractions for those considering making it their home.

The city's appeal is particularly strong among young professionals from the Bay Area seeking a balance between urban living and family-friendly environments. Known as the City of Trees, Sacramento merges contemporary living with green spaces, ensuring a lifestyle that's both secure and engaging, with a plethora of options for every interest. Let's dive into seven enticing aspects of Sacramento that you'll want to know before packing your bags.

Median home prices remain lower in Sacramento than in other major Californian cities.

1. Lower Living Costs  

Though living expenses in Sacramento surpass the national average, the city stands as a more budget-friendly option compared to many of California's larger urban centers. When it comes to housing, Sacramento outshines its peers with more accessible prices. For instance, living in Sacramento is considerably less expensive than in cities like San Diego and Los Angeles, with the latter being almost half as pricey again.

For those relocating from the Bay Area, the financial benefits of Sacramento become even more evident, particularly in terms of housing costs, which are notably lower than in San Francisco. Rental prices in Sacramento also present a more economical choice, with median rents significantly lower than in the Bay Area's bustling hub.

Moreover, Sacramento's housing market offers attractive value, especially when compared to places like San Jose, where the median home price is substantially higher. Coupled with Sacramento's reputation for cleanliness and safety, the city's affordability makes it an appealing choice for families seeking a high-quality lifestyle without the hefty price tag of other Californian locales.

Amazing vacation destinations such as San Francisco are only a short road trip away from the City of Trees.

2. Great Location 

Sacramento's strategic location offers easy access to a variety of iconic destinations, including the picturesque Lake Tahoe, the flowing waters of the Sacramento River, the vibrant city of Reno, and the cultural richness of San Francisco. This proximity means residents can effortlessly plan weekend getaways to experience Lake Tahoe's stunning winter landscapes and ski slopes, or explore the historic neighborhoods of San Francisco, like Castro and Haight-Ashbury, all within a short drive.

Furthermore, Sacramento's employment landscape is on the rise, with opportunities expanding across several sectors, including transportation, agriculture, mining, healthcare, construction, and technology. This growing job market is particularly beneficial for young professionals.

3. Quality Schools 

Choosing Sacramento as your home comes with the significant advantage of access to some of the top school districts in California. Newcomers to Sacramento will be pleased to discover a selection of esteemed educational institutions within the city, known for their impressive graduation rates and strong preparation for college. Additionally, the broader Sacramento County and metropolitan area boast a diverse array of reputable schools, ensuring that even those residing outside the downtown area can provide their children with excellent educational opportunities.

Enjoy a spectacular dining scene in Sacramento thanks to a sophisticated farm-to-fork culinary philosophy that has gained international acclaim.

4. Farm-to-Fork Capital of the World 

Culinary enthusiasts considering a move to Sacramento will find themselves in a paradise of fresh, high-quality fare. Sacramento stands at the heart of America's agricultural bounty, making it a prime location for those who prioritize farm-to-table dining. The region is a powerhouse in agriculture, supplying a wealth of produce that fuels a vibrant restaurant scene known for its direct-from-farm freshness.

The city's fertile lands are the foundation of its exceptional culinary offerings, providing an unrivaled freshness that's hard to find elsewhere. This makes Sacramento a haven for food lovers and health-conscious individuals alike, boasting a food scene that's unparalleled across the nation.

Sacramento's dedication to farm-to-fork dining has earned accolades from prestigious culinary critics, including the Michelin Guide, highlighting the city's international culinary stature. The city celebrates its agricultural heritage and culinary excellence through the annual Farm-to-Fork Street Festival, held every September. Additionally, coffee aficionados will find their bliss in Sacramento, home to some of the nation's top coffee roasters, further enriching the city's diverse food and drink landscape.

Living up to its nickname, the modern urban heart of California’s capitol is just a stone’s throw away from spectacular scenes of nature.

5. The City of Trees

Despite its urban growth, Sacramento remains true to its moniker, "The City of Trees," offering a plethora of outdoor adventures just a stone's throw from city life. For those drawn to the serenity and beauty of nature, Sacramento presents a compelling case for relocation, especially with gems like Discovery Park within its vicinity.

Discovery Park is a standout destination in California for outdoor enthusiasts, providing a diverse array of activities such as picnicking, horseback riding, boating, cycling, hiking, and water skiing. Its rich, forested landscape and location at the confluence of the American River Parkway, extending to Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, make it a haven for nature lovers. Additionally, the nearby Sacramento Delta, with its vast network of rivers and tributaries, offers a peaceful escape from urban life, just ten miles south of the city.

Enjoy a spectacular celebration of rock and heavy metal at the annual Aftershock festival in Sacramento, CA.

6. Home to the Largest Rock Festival in California

Fans of rock and heavy metal considering Sacramento as their new home will be excited to discover that the city plays host to Aftershock, an electrifying rock and heavy metal festival that takes place annually over four days in September or October. This celebrated event boasts an impressive lineup of iconic bands and artists from the rock and heavy metal genres, including legendary acts like Metallica, Slipknot, Korn, Rob Zombie, Bad Religion, and many more. Since its inception in 2012, Aftershock has grown into a festival renowned nationwide.

But Aftershock isn't just about the music; the festival also offers a taste of Sacramento's vibrant food scene with a selection of local gourmet and healthy food options. Additionally, an art exhibit adds another dimension to the festival experience, providing more than just auditory entertainment. Living in Sacramento means the convenience of having this major music event right in your backyard, eliminating the need for long road trips to see your favorite bands perform live.

Sacramento enjoys a moderate climate with warm temperatures and rare precipitation, perfect for those who like to get outside a lot.

7. Wonderful Weather 

Sacramento's delightful climate is a compelling reason to consider making it your home. Mirroring the pleasant weather conditions of San Diego, Sacramento basks in warm temperatures throughout the year, with minimal humidity, ensuring an abundance of clear, sunny days. Rain is a rarity, and snow is even more uncommon, with the city not experiencing snowfall since 2009.

For those relocating from the Bay Area, you'll find that heavy winter gear is seldom needed in Sacramento. While it's wise to keep a few warmer jackets for the chilliest days, the city's winters are generally mild. January stands as the coldest month, with average high temperatures reaching 56 degrees Fahrenheit and lows around 37 degrees. Annually, Sacramento receives approximately twenty inches of rainfall, primarily during the winter months, keeping the city lush and vibrant.

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