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Uncover the Hidden Beach Gems Near Emeryville, California: A Coastal Adventure Awaits

Uncover the Hidden Beach Gems Near Emeryville, California: A Coastal Adventure Awaits

Explore the beauty of California's coast with our guide to the best beaches near Emeryville. Get ready for unforgettable adventures. Team


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July 13, 2023

Emeryville, California, is a hidden treasure nestled in the bustling Bay Area, where tech giants meet world-class dining. But did you know it also provides an access point to some of the state's most stunning coastal retreats? Today, let's explore some fantastic nearby beaches, listed from nearest to farthest, sure to make your summer unforgettable!

Crown Memorial State Beach (13.2 miles)

Get ready to dive into an oasis just a short drive from Emeryville. Crown Memorial State Beach offers a sandy shore and calm waters perfect for a family day out. The flat, easy-access parking makes this beach accessible to everyone. Remember the Coney Island of the West? That's right, this was the exact location of the former Neptune Beach amusement park!

Baker Beach (18.3 miles)

Baker Beach boasts breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The accessibility is top-notch, with plenty of parking available. A word of caution: the northern section of the beach is clothing-optional. It's also steeped in history, as this was the site where the burning of the original Burning Man effigy took place in 1986!

Ocean Beach (23.1 miles)

Ocean Beach stretches across 3.5 miles of coastline. Its vastness provides ample parking. The powerful, majestic waves create a unique appeal for surfers, but be mindful, as they can be a bit too strong for casual swimmers. Fun fact: Ocean Beach once hosted a grand amusement park called Playland at the Beach!

Muir Beach - Marin County, CA (33.8 miles) Travel a bit farther to 200 Pacific Way, Muir Beach, and you're in for a wild, natural treat. The parking lot is small, so arriving early is advisable. Surrounded by breathtaking hiking trails, Muir Beach offers a tranquil, scenic escape from the city life. It’s also home to the Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, adding an element of serenity to your visit.

No matter what beach you end up choosing, each offers unique attractions, beautiful scenery, and a captivating slice of California's diverse history. It's incredible how so much beauty lies within a short drive from Emeryville. So, pack your beach bag and let the coastal adventure begin!

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