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11 Things To Do In Santa Clara, California

11 Things To Do In Santa Clara, California

Home to the world-famous Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County is known for its combination of dynamic tech industry and unmatched nature.

Natasha Kouyoumjian


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May 21, 2019

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From ancient history ranking back to Egypt to arts, parks, and fashion-forward society, the breadth of things to do in Santa Clara will take away your breath. Home to the world-famous Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County is a global economic powerhouse for technology with one of the highest economic outputs in the world. With the county’s booming tech industry, the area is the most affluent on the West Coast and one of the wealthiest places in the United States.


Pointing your finger on the California map, you’ll find Santa Clara located in San Francisco’s Southern Bay Area, Harboring over a dozen cities, the county is home to many of the state’s oldest cities. Let the beating heart of the Golden State sweep you away with its leading-edge vibes,  cultural riches, and ultra-modern community. 


Whether you’re traveling from San Francisco to Santa Clara, or from anywhere in the Bay Area, adventures await. Although scenic road trips slip you right into the vacation feels, Bay Area’s Rapid Transit–BART is also a fun and more affordable way to get you to this designated destination, with the transit expanding into the county further this decade. From tech companies making history to the uncanny county fairs, Santa Clara County is an experience waiting to happen.


Explore the history of technology through the lens of one of computing's most notable companies.

The Intel Museum

Location: 2200 Mission College Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Admission: Free of charge

You’ll find Intel’s headquarters housed in the Robert Noyce Building. The Intel Museum is a depiction of Silicon Valley’s history and a lovely way to understand tech history. Carve out some time to explore this museum during your time in Santa Clara. Technology has such a profound impact on our lives that knowing the history is a way to see how far things have come. There’s no shortage of activities and exhibits in the 10,000 square feet museum.

Levi's Stadium is a top-of-the-line stadium that's home to both sports and music.

Levi's Stadium

Location: 4900 Marie P DeBartolo Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Admission: $15 for tour

Home to one of the NFL’s most storied franchises, the San Francisco 49ers, Levi’s Stadium is a sprawling arena that’s home to sports games and massive concerts. If a game or show isn’t happening when you’re in Santa Clara, book a tour of Levi’s Stadium. This 90-minute tour around the stadium takes you through the 49ers museum, the top-of-the-line facilities, and a well-stocked merch store. 

49ers Museum

Location: 4900 Marie P DeBartolo Way, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Admission: $15 for adults with discounts available for select groups

The 49ers Museum deserves its own entry on this list. Promising to engage fans and general audiences alike, the museum is an exploration of the Bay Area’s most successful sports franchise. The story of the 49ers is also the story of the Bay Area, acting as a showcase of the athletes and cultural shifts that have influenced the Bay Area for decades. The museum features 11 unique galleries dedicated to the 49ers’ past, present, and future. Enjoy the life-sized monuments of the 31 Hall of Famers in the 49ers' illustrious canon.

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is a journey into a fascinating ancient civilization.

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

Location: 1660 Park Avenue, San Jose, CA 95191

Admission: $5 to $9

Hear the screams of delight of the history buffs as they catch sight of this majestic divinity, seating in the midst of Santa Clara, California. Located in the city of San Jose, the vast history of civilization and 4,000 eminent wonders rests inside the walls of this classic museum. Marvel at the mysterious Egyptian art, a time capsule to one of the grandest civilizations ever. Gaze upon the funerary papyrus dating back to the 27th Dynasty or the ring of the famed pharaoh Tutankhamun from 1,323 BCE.

Triton Museum of Art Sculpture Garden

Location: 1505 Warburton Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Admission: Free of charge

While history buffs will go crazy at the museums mentioned above, the art enthusiast will be thrilled with the contemporary Californian creativity dripping from the walls of this museum. After finishing your tour at the museum, step outside to find the Triton Sculpture Garden. Peace and serenity will meet you in this tranquil space behind the museum. Prepare to be wooed by the uncanny art sculptures and bronze cowboys with trophies that are waiting to charm you.

The South Bay Historical Railroad Society

Location: 1005 Railroad Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Governed by the Santa Clara railroad depot, the South Bay Historical Railroad Society is proudly operated by railroad enthusiasts who volunteer at the society’s library and the Edward Peterman Museum of Railroad History. The museum exhibits have an extensive array of historical antiques that range from signals and locomotive headlights to a velocipede and business class car from the Oregon-Washington Railroad.

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Thrill seekers will love California's Great America for its wild rollercoasters.

California's Great America

Location: 4701 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Plan your trip ahead to have a fantastic time at California’s Great America; an exhilarating theme park. If you’re a daredevil seeking adrenaline, trying out wild rides like Xtreme Skyflyer are major things to do in Santa Clara. Rent a cabana and enjoy the wide range of roller coasters, attractions, and family-friendly adventures including–bumper cars, swings, and the classic carousel. You can even choose from a variety of dining options to refill and get ready to ride again.

Ulistac Natural Area

Location: 4901 Lick Mill Boulevard, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Drawing in joggers, cyclists, and all the city's adventurers, this riverside park is 40 acres of pristine nature. Take a stroll in this unique area that is a perfect place for a respite, as you soak in the enchanting vibes of nature. Cherish the greenfields: home to birds, lizards, butterflies, jackrabbits, and many more creatures. While Santa Clara County may be known for its technology industry and attractions, nature is still a prominent part of its identity.

Downtown and Beaches

Santana Row is a great shopping location to indulge yourself while on vacation.

Shop at Santana Row

One thing that will get you up and moving to this Silicon Valley city is Santana Row.  Embrace the ultimate Santa Clara Downtown shopping experience that puts the “C” in chic. Don’t fight the urge to splurge at this retail therapy center with fine brands ranging from Tommy Bahama to Lululemon. Get a glimpse of the luxe life as you bask in the variety of dining experiences after a fun time shopping. If you’re lucky, catch a yoga session or some live music for an enhanced experience.

Davenport Beach 

If you’re searching for Santa Clara beaches, chances are you will find Davenport Beach. A little outside the county itself, Davenport Beach is considered one of Santa Clara county’s hidden gems.  Embrace the long stretch of sandy shores and sandy waters as you take a dip in the changing waters of the pacific. Rock yourself on the sunset swing and breath in the vitality of the ocean as it washes your feet.

Koreatown’s Jang Su Sang

There’s no bad time for a dumpling. While L.A. proudly brags about its famed Pink’s Hotdogs, Santa Clara has Jang Su Sang. Relish sizzling platters from the enticing Korean cuisine as they arrive sputtering to your table. Order the pan-fried beef goon Mandoo dumplings for starters, till the hot pots of Korean barbecue as you soak up the vibes of the vibrant feels of El Camino Real. Try the Ahgoo Jjim in flaming hot sauce, and the fish tofu as a cooling side dish.

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