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25 Most Instagrammable Places in Los Angeles

25 Most Instagrammable Places in Los Angeles

Keep an eye out for L.A.'s most photogenic spots for your next stylish photo session.


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May 21, 2024

Los Angeles loves to sit pretty for the camera. Whether it appears as the famous backdrop of a suburban sitcom or poses as the ever-familiar beach setting for Hollywood movies, L.A. is quite confident in front of the lens. Home to the iconic Hollywood sign and starlets, pristine beaches, and towering palm trees, this city is worth innumerable rolls of film.

The Most Instagrammable Places in L.A.

1. Vista Hermosa Park

Showcase your love for L.A. and stop by Vista Hermosa Park for classic photos to add to your album. For an awe-inducing pic worth posting, head to the fountain in the park. Besides having the gorgeous park as your backdrop, you’ll also get a great view of the city.

For a unique photo session, head to the Griffith Park Observatory to snap shots with your friends.

2. Griffith Observatory

Love you to the moon and back...what better way to display your love for your partner than at an observatory?

The Griffith Observatory is the place to be, especially with your significant other by your side. Capture a romantic night atop the city lights and take in the breathtaking views of the Griffith Park Observatory. Whether you go during daytime or nighttime, this Instagram-worthy place in L.A. will never fail to adorn your photos.

For Insta-worthy, crystal-clear shots of the Los Angeles skyline, head to Elysian Park.

3. Elysian Park

Located in the northern part of Downtown L.A., Elysian Park offers a few great spots to capture photos of the Los Angeles skyline. The park is less crowded than the Griffith Observatory, making it the optimal destination for a laid-back photo session.

Elysian Park also has another feature that makes it one of the most Instagrammable places in Los Angeles—a secret swing. Make sure to stop by this L.A. Instagram spot that boasts a superlative view of the neighboring homes and highway. It’s the perfect shot for a romantic photo sesh.

4. The Venice Beach Canals

When in doubt, live it up at one of L.A.’s pristine beaches. The Venice Canal Historic District boasts breathtaking sunset views for romantic photos. The canals were built in 1905 by developer Abbot Kinney in an attempt to replicate Venice, Italy. The district provides numerous pedestrian walkways and bridges over the pearlescent waters, taking you between gorgeous homes and gardens. The water canals serve as perfect mirrors reflecting the towering palm trees found in the neighborhood. This Instagrammable place in Los Angeles is one not to be missed.

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Beautiful indoor Instagram spots in L.A.

Bookworms, rejoice! The Last Bookstore is the place for you, so it's time you show off your rad photography skills.

5. The Last Bookstore

Are you a bookworm and just can’t get your fix? The Last Bookstore is possibly the raddest library you'll ever set foot in. With books as far as the eye can see, this book lovers' haven will satisfy all of your literary and photographic needs. Once you’re through with your highbrow photo sesh, meander California’s largest bookstore for interesting finds. After all, this Instagram spot in L.A. is one of the coolest libraries in the state. Happy browsing.

The next time you're in Los Angeles, you best be making your way to the Bradbury Building.

6. The Bradbury Building

A perfect illustration of fine historic architecture, the Bradbury Building presents a tasteful combination of modern and antique into one edifice. The design of the building is a reason that many come to experience up close. Capture a photo by the vintage stairway highlighted with unique lighting emitting from the skylight. The Instagram-worthy spot in L.A. is famous for the light-filled glass atrium, striking brick construction, and embellished metal stairways worth every photo.

Admire the lovely grounds of the Huntington Library. With 16 themed gardens, you won't run out of places to photograph.

7. The Huntington Library

Situated at the edge of Los Angeles, the Huntington Library is worth the trip. The expansive library offers a lavish art collection worth millions and priceless botanical gardens. There’s so much to see and capture at this L.A. Instagram spot, that a second trip is highly recommended. The 120-acre land encompasses 16 themed gardens boasting natural landscapes and the ideal location for your next photoshoot.

8. The Broad Museum

Whether you’re more of a fine art or Instagram enthusiast—The Broad is a dream. The world’s most celebrated artists and creatives have exhibited in this museum. But perhaps the most Instagram-worthy spot in the entire area is one you’ve already seen on your feed hundreds of times—the original Infinity Mirrored Room. Snap a mirror selfie at one of the best Instagrammable places in L.A.

Beautiful Outdoor Instagram Spots in L.A

Take a selfie with the Hollywood Sign in the background to show your followers you're all about California dreamin'.

9. The Hollywood Sign

This quintessential L.A. trademark can be easily accessed through Lake Hollywood Park. In dire need of Instagrammable photos and gorgeous vistas? The Hollywood sign is where it’s at. The landmark has become a staple L.A. Instagram spot for locals and visitors alike. For a close-up shot of the white letters, hike around the edge of the hill via the Burbank Peak Trail. The single out and back route provides a fair bit of solitude perfect for a solitary outdoor experience. On the right side of the trail, look out for spectacular views of Lake Hollywood Reservoir (your photo might just make history).

10. Fashion District

Found on the corner of 8th and L.A. in D.T.L.A., the Fashion District boasts a breathtaking mural created by Teddy Kelly. The mural diffuses a much-needed pop of color in the center of La La Land and also serves as a quintessential backdrop for your Insta photos. For an optimal photo worth posting, cross the street and capture the L.A. Instagram spot from far off to frame it all.

11. Made in L.A. Wall 

If you’re a La La Land native or just a travel enthusiast, the iconic wall on Melrose Avenue is a must-stop. L.A. has always been a mecca for street art and this wall definitely doesn’t disappoint. Simple yet bold—literally the font is bold—this wall provides the perfect backdrop for an edgy vibe.

Instagrammable Places in Los Angeles to Visit With your Family

Every photo taken at the Santa Monica Pier is 10 times better during the golden hour.

12. Santa Monica Pier

Nothing says California better than the beach. With miles of pristine beaches, it may be difficult to narrow down an oceanfront spot that best describes the classic SoCal feel—Santa Monica Beach says it all. The Santa Monica Pier is possibly the most famed L.A. spot to view the incredible sunset every evening. Head under the pier as the sun makes its way below the horizon to capture dramatic photos at this Los Angeles Instagram spot with perfect lighting.

13. Murphy's Ranch

For a great workout and stunning views, hike through Murphy’s Ranch loop trail. This four-mile route takes you through the Pacific Palisades and through history to the 1930s. The trek is now famed for its graffiti-filled walls and leftover ruins of a building from the 1900s. Professional photographers choose this ranch for photoshoots, so join in on the fun.

Incredible places to take pictures in Los Angeles

Get creative with your angles at the magnificent Getty Center. Get creative with photo shoots by the shrubbery.

14. The Getty Center

This iconic Los Angeles architectural landmark is one of the coolest spots in town for multiple reasons. The Getty Center is one of the best places to take pictures in L.A. Its sheer size gives you enough photo op spots for days. Spread across a 100,000 square foot area along two ridges, exploring the Getty Center is as fun as can be.

15. The Stahl House

One word: skyline. The Stahl House in L.A. is not only a historic architectural spot, but also one of the best places to view the Los Angeles skyline. Make a reservation in advance to admire the building’s mid-century modern glory and snap away at one of the best Instagrammable places in L.A.

A photo by the iconic pink wall is a must for your Instagram feed. Head to the Paul Frank Pink Wall for all the edgy pics.

16. The Paul frank pink wall

Most likely everyone who has stepped foot in L.A. has a picture in front of the Paul Frank Pink Wall. But it’s not our fault the wall is one of the most Instagrammable places in Los Angeles. After all, who doesn’t want a pop of joyful bright pink on their IG feed?

Cool places to take pictures in L.A. you might not have heard of

While everyone else is taking selfies, elevate your IG game with urban photography.

17. Peterson Automotive Museum

If you’re into automobiles and urban photography, you’re bound to love the Petersen Automotive Museum. The inside of the museum is heavenly for car enthusiasts, but the outside is far more interesting for architecture fanatics. No matter the angle, the red and grey building is one of the coolest places to take pictures in Los Angeles.

18. Angels gate park

The massive bronze Bell of Friendship is in the heart of this L.A. park. Also known as the Korean-American Peace Park, this Instagrammable place in L.A. is not only beautiful but also very rich in history.

A vintage touch is all you need for an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed.

19. Krikorian Premiere Theatre

The Krikorian Theatre in Monrovia is as vintage as Hollywood theaters get. Art Deco details, an old-school interior, and affordable ticket prices make the theatre a tourist hotspot. You’ll have a blast posing and snapping pictures at this Los Angeles Instagram spot. 

The top places to photograph in Los Angeles

The Beverly Hills Hotel adds the right amount color and luxury to your feed.

20. The Beverly Hills Hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel is timeless and quintessentially Old Hollywood. The history and glamour of this L.A. destination make it an even more desirable Instagram spot in L.A. The vivid hues of pink, green, and white at this iconic destination serve as a picturesque backdrop for anyone’s IG feed.

21. Rodeo Drive

Nothing screams luxury like cruising along Rodeo Drive. Even if you don’t treat yourself to retail therapy, taking pictures at the L.A. Instagram spot is still fun. When driving around the area, you’ll find many palm tree-lined streets and stunning homes—definitely the best backdrops for classy photoshoots in Los Angeles.

Snap away during sunset at the Malibu Pier and you'll end up with more followers after posting the photos.

22. Malibu Pier

The beautiful Malibu Pier is one of the most popular piers in California. Gorgeous sunsets, clear blue waters, and white sandy shores—the views are mesmerizing at this top place to photograph in Los Angeles. 

The best places to take pictures in Los Angeles at night

Capture the bustling city in action at the Jerome C. Daniel Overlook. Admire the bright city lights as you snap away.

23. Jerome C. Daniel Overlook above Hollywood bowl

Don’t forget to bring your tripod along—this overlook is the spot to capture stills of downtown L.A. As one of the best places to take pictures in Los Angeles at night, the overlook provides unbeatable views and iconic shots. Pro tip: visit at sunset and admire the beautiful orange and fuchsia sky before the stars start twinkling.

24. Mullholand drive

Are incredible city views calling you? Mulholland Drive is another unbeatable Instagrammable place in L.A. Besides being an incredibly scenic L.A. drive, Mullholland is the perfect spot to park your car, admire the bright city lights, and snap an IG pic or two. Take your S.O. along for the ride, enjoy a cute outdoor date in SoCal, and make memories you’ll always look back on at this Instagram spot in L.A.

25. Urban Light at lacma

The Urban Light exhibit at LACMA is the place to be when the sun goes down. An Instagrammers' dream, the restored street lamps from the 20s and 30s illuminate the surroundings for a magical vibe. Capture the famous lanterns that once lit up this SoCal historic street for a dramatic addition to your feed.

When you find yourself in NorCal, head to the best photo op locations in the Bay Area.

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