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California Dreamin': 5 Must-Try Hobbies for an Unforgettable Summer

California Dreamin': 5 Must-Try Hobbies for an Unforgettable Summer

Try something new and take advantage of California's diverse culture and landscape to try out a new enriching summer hobby. Team


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June 23, 2023

Summer is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and delve into new experiences. This season, why not explore a new hobby in California's diverse landscapes? From the serene Lake Tahoe to the vibrant cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, the Golden State offers a rich array of activities. Here's a list of five unique hobbies to try this summer, along with where to experience them in California.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is an increasingly popular watersport that combines fitness with a close-to-nature experience. Ideal for those who love water activities, SUP is a full-body workout that improves balance, strength, and endurance. With its tranquil azure waters and scenic views of the surrounding mountains, Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to give this hobby a go. Local outfitters, such as Tahoe Paddle & Oar, offer paddleboard rentals and lessons for beginners. Paddling through the crystalline water with the Sierra Nevada's peaks reflected around you is an unforgettable experience. Getting into this can also be a good gateway into other exciting water activities like wakeboarding or surfing.

Explore some of California's stunning waterways by trying out stand-up paddle boarding.

Hiking and Wildlife Photography

California boasts a wealth of diverse landscapes and wildlife, making it a haven for hiking and wildlife photography enthusiasts. The state's national parks offer myriad trails that lead through breathtaking scenery and provide numerous wildlife sighting opportunities.

For a challenging yet rewarding trek, try the Skyline-to-the-Sea trail in Big Basin Redwoods State Park. This 30-mile trail winds through towering ancient redwoods and cascading waterfalls. If coastal views and marine life are more your style, the Point Reyes National Seashore provides excellent opportunities to capture seals, birds, and whales in their natural habitats. Remember, always respect wildlife and maintain a safe distance.

Capture unique moments in California's wilderness by picking up wildlife photography as a hobby.

Urban Gardening

Urban gardening is a sustainable hobby that brings nature into city life. It's an opportunity to grow your food, reduce your carbon footprint, and connect with your community. Gardening can be tricky when in a big city, but getting into urban gardening can be a great way to engage with the hobby within the limitations of city life. There are a lot of specific techniques to master that can translate to other gardening disciplines.

In San Francisco, the Urban Agriculture Alliance offers a wide range of workshops, from composting basics to creating edible landscapes. Over in Los Angeles, the Community Garden Council provides shared gardening plots for locals to cultivate their produce, promoting healthier eating and community bonding.

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Outdoor Yoga and Meditation

Taking time to focus on personal well-being is more than a hobby; it's necessary in today's fast-paced world. Yoga and meditation are powerful tools for cultivating mindfulness, and California's picturesque outdoors offer inspiring spaces to practice these activities.

Griffith Park in Los Angeles hosts outdoor yoga classes with sweeping views of the city and the Hollywood Sign. There are plenty of options for outdoor experiences throughout California, whether it is a trip to Lake Tahoe and embracing nature or taking a quick stop in Golden Gate Park to meditate within the confines of a bustling city.

California's unmatched nature enables you to reconnect outdoors, mixing self-betterment with stunning views.


California and surfing are synonymous. With an extensive coastline blessed with consistent waves, it's no wonder the state is a surfer's paradise. Huntington Beach, or "Surf City USA," is a great place for surfers of all skill levels.

If you're a beginner, Santa Cruz is a wonderful spot to start, with several surf schools offering lessons. For experienced surfers, the towering swells at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay pose an enticing challenge.

California is one of the premiere destinations in the world for great surfing, so its a perfect state to get into the hobby.

This summer, tap into your adventurous spirit and explore a new hobby in California. Whether you're drawn to the thrill of surfing, the tranquility of paddleboarding, the satisfaction of urban gardening, the mindfulness of yoga and meditation, or the physical engagement of hiking and wildlife photography, California offers a perfect backdrop to discover your new passion.

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