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9 Fun Things to Do in Los Alamos, California

9 Fun Things to Do in Los Alamos, California

Have a bite, take a hike, and discover charming and fun things to do in Los Alamos, California.

Natasha Kouyoumjian


4 min read

October 31, 2022

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Tucked under the California radar, the city of Los Alamos, CA awaits to stun you with its unique essence and laid-back artistic vibes. Embrace the visionary scenes of Santa Ynez mountains on the two and a half hour road trip from Los Angeles to the old town of Hispanic heritage which translates to Cottonwoods. With passion and creativity alive in the spirit of the town and its residents, this trip will put you in touch with your veiled ingenious.

Explore the great terrains of Los Alamos and ground yourself to these sacred lands.

What Is Los Alamos, CA Known For?

In addition to its slow-paced lifestyle and bustling creative energy drawing in filmmakers and writers from L.A., Los Alamos, California has unique depictions sought out by tourists. The town is famous for harboring the last standing Pacific Coast Railroad station, which outlines a significant time in its history. Starting from 1876 and extending throughout the years, the city was the ultimate transportation hub, first with its stagecoach stop and later its railway station.

1. Try Bell’s Culinary Creations

In an artist-filled city, get to know the culinary creations of Chef Daisy Ryan that come out of Los Alamos, CA restaurants. Ranking among the ten best new chefs in the US by Food & Wine magazine, Bell’s is a successful French bistro featured in the Michelin guide. Savior the drool-worthy steak tartare from its unique “Franch” cuisine that accents a perfect melange of French and Santa Barbara Rancho cuisine.

2. Explore Bell Street on a Bike ride

It is said that the best way to enjoy a vacation is by strolling around town. And fun things to do in Los Alamos start with exploring Bell Street. Rent a bike, head down the town’s main strip, and let the city reveal itself to you. Discover quaint antique shops and restaurants, and spend time interacting with locals while you take in the laid-back atmosphere of this townlet.

3. Stay in an Iconic 1950s Roadside Motel

Amongst a plethora of exquisite hotels, we recommend a stay at the iconic Victorian Mansion Bed and Breakfast. Make your trip even more phenomenal by booking one of their themed rooms. Make your stay a little more palatable with their little ‘extras’ including couple's spa treatments, vineyard tours, and even fine dining. 

4. Relax in the Garden at Bodega Los Alamos

Pack your picnic bag and head to the relaxing Bodega Los Alamo for a relaxing afternoon in this magnificent park. Complete your picnic table with the famous regional flatbread and goodies from the local markets. Swing in the hammock and fill up your lungs with the garden’s fresh air, or browse their curated shop for goods. 

Traverse back to the Hispanic times by touring this historic landmark of Santa Barbara County.

5. Tour the 1880 Union Los Alamos Landmark

Marking a significant piece of the town’s history, the 1880 Union was built four years after Los Alamos was established. Though the place was burned down in 1893, it was reconstructed during World War I as a hotel and a saloon. Years later, Dick Langdon, the owner of this establishment, restored the hotel to a replica of its initial 1880 facade with the help of a talented cabinetmaker. Book a tour and catch a glimpse of this renowned locale evoking historic originality and summoning celebrities and visitors to this eccentric little town

6. Grab Breakfast at Bob’s Well Bread

Get your daily dose of nutrients and flavors from Bob’s Well Bread. Embodying the essence of the city in its dishes, the joint is of the unmissable places to visit in Los Alamos. Whether you want to tickle your sweet tooth with Gravlax Platter of Cinnamon-Raisin Brioche and Pain au Chocolat, or try the eccentric Egg in a Jar with purple potato puree, get ready to be hooked! We recommend buying some fresh-baked bread and in-shop goodies to enjoy at home.

Don’t miss the opportunity to scavenge some forgotten gems; after all, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

7. Treasure Hunting at Antique Stores

Although countless types of antiquities are available in the region, including vintage record shops and thrift stores, Sister’s Gifts and Home is just the store you’d want to visit on your trip to Los Alamos, CA. Curated doesn’t even begin to describe the items that are displayed in-store. Shop for everything you never thought was missing from your life, and ingrain the vacation feels with some take-home souvenirs. Plunge into a world of vintage, as you feel the luxurious Italian silk scarves, the vintage 50s jewelry, mid-century gadgets, and a collection of timeless books of paintings by the French painter Utrillo.

8. Tantalize your Taste Buds at Full of Life Flatbread

If there’s one place that can give you the taste of the famed flatbread in Los Alamos, it’s the Full of Life Flatbread establishment. Order the Wood-Fired Cauldron Tomato Sauce and the vegetarian Dancing Heart Flatbreads for a burst of flavors, and a vegan Li’l Alamos Salad done with a classic French twist. Ask for the weekend’s special menu and relish the farm-to-table freshness as you plan your next event catered from the Field Bakes section of the menu.

The fresh fragrance of the soil, sparkling greens, and a cascading waterfall is everything that you’ll find on the Nojoqui Falls trail.

9. Hike the Nojoqui Falls Trail

Spice up your getaway with a little adventure on a twenty-minute ride from Los Alamos to the Nojoqui Falls trail near Solvang. Explore this easy trail on a less-than one mile hike leading up to the cascades that overflow after torrential spring and winter rains. Bask in the moist nature that fills your lungs with liveliness and your eyes with serenity.

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