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13 Aquarius Gifts To Get This Year

13 Aquarius Gifts To Get This Year

Shopping for your favorite Aquarius? Here are 13 Aquarius gift ideas that will make them glad you are their friend!

Roubina Al Abashian


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January 21, 2022

It’s that time of the year again; your favorite Aquarians are expecting gifts. From January 19 to February 18, you have good reason to celebrate your favorite free-spirited and revolutionary people—they’re the friends you constantly want to be surrounded with and the ones you can’t get enough of.

Guided by Uranus, these big thinkers and visionaries have an unmatched love for technology and are famous for their off-beat, eccentric fashion and unusual hobbies. It might feel like they’re difficult to please, but the truth is that any statement piece is the perfect Aquarius gift.

Aquarius Gifts for Her

1. Honey Mask From Earth Tu Face

Skincare is pretty high on a woman’s self-care list, and it all starts with a fresh face. If we were to pick, we’d say the Honey Mask from Earth Tu Face is the perfect gift for the Aquarius woman in your life. This woman-owned Californian cosmetic brand offers a combination of antioxidant-rich raw honey and virgin coconut oil enhanced with pulverized garden flowers and plant oils to help detoxify and revitalize the face.

2. Organic Cotton Colorblock Sweater From Back Beat Co.

Aquarius women have colorful personalities, and it’s reflected in their fashion choices. Staying true to their heart’s desire, opt for one of Back Beat Co.’s organic cotton color block sweaters. This vibrant cozy sweater with a chunky ribbed turtleneck and loose fit is a fashion statement any Aquarius woman would love.

If your acquarius bestie is a book worm, consider "The Girls" for a fun and meaningful read.

3. The Girls by Emma Cline

Being a natural-born thinker is in every Aquarian’s DNA; they can’t help it. And great thinkers deserve great books, at least that's what personality type gift guides say. If your Aquarian BFF is an avid reader, we would recommend purchasing “The Girls” by Emma Cline, which is loosely inspired by the Manson Family—they can finally check that book off their reading list.

4. The Point Shoes From Rothy’s

Free-spirited Aquarians usually stand out with their sophisticated and unique fashion choices, so it’s difficult finding the right piece since their taste is unpredictable. The solution lies at Rothy’s, one of California’s top ethical shoe brands. Their Point shoes will make any woman look slick, and you’ll have bought the perfect Aquarius gift for her.

Soft glam for the Aquarius who is soft yet playful.

5. Soft Glam Duo Bundle From Anastasia Beverley Hills

It goes without saying that an Aquarius woman deserves a unique gift. Anastasia Beverley Hills offers a wide range of awesome eyeshadow palettes that highlight every woman’s beauty, day and night. The California-based cruelty-free beauty brand offers the Soft Glam Duo Bundle, pairing the classic palette with its travel-friendly mini. The essential mattes and glamorous shimmers will have her eyes standing out anywhere she goes.

6. Black Clay Coffee Mug from Alanna Hughes

Unique gifts are always welcome, that’s why Alanna Hughes is everyone’s go-to shop to purchase a mug for an Aquarius. And since we all need at least a dozen coffee mugs to keep up with our caffeine consumption, we can’t think of a better gift idea. An Aquarian’s power color is blue, so we recommend this gorgeous hand-made black clay coffee mug with splotches of aqua for your special woman.  

The perfect dress to Spring your girlfriend into her next fabulous chapter.

7. Oishii Long Sleeve Skater Dress From Kira Kids

As for the little Aquarians, check Kira Kids for the latest and cutest shirts and dresses. Their Oishii Long Sleeve Skater dress is the prettiest thing ever made of 100-percent organic cotton. 

Aquarius Gifts for Him

8. AEON RT Headphones From Dan Clark Audio

Aquarius men are known for their appreciation of high-quality tech gadgets and good taste in music, and that’s why they deserve the best headphones on the market. Dan Clark Audio’s AEON RT headphones offer great performance, comfort, quality, and beautiful aesthetics. If you're still wondering about Aquarius gifts for him, this one will provide fresher and livelier sounds at a considerably fair price.

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

9. Razor Sharpening Block From Hone Alone 

Does your Aquarius man shave the good, old-fashioned way? You need to get him one of Hone Alone’s famous razor sharpeners. The product works perfectly with straight razors and is mainly designed with today’s shaving cartridges in mind. The convenient and easy-to-use razor sharpener will extend a razor’s life by up to seven times—trust us when we say that any Aquarius would be grateful for a practical gift.

10. A Pair of Jeans From Outerknown

Men and denim—that’s a love story for the ages. So, how about you give your Aquarius friend or family member an eco-friendly gift that’s also super stylish? Whether he prefers slim, straight, tapered, or relaxed-fit jeans, you’ll find the perfect pair at Outerknown. This ethical California-based clothing brand is known for creating products from water bottles and fishing nets—they really know how to make a fashion statement.  

11. Men’s Wool Dasher From Allbirds

Any Aquarius man is fond of the great outdoors—they’re very health conscious and like to leave good first impressions. Allbirds’ stylish, durable, and eco-friendly Wool Dashers sneakers are your answer for the perfect Aquarius gift for him. The brand perfectly embodies the California shoes style since all products are built with the great outdoors in mind. The Aquarian in your life can easily cover all of the fun running trails in the Golden State without worrying about discomfort.   

It's not only the women that have too much stuff sometimes, and this leather watch box is a great way to organize some of his most prized.

12. Leather Watch Box From Watchbox Co.

Every chic and sophisticated Aquarius man values his watch collection. If you personally know one, a leather watch box from Watchbox Co. is an ideal Aquarius birthday gift. The carbon fiber pattern leather watch box has a see-through glass top and can hold up to 20 watches, with two rows of 10 compartments each. With a high-quality polished exterior and key lock, any Aquarian would be impressed. 

13. ERGO K860 Split Keyboard for Business 

Even workaholic Aquarians get tired of typing on a plane keyboard. That’s why Logitech came up with the ERGO K860 Split Keyboard for business using a scientific approach—the hands, wrists, and forearms are placed in a more natural posture easing the tension. Now, they can now work for as long as they desire without any discomfort or muscle pain. 

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