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The Best Places to Hot Air Balloon in California

The Best Places to Hot Air Balloon in California

Love is in the air, literally, and the Golden State is a pro when it comes to elevating your romantic getaway.


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June 09, 2021

You don't need wings to fly at the magnificent San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Soar high in the sky to get the best views of rhinos and giraffes.

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Find yourself in the sunny skies of Coachella Valley as your float among the clouds in Palm Springs. Never stop looking up!
Want to take the scenic route? Aim high and get carried away by the Temecula clouds. Adventure is out there.


A striking historic town surrounded by mighty mountains, vineyards, and rolling hills in the distance—Temecula proves that the sky’s the limit. Speaking of, this is the place to feast your eyes on California’s most spectacular landscapes from 1,500 feet above. Temecula is only about an hour from San Diego and 90 minutes from Los Angeles, making it an easy visit for a spontaneous outdoor date

At dawn, head out for a fabulous escapade in the skies and join hundreds of balloons rising above the curving vineyards. Book your journey with California Dreamin’ Balloon Adventures, Magical Adventure Balloon Rides, or A Grape Escape, and watch the sun emerge from the horizon. Your balloon ride will let you bask in the hues of citrus groves, vineyards, and towering peaks in the distance. Don’t just fly, soar… 

You know it's going to be a good day when you're spending your morning having breakfast with the clouds in Napa Valley.

Napa Valley

There’s so much to explore in Napa Valley, and it certainly helps to know your way around the winding country roads and steep mountain drives. And yes, you’ll come across an abundance of activities that don’t include sipping on vino, and the best one is getting carried away literally. So for an extra relaxing experience, why not venture out with one of the best hot air balloon rides in the state and view the Wine Country region from the top? 

Fly over grand estates, quaint towns, and several Napa Valley attractions, many of which line the scenic Silverado Trail. Make your journey as exciting as your destination and book a ride with Napa Valley Balloons. Hop into a colorful balloon, adjust your altitude, and soak in the swoon-worthy vistas.

Got feet on the ground and head in the clouds? Change it up by adjusting your altitude in Calistoga. Photo courtesy of Calistoga Balloons.


If you want to take the road less traveled, the laid-back Calistoga is an excellent option located within Napa Valley. Step inside a bright yellow balloon and let the backdrops of the towering Mount Saint Helena melt your worries away. Float above the morning mist and look out across the still valley as the sun peaks over the neighboring hills—there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Have the ultimate experience with Calistoga Balloons, and you’ll be soaring effortlessly over the Petrified Forest and the picturesque California Old Faithful Geyser. You won’t be needing wings to fly anytime soon. 

There's something beautiful on the horizon. Is it the sun? Is it a hot air balloon? Or is it the eternal beauty of Lake Tahoe?

Lake Tahoe 

You’ve seen Lake Tahoe from both the north and south shores, so why not view the iconic alpine lake from yet another perspective? Here to help you with flying is Lake Tahoe Balloons. Established in 1992, this company proudly guides you through one of the best places to go hot air ballooning. Launch and land from the “Tahoe Flyer,” the world’s first and only U.S. Coast Guard certified balloon launch. The azure waters of this mighty lake are mostly likely to be your prime attraction, but history buffs may want to keep a lookout for Emerald Bay’s Vikingsholm Castle and the famous Pop-Baldwin Estates

Start your journey shortly after sunrise and glide over the “Jewel of the Sierra” in one of the company’s brand new, state-of-the-art balloons. Enjoy a deluxe continental breakfast while feasting your eyes on all the surrounding beauty. Couple your morning atop with the astounding alpine setting, and you got yourself an adventure of a lifetime.

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