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California City Nicknames You Need to Know

California City Nicknames You Need to Know

Stay in the know with our quick guide to some commonly used California nicknames. Team


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December 08, 2023

Exploring California is more than just visiting its cities; it's about immersing in the local lingo and culture. City nicknames are a fun, colloquial way to understand the essence of these places. From the dreamy streets of Los Angeles to the sunny vibes of San Diego, each nickname tells its own story. Let’s take a tour through some of California’s most popular city nicknames as used by the locals.

Los Angeles: La-La Land

Los Angeles, the city of stars and dreams, is often affectionately called "La-La Land." This nickname perfectly captures the city's glamorous, dream-like quality, where fantasy and reality mingle on the sun-drenched streets of Hollywood. Now you know why the movie was called "La La Land."

San Francisco: Frisco or the city

San Francisco, with its iconic Golden Gate and bustling streets, is sometimes colloquially known as "Frisco." However, this is controversial throughout the Bay Area. Some people think you sound like an out-of-towner by saying "Frisco." Others say it proudly as a nickname for San Francisco. Try using this and enjoy seeing people's reactions. "The City" is commonly used by people who live in the Bay Area outside of San Francisco.

Whether you call it "Frisco" or "The City," San Francisco is a wonderful city with plenty of history.

San Diego: Sun Diego

Welcome to "Sun Diego," a sunny, laid-back nickname for San Diego. This name echoes the city's reputation for gorgeous weather, beautiful beaches, and an easy-going lifestyle that attracts sun-seekers from all over.

Sacramento: Sactown

Sacramento, the state capital, is often referred to as "Sactown." This endearing nickname highlights the city's vibrant community, combining its political significance with a growing cultural and culinary scene. It makes Sacramento sound cool, which it is!

Sacramento is the state's capital and full of a diverse range of things to do.

West Hollywood: WeHo

West Hollywood, a trendy and progressive city within Los Angeles County, is popularly known as "WeHo." This nickname encapsulates the city's stylish, vibrant nature, known for its active nightlife and fashion-forward boutique. We're serious, everyone calls it WeHo.

Long Beach: The LBC

"The LBC," short for Long Beach City, is a nickname that captures the essence of Long Beach. Known for its diverse culture, historic maritime roots, and its place in the hip-hop world, The LBC is a city of cool vibes and urban charm. We can thank Snoop Dogg for making this nickname a national thing.

The LBC is a really cool place. Make it a point to visit at some point.

Santa Monica: SaMo

Santa Monica, with its iconic pier and beachfront allure, is affectionately known as "SaMo." This trendy, abbreviated nickname reflects the city's modern, chic lifestyle, making it a favorite hangout for both locals and visitors.

These nicknames, from "La-La Land" to "WeHo," not only offer a glimpse into the local culture and lifestyle but also showcase the diversity and character of California's cities. Each moniker is a testament to the unique charm and story of these urban landscapes.

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