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California-Made Soap Brands To Know

California-Made Soap Brands To Know

We’ve rounded up California’s best and most bath-time approved; we certainly ‘soap’ you like it.


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August 07, 2021

If there’s anything we’ve learned about the top self-care items by now, it’s that when it comes to importance, size doesn’t matter. Walk into your bathroom right now and point at the item you simply cannot live without—it’s definitely soap, isn’t it? Okay, maybe we can’t exactly check out your bathroom (walking through walls isn’t our expertise), but we do have a pretty good hunch about how important this item is, both in terms of self-care and necessity. Convinced yet?

One thing we don’t want to do though is set you out on a quest to find the best soap brands on your own—there are so many options, you’ll be scrolling for hours. So we’ve rounded up California’s best and most bath-time approved; we certainly ‘soap’ you like it.

Handmade soaps are the secret to beauty. Daily use will only keep making you look better than before.

Beauty by Francesca 

This handmade soap brand is all about nourishing your skin with the best, most natural ingredients there are. All of Beauty by Francesca's products are made with sustainability in mind—100 percent natural, eco-friendly, and not tested on animals. The best-selling Lovely Lavender is a bouquet of relaxing odors and au naturel ingredients; sustainable palm kernel oil, coconut oil, mango butter, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, and clay. Get yourself a batch and support one of the women-owned businesses in California.

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Pallas Athene Soap

Bid a monotonous Sunday morning routine a forever farewell with Pallas Athene Soap, a company that makes vegan and 100 percent biodegradable California soap. The reason we love this company isn’t only because of the products—though they are quite the treat-yourself gem—but also because none of the products are tested on animals. Pallas Athene Soap carefully creates its products in small batches (never more than 24 pounds at a time), all of which are rich in vitamins E, C, and A extracted from natural botanical sources.

Feel the freshness in you light up the atmosphere. High-quality soaps are for the pure and healthy skin, packed with the freshness of nature.


While MoonEssence provides overall premium organic skincare, the natural soap bars are definitely the main event. The bars are made using the cold press method, meaning no external heat is used in the manufacturing—this preserves all the natural ingredients. Each bar contains a high percentage of nutrient-rich organic olive oil, coconut oil for fluffy lather, and sustainable oil to increase longevity. And the final touch, the scent, is achieved with only pure essential oils extracted from plants; the way nature intended it.

La Jolla Soap Company

If you haven’t guessed already, this chic bar soap brand hails from the beautiful La Jolla, where the bright blue waters of the Pacific make for perfect creative fuel. The company's owner Tonya Marie began making her own soap and developed unique recipes throughout the years, mostly focusing on luxurious natural soaps and lotions. And you'll see this when you're browsing La Jolla Soap Company’s online catalog—all the products are a reflection of the art and natural wonder of the La Jolla coastline; healthy and intricate.

Bring home a handmade soap and begin your journey into the world of wellness. Get the baby skin and let everyone appreciate your looks.

Desert Soapery

Brought to you by long-time nurse Josie, Desert Soapery is a company that puts skin first. When Josie's daughter developed a skin problem that wouldn’t get any better no matter how many times they went to the dermatologist, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Josie spent endless hours searching, studying, and reading about making soaps. And after many a trial and error, Josie began making bath soap for her family. After her daughter's condition completely cleared up, Josie decided to share her gifts with the rest of the world. Having lived in the desert her whole life, Josie's inspiration took her straight to the ocotillos and cacti, the hot pink flowers, and the warm sweet scent of the desert sand.

Following Seasons 

We all need a little self-indulgence from time to time. Opt for the handmade soaps from Following Seasons and change how you pamper yourself forever. These botanical treasures are made of pure essential oils—this is the best way to experience plant therapy in its full essence. Nourish your body, mind, and spirit with the help of a certified soapmaker, an aromatherapist, and a holistic herbalist; the full entourage working on getting you the best product possible. By practicing the art, science, and aromatic magic of distillation, this brand creates an experience that has to be seen to be believed. A collection of customizable mild soaps, botanical perfumes, and organic skincare are also available at Following Seasons. 

So fragrant. So natural. So fresh. So pure. Soaps that are handmade give you the best of nature’s offerings.

The Soap Shack

Established in 2013, The Soap Shack is a family-owned artisanal soap company that puts all of its ingredients towards healthy use. Everything used is thoroughly researched to ensure that the soap doesn’t contain phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and triclosan—the company is also against animal testing. But perhaps the most important ingredient of all is the care they put into their products. At The Soap Shack, shoppers have come to expect a wide range of products made and delivered with the utmost care, with all skin types lovingly tended to.

BIG SURf California 

In the shape of surfboard wax, BIG SURf California’s cylindrical soaps come in only three scents—lavender and sage, cedar and mint, and seaweed and citrus. These combinations are specifically chosen to create an equal balance between moisturizing and exfoliating (using olive, coconut, and grape seed oils do exactly that).

No matter which scent you end up with, one thing’s for certain—the product you’re getting is going to be au naturel and completely cruelty-free. Also, did you guess which area of the Golden State the company’s inspired by yet? Combining elements of fresh intensity and gentleness, these soaps transport you straight onto the Big Sur coastline, where the waves are great and life is better.

This is for the soft, supple, buttery smooth skin you always wanted. You feel the difference almost instantly after every bath.

Mind and Body Complete 

Activated candles and dreamy spa day products—this is what Mind and Body Complete is all about. The natural soap bars are made with traditional craftsmanship, a lot of soul, and the best natural ingredients imaginable. Hand-made and absolutely cruelty-free, Mind and Body Complete soaps are free of any kind of paraben, phthalate, petroleum, lead, dye, and other toxins. Using their soaps is like evoking a sensory response, and your skin? Well, it’ll be exactly like getting a professional scrub.

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