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Life-Changing Self-Care Products From California Brands

Life-Changing Self-Care Products From California Brands

From essential oils and supplements to face masks and serums, these are the best self-care products that’ll change your life.


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December 30, 2020

We all need to pamper ourselves every now and then, whether it’s with simple home remedies, relaxing hot baths, or self-care routines. Self-care is essential for everyone in order to maintain one’s well-being and inner peace, but each person has a different understanding of self-care. For some, it’s moisturizing their skin in the evenings or sitting down with a cup of soothing tea in one hand and a book in the other. For others, it’s taking an uninterrupted nap to improve their brain function.

No matter your methods for putting your mind and body at ease, there are plenty of self-care products to make your routine more enjoyable and effective. From essential oils to face masks, here are the best self-care products that’ll change your life. 

12 Luxurious Self-Care Items To Stock Up On

Use high-quality self-care items in your skincare routine

1. Jumbo Jet Lag Mask

Made by: Summer Fridays, Los Angeles

Price: $65

Summer Fridays was founded by Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland, two friends from Los Angeles who shared a passion for self-care products. With a focus on creating skincare formulas using high-quality ingredients, the women-owned business in California achieved covetable results.

The company’s best-selling self-care item is the Jumbo Jet Lag Mask, a unique hydrating cream that relieves stressed-out skin and delivers a glowing complexion. The vegan, paraben-free, and sulfate-free product can be used as a nighttime mask or daytime moisturizer. The Jumbo Jet Lag Mask immediately renews your skin—you’ll instantly see its radiant effect.

Shine on with a daily dose of sun, without any UV damage.

2. Here Comes the Sun

Made by: HUM Nutrition, West Hollywood

Price: $12

Founded by Walter Faulstroh in 2012, Hum Nutrition is a self-care company that was born out of a personal journey—Faulstroh’s personal struggles with his skin and breakouts encouraged him to get into the beauty nutrition business. After moving to Northern California, he met with leaders in the nutrition industry; the idea of Hum appealed to everyone. Soon, the company started formulating supplements by measuring customers’ wellness goals with the latest nutritional research.

Hum Nutrition is all about inner beauty. This is why Here Comes The Sun is our favorite essential self-care item. Each bottle comes with 30 vegan soft gels that support the immune system and boost your mood. Helping with calcium absorption, the supplement is free of artificial ingredients as well as wheat, gluten, soy, milk, and egg. 

Facial oil increases elasticity, smooths the lines, and brightens your skin

3. Golden State Nourishing Facial Oil

Made by: Onekind

Price: $45

Founded by siblings Madison and Matthew Ruggieri, Onekind is a thoughtfully made clean skincare brand dedicated to creating hardworking products at affordable prices. With a line of moisturizers, serums, and facial treatments, Onekind focuses on repairing skin through nourishing ingredients.

Onekind’s most luxurious self-care product just might be the Golden State Nourishing Facial Oil. Composed of more than 20 oils and extracts, this oil is a bit thicker than other facial oil but also offers a host of benefits you won’t find elsewhere. Rosehip seed oil brightens skin, sea buckthorn extract increases elasticity, and carrot seed oil smooths lines with every application of this miraculous blend. Since each item is allergy tested, plant-based, cruelty-free, and void of parabens and synthetic fragrances, this oil will change your relaxation routine forever.

Essential Self-Care items

4. Bamboo Pore Refining Mask 

Made by: Juice Beauty, San Rafael

Price: $36

Seeking out healthy skincare solutions, Karen Behnke decided to change the beauty industry by establishing Juice Beauty. The woman-owned beauty brand creates high-end organic formulas that are more efficient and effective than regular merchandise. All of the company’s self-care products are vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainably made with certified organic ingredients.

The top self-care skincare product from Juice Beauty is the Bamboo Pore Refining Mask. Designed for oily and blemish-prone skin, the mask hydrates dry skin while simultaneously removing excess oil and moisture. The results are magnificent—you’ll end up with a smoother and clear-looking complexion. The Bamboo Pore Refining Mask is the perfect California-made product for a DIY spa day

The set of under eye masks is a must-have product. It gives a refreshing and nourishing feeling to the under-eye-area.

5. Charcoal Hydrogel Under Eye Masks

Made by: E.L.F. Cosmetics, Oakland

Price: $8

E.L.F. Cosmetics is an Oakland-based beauty brand that specializes in vegan, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and cruelty-free self-care products. Established by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba in 2004, the company first started with 13 makeup products—it now produces over 300. Aside from cosmetics, E.L.F. also offers professional tools, mineral-based beauty items, skin-care products, and more. 

A must-buy product is the set of Charcoal Hydrogel Under Eye Masks. These refreshing masks help soothe, nourish, and brighten the under-eye area. Made with soybean seed, green tea, and lavender extracts, the masks are best used before makeup application to awaken the under-eye area.

Self-Care for Women

6. Jojoba Oil Hair Serum

Made by: Pattern Beauty, El Segundo

Price: $25

Everyone loves Pattern Beauty. Founded by actress Tracee Ellis Ross, the clean haircare brand is all about embracing the curls. Pattern Beauty celebrates natural hair texture while encouraging you to let your curls take up as much space as they want—there’s no need to control or tame your hair. Each curl has its unique texture, and Pattern Beauty supports them all. 

The Jojoba Oil Hair Serum is truly life-changing. Designed for curls, coils, and tight textures, the hair serum reduces breaking and itchiness while helping low porosity hair remain moisturized. The paraben-, phthalate-, and formaldehyde-free product leaves you with vibrant and bouncy curls. Self-care for women has never been so natural. 

7. Coastal Pine Essential Oil

Made by: Juniper Ridge, Oakland

Price: $12

Have you ever wanted to transport yourself to the coastal forests of California without actually leaving your apartment? Juniper Ridge has made it possible thanks to its Coastal Pine Essential Oil. The Oakland-based company uses sustainably harvested plants and implements traditional steam-distillation techniques to create distinctive fragrances that bring the aromatic scent of West Coast–native plants into your home.

The Coastal Pine Essential Oil can be used in various ways—use the oil in a diffuser or add a drop or two in unscented self-care skincare products. (The essential oil is 100 percent plant-based and is paraben-, preservative-, phthalate-, dye-, and cruelty-free.) You can inhale the crisp ocean air, citrusy conifer, and sticky pine needles from the comfort of your own home—whenever you want. 


Men's Self-Care Products

8. Joy! Four-Pack Liquid Castile Set 

Made by: Dr. Bronner’s, Vista

Price: $10

Whoever said that self-care routines are just for women made a grave mistake. Dr. Bronner’s, an organic soap and personal care products manufacturer, has the perfect men’s self-care items. Founded in the late 1940s by master soapmaker Emanuel Bronner, the company is best known for its multi-use merchandise—a single product can have over 10 different uses.  

The Joy! Four-Pack Liquid Castile Gift Set is everyone’s go-to choice. The set includes peppermint, lavender, and almond soap scents as well as an unscented option. The products are safe to apply to your face, body, hair, laundry, and even pets—sounds like every man’s dream multifunctional self-care product.

Alcohol-free aftershave balm relieves the post-shaving sensitivity and moisturizes the skin

9. Aftershave Balm

Made by: Baxter of California, Los Angeles

Price: $19

Established in 1965, Baxter of California manufactures a curated collection of grooming products that are now essential to every man’s self-care routine. Founder Baxter Finley was unable to find skincare products for men, so he developed his very own company to help others facing the same problem. Now, over 50 years later, Baxter of California continues to meet the needs of 21st-century men.

An essential men’s self-care product is Baxter of California’s After Shave Balm. Say goodbye to razor burns—this alcohol-free moisturizer relieves post-shaving sensitivity and protects your skin from premature aging. The paraben-free product also prevents in-grown hairs while leaving your skin refreshed and soft.

Self-Care Gift Ideas

10. Plum Beauty Oil

Made by: Le Prunier, Santa Monica

Price: $72

Le Prunier is a California-grown natural skincare company with life-changing products. The company’s signature oil—Plum Beauty Oil—is exactly what’s missing from your self-care routine. The all-natural, organic, and cruelty-free oil balances and restores your skin. Naturally rich in essential antioxidants, nourishing omega fatty acids, and powerful polyphenols, the oil protects your skin from damaging free radicals and helps with hydration. Plum Beauty Oil is a wonderful self-care gift idea for any occasion. 

11. Attar Floral Repair Concentrate

Made by: Monastery Made, San Francisco

Price: $158

Monastery Made founder Athena Hewett was inspired by her grandmother’s experiences with aromatherapy and skincare—it’s one of the main reasons why she established the company. Monastery Made implements different methods of oil cleansing, water-free moisturizing, and alcohol- and salt-free skincare. The products are made from the very best all-natural ingredients, with essential oils carefully chosen for their non-irritating properties.

Monastery Made’s Attar Floral Repair Concentrate is a nourishing balm that’s by far one of the best self-care items made in California. Full of quality ingredients that boost the skin’s glow, the balm is laced with hazelnut, rosehip seed, rare rose extracts, Arabian jasmine, and Indian tuberose. Attar can be used as an overnight hydrating treatment and can also be applied to chapped lips and fragile under-eye skin.

12. Sea Grape Caviar Duo

Made by: Cocokind, San Francisco

Price: $36

Clean and conscious skincare is the best type of skincare. Fortunately, Cocokind uses formulas featuring certified-organic ingredients that are gluten- and peanut-free. Excluding the beeswax-inclusive products, all of Cocokind’s creations are vegan, too. The Sea Grape Caviar Duo is one of the best self-care products from this brand. Protecting your skin against oxidative stress, the nutrient-rich product promotes a bright complexion and kick-starts hydration while improving water retention. 

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