Better Beauty Routine: The 7 Natural Beauty Products You Need Now

Better Beauty Routine: The 7 Natural Beauty Products You Need Now

By Rachael Medina
Staff Writer July 30, 2020

Trendy and seasonal beauty products are great, but sometimes you just need to add a versatile, tried-and-true standby to your beauty routine. Whether you’re looking for a high-performing cleanser or a bold lipstick for a special occasion, finding natural beauty products that stand up to traditional, chemical-laden brands (and don’t cost an arm and a leg) can seem impossible. 

But thanks to the incredibly fertile land and innovative minds in California, there are numerous beauty brands dedicated to creating the best natural products—many of which are also vegan, allergen-free, and organic. So, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite items from top California-based companies to help you complete your beauty routine. (Bonus: Every item on our list is under $50.)

The Clean Beauty Brands You Should Try Next

If you’re trying to create a natural makeup look or wanting to add a touch of pizazz to your natural skin care routine, look no further, because these are sure to become your new go-to makeup brands. 

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Thoroughly cleanse skin with gentle products at the end of the day to prevent clogged pores and the acceleration of aging.

1. True Botanicals Pre Cleanse Oil

Why we love it: While cleansers alone can purify skin, they do not always remove the tougher impurities like dirt, sunscreen, and makeup—but this pre-cleanse oil can help. Unlike traditional makeup removers, the True Botanicals Pre Cleanse Oil is gentle and doesn’t tug on the skin (a process that can accelerate the aging process). 

How to use: For best results, massage the oil onto dry skin, smooth a cleanser on top, and rinse with warm water. Keep the oil in a dry, cool place when not in use. 

When to use: After spending a day exploring your favorite national park, relaxing on the beach, or getting through a long day at the office. 

Key ingredients: Jojoba seed oil, sesame seed oil, apricot kernel oil

Price: $48

Juice Beauty's tinted moisturizer protects and nourishes the skin while adding glowing coverage. Photo courtesy of Juice Beauty.

2. Juice Beauty SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer - BB

Why we love it: Mineral sunscreens are a great alternative to mainstream sunscreens made with chemicals, which can have damaging effects on the ocean and coral reefs. Juice Beauty’s tinted mineral moisturizer contains zinc broad-spectrum, non-nano SPF that protects skin from the sun’s rays as well as mineral pigments that provide light, glowing coverage. 

How to use: Prior to sun exposure, apply the moisturizer to the face, neck, and top of hands. Reapply as needed throughout the day. 

When to use: Before leaving the house to take Fido to the beach, going on a hike, or spending time picnicking with friends. 

Key ingredients: Sunflower oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil

Price: $32

Apply Honest Beauty's Magic Balm to instantly moisturize and soothe the skin. Photo courtesy of Honest Beauty.

3. Honest Beauty Magic Beauty Balm

Why we love it: Honest Beauty’s truly magical balm is made with organic fruit and botanical oils that instantly moisturize and soothe whatever they touch. You can now feel polished and put together without having to clutter your purse and nightstand with dozens of different products. 

How to use: Apply to soothe lips, highlight cheekbones, nourish elbows, calm cuticles, and tame flyaways and frizz—or spread the balm anywhere you need some extra moisture.

When to use: As part of your self-care regimen, before your evening meditation, or before bed. 

Key ingredients: Sunflower seed oil, olive fruit oil, beeswax

Price: $13

Leave skin feeling ultra-clean and refreshed with an all-natural, nourishing cleanser.

4. True Botanicals Renew Nourishing Cleanser

Why we love it: True Botanicals’ gentle purifying cleanser leaves skin feeling fresh and clean without stripping it of its natural moisture. The cleanser is strong enough to slough away dead skin, purify, and tone—all while using antioxidants and moisturizers to repair and hydrate the skin.

How to use: Apply the nourishing cleanser on top of the pre-cleanse oil or directly onto wet skin. Then massage, rinse, and admire your dewy look.

When to use: Morning and night, or whenever you need a bit of a pick-me-up. Pair with a warm cup of coffee from your favorite roaster for a truly luxurious experience.  

Key ingredients: Green and white tea, aloe vera, green tea seed oil

Price: $48

Rejuvenate and brighten dry, sensitive skin with Osea's luxurious undaria argan oil. Photo courtesy of OSEA.

5. OSEA Undaria Argan Oil

Why we love it: OSEA’s luxurious, silky oil makes skin look instantly rejuvenated and radiant. The soothing blend of botanical oils is gentle enough for dry and sensitive skin, but it packs in performance by reducing redness and moisturizing for visibly plumper, more youthful-looking skin. 

How to use: After cleansing, gently massage the oil onto the face and neck. It is most effective when used morning and night and when followed by a protection cream.

When to use: Morning and evening as part of your skincare routine. Add it to your at-home spa days, too, for an even more rejuvenating afternoon.

Key ingredients: Argan oil, chamomile oil, undaria pinnatifida extract, grapeseed oil

Price: $38

Juice Beauty's natural mascara contains all of the benefits you expect without the harmful chemicals. Photo courtesy of Juice Beauty.

6. Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Ultra-Natural Mascara

Why we love it: This non-drying, volumizing formula leaves lashes with a feathery appearance and prevents them from clumping, smudging, and flaking. Juice Beauty’s organic makeup, including its mascara, is also formulated with vegan and cruelty-free ingredients—not with the harmful items typically found in cosmetics such as parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes, and synthetic fragrances.

How to use: Use the wand to lift mascara up and out from the base of the lashes to the tips. Apply one coat for a natural boost, or add a second layer for a more dramatic, voluminous look. Allow the first coat to dry before adding a second.

*Pro tip: Avoid pumping any mascara wand; this can introduce air into the tube and allow bacteria to grow and can make mascara appear clumpy. Instead, try twisting the wand out of the tube and rolling the wand up and out along lashes for added curl and separation.

When to use: Layer on a couple of coats and don your formal attire before heading to a wedding, or opt for a single application for a day out with the girls.  

Key ingredients: Organic aloe leaf juice, candelilla wax, organic carnauba wax

Price: $24

Kosas' weightless lipstick provides stunning color, staying power, and hydrating moisture. Photo courtesy of Kosas.

7. Kosås Weightless Lip Color in Phoenix

Why we love it: Kosås is one of the best makeup brands because it offers quality products that are as good to look at as they are for your skin. The Phoenix lipstick shade looks beautiful on every skin tone and is perfect for any season—making it one of the best makeup items you can purchase. 

Along with providing ultra-hydrating, long-lasting lip color, the product’s warm tones and matte finish give new life to the classic red hue. This lipstick is extra noteworthy for being cruelty-free and devoid of gluten, eggs, nuts, soy, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, and synthetic fragrances. Put it on your lips from morning to night, and use it as a makeshift blush when in a pinch.

How to use: Apply directly onto bare lips. Add a second layer for a bolder look, or blot with a tissue for a softer look.

When to use: Swipe it on before going on a road trip across the state, when heading out on a girls’ weekend trip, or as you get ready for your own backyard summer camp

Key ingredients: Mango seed butter, shea butter, rosehip seed oil

Price: $28

Now that your beauty routine has received a major upgrade, you’re ready to take on whatever life throws at you next. From the grocery store to the seashore, you’ll want to take these must-haves everywhere you go. 

Staff Writer
Rachael Medina

Staff Writer Rachael Medina

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  • Star Carroll | Jan, 4

    Glad to see you are promoting woman-owned businesses, as well as natural cosmetics and skin-care products. Most of the containers shown, however, do not appear to be recyclable in California. Since the "" website promotes green living (yea!, and thank you), please consider educating your readers about home-made products, and products that are packaged in recyclable/compostable materials (this can also promote small local/regional/ woman-owned businesses as well). Thanks, and keep up the good work Reply

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