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15 DIY Mother's Day Gifts She'll Love

15 DIY Mother's Day Gifts She'll Love

Take the creative route this year and give your mom a DIY Mother's Day gift from the heart. These DIY Mother’s Day gifts will do the trick.


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May 01, 2021

Take the creative route this year and give your mom a DIY Mother's Day gift from the heart. She told you many times that it's the thought that counts, and she’s right. But that doesn’t necessarily mean skipping the gift altogether or making a macaroni shell necklace. On the contrary, there are several ways to go about making a homemade Mother’s Day gift she’ll actually like.

Check out this list of easy DIY Mother's Day gifts, and we assure you, your mom will go far beyond polite gift etiquette—she’ll love it and then some. So, worry not because these handmade Mother’s Day gifts will do the trick.

DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Bond with your mom this Mother's Day with the best gift ever—an at-home mani-pedi to pamper each other to the max.

1. Plan an at-Home Mani-Pedi

Your mom deserves all the pampering in the world for her special day. With the help of Olive and June, you can gift her a flawless at-home mani-pedi. This DIY home manicure brand provides you with the tools you need for your unique gift—all you have to do is put them to good use. Now, this is a DIY gift for mom she won’t be able to resist.

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2. Curate a Self-Care Package of all of Her Favorite Things

We all need a little me-time from time to time. Put together a personalized box of everything your mom likes to indulge in for her much-deserved alone time. The direction to take this DIY Mothers Day gift idea is totally up to you. 

Looking for inspo? Include a self-love gift set from Earth Medicine Herbals, her favorite California-made chocolates, and a handmade Mother’s Day card.

If your mom loves spending time at the beach, bring the coastal air to her space and give her a signature reed diffuser blend this year.

3. Make a Signature Reed Diffuser Blend

This last-minute DIY Mother's Day gift takes little effort, but it’s still very thoughtful. What are your mom’s favorite scents and essential oils? Combine a few to create a signature diffuser that’ll fill her home with her favorite aroma. Just remember to keep it simple and not go overboard with the number of combined scents. For inspiration, check out San Francisco-based P.F. Candle Company’s beautiful collection of diffuser scents. 

4. Plant her Favorite Flowers in Her Garden

What’s more thoughtful than giving your mom a bouquet of her favorite flowers? Planting them in her garden so they can live forever, of course. This DIY Mother’s Day gift requires a bit of extra effort and maintenance, but it’s totally worth it.

Before you go planting the seeds and waiting for them to sprout, you need to take a few preparatory steps. Figure out what type of soil is in her garden, what can be grown in said soil, and what you need to take care of it. We promise your mom will love waking up to the smell of California poppies (everyone’s favorite, duh).

What's better than a bouquet of flowers? A potted plant, of course. Make it extra special and add your own personal touch to the pot.

5. Paint a Customized Flower Pot

No garden to plant? No problem. Get your mother’s favorite flowers planted in pots and paint them to add personalized flair. You don’t need to be an artist to bring this Mother's Day craft idea to life. Whether you draw a pattern, picture, or even words on the pot, it’ll still be a very personal and extra cute gift. Check out Potted in L.A. for already-cool planters to use as your base.

6. Gift her Homemade Spa Essentials

If you have time, you can definitely make each component of this homemade gift for your mom all by yourself. Soaps, scrubs, and bath bombs are all spa essentials that can be made with ingredients you likely have at home. But, if you prefer curating the box with her favorite California-based products, that’s also a good way to go about it.

L.A.-based Summer Fridays makes life-changing self-care products your mom will love. Pattern Beauty from El Segundo will bring your mom’s bouncy curls to life.

Does your mom like red velvet or a cookie cake? Put on your apron and bake her favorite this Mother's Day. Everybody like big bundts!

7. Bake her a Thoughtful Cake

Everyone loves cake. Make it a homemade one with a touching message and you’ll hit the jackpot. This Mother's Day simple gift is thoughtful, uncomplicated, and effective. Whether you decide to make an elaborate three-layered extravaganza or a simple but considerate no-bake dessert, one thing’s for sure—home is where cake is. 

8. Order Shortbread Cookies with Custom Messages

Not much of a baker but still like the idea of a personalized dessert? We have you covered. Order beautifully packaged (and very yummy) shortbread cookies with personalized messages on every single one. DeLight Patisserie makes fancy-looking cookies in Los Angeles, wraps them in a gorgeous box, and delivers them to you fresh. 

Whether you decide to put her favorite quote, a significant date, or a saying she commonly uses on the cookies, this DIY Mother's Day gift will show your mom you’ve been paying attention all along.

Now, this is a unique Mother's Day gift your mom's going to love. Get a postcard-sized puzzle of your favorite spot and get it framed.

9. Personalize a Puzzle of her Favorite California Spot

What is the one spot in California your mom always daydreams about? If an answer instantly comes to mind, have it made into a puzzle. Micro Puzzles in Anaheim can turn any picture you send into a compact, postcard-sized puzzle. The upside of the small size is that this homemade Mothers Day gift idea can easily be framed to sit pretty on a nightstand.

10. Immortalize her Favorite Memories and Places with Personal Art

If puzzles aren't your mom’s cup of tea, Minted in S.F. will send a gorgeous heart-shaped frame of your mom’s favorite pictures. All you have to do is pick out the pictures, choose the frame’s size and moulding, and add a thoughtful message at the bottom. Voila, you have a DIY Mother's Day gift your mom will cherish forever.

11. Put her Initials on a Bag

Mark and Graham makes ultra-chic personalized handbags and clutches that’ll make any mother swoon. The San Francisco-based brand lets you add a personal touch to almost any gift you choose, from vases to luggage. Pick out an item you know your mom will love and truly make it her own. While you won’t be creating this DIY Mother's Day gift from scratch, you’ll still contribute to how the final product turns out.

12. Plan the California Weekend Getaway of her dreams

A luxurious L.A. staycation, a long weekend in Big Sur, or an enviable escape in the mountains—what does your mom always rave about? Make her California vacation dreams come true and book a retreat to the destination of her dreams. Who knows, maybe you’ll go along to reap the benefits of this Mother’s Day gift along with her—a true win-win situation.

Who's your mom's favorite public figure? Get them to send a personal message to your mother through Cameo and she'll be at a loss for words.

13. Get a Personalized Message From her Favorite California Star

Cameo lets you order a personalized message from a wide range of public figures, ranging from reality TV stars to renowned musicians. If your mom has a favorite Californian celebrity, this DIY mothers day gift idea will definitely catch her off-guard.

Browse the thousands and thousands of people on the website, and find a person you think your mom will get excited about. Whether that’s her favorite Bachelor contestant, female athlete, or even Californian leader, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Once you’re done choosing, write a personal message you’d like them to say, and you’ll have your video in a week.

14. Make a Candle that Reminds her of home

Candles are homemade Mothers’ Day gifts that are classically beautiful and endlessly customizable. You only need a few simple ingredients to put this DIY Mother’s Day gift together, and the results are amazing. Los Angeles-based blog Homey Oh My shares a stunning recipe you can easily make at home.

Channel your inner creativity and make string art of your mom's hometown. We promise she's going to love it.

15. Make String Art of her Hometown

String art is the act of connecting pins together with thread to form geometric shapes of your liking. You can virtually make any design for this Mother's Day craft idea by using colored threads, a handful of pins, and a simple wood (or cork) backdrop. A thoughtful approach would be to outline the shape of your mom’s hometown. San Francisco Mama shares a simple step-by-step tutorial you can follow to bring this DIY Mother’s Day gift to life.

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