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Gluten-Free Snacks to Buy That Are California-Made

Gluten-Free Snacks to Buy That Are California-Made

Indulge in your cravings and get snacking; these delicious treats are (almost) as guilt-free as they are of gluten.


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August 06, 2021

Whoever said that following a gluten-free diet means being devoid of delicious snacks clearly doesn’t know what’s up—you live in California! There are SO many options when it comes to healthy snacks here that not trying to better your diet is practically a federal crime. From crunchy and savory treats to fudgy and sweet bites, we rounded up our favorite gluten-free snacks to buy from California-based brands. Indulge in your cravings and get snacking; these delicious treats are (almost) as guilt-free as they are of gluten.

The Best Savory Gluten-Free Snacks 

Hippeas' products have zero grams of cholesterol, are trans-fat free, and baked instead of fried.

1. Chickpea Puff Snacks From Hippeas

Hippeas’ flavorful snacks are all made from the small but mighty chickpea. Not only are they totally tasty, but they’re also totally good for you. Packed with fiber and proteins, these vegan, gluten, and dairy-free snacks are the real deal. Coming in a variety of flavors such as Salt and Vinegar Vibes and Sweet Chilli Haze, Hippeas’ gluten-free chips are about to be your next favorite things. 

Other gluten-free snacks to buy from this company: Chickpea Tortilla Snacks

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2. Mac and Cheese Cups From Annie’s

If you thought eating gluten-free meant never having mac and cheese ever again, we have good news for you. Annie’s has a gluten-free version of its famous mac and cheese cups, so you won’t have to miss out on your favorite comfort food. Easy, cheesy, and ready in two minutes, this gluten-free appetizer is a pantry must-have. 

P.S. This might sound cheesy, but having mac and cheese cups for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is actually pretty ‘grate’.

Other gluten-free snacks to buy from this company: Organic Berry Patch Bunny Fruit Snacks, Organic White Cheddar Bunny Trail Puffs.

Dang Foods is a family-founded company producing Asian American snacks that are gluten-free, non-GMO, and keto-friendly.

3. Thai Rice Chips from Dang Foods

Whether it’s about the snacks, partnering with local farmers, or supporting organizations that help refugees and people affected by natural disasters, Dang Foods truly gives a ‘Dang’. And not only that, but the healthy gluten-free snacks are so ‘Dang’ delicious. The Thai Rice Chips are mini rice cakes that pack in the flavor and the necessary satisfying crunch. If you ask us, the toasted sesame flavored rice chips are among our favorite gluten-free snacks to buy—the other flavors are just as delicious though, you’ll instantly get hooked.

Other gluten-free snacks to buy from this company: Coconut Chips

4. Crunchy Chickpea Snacks From The Good Bean

Another California company making tasty and crunchy chickpea-based snacks is The Good Bean. While they’re absolutely delightful, these vegan gluten-free snacks are actually packed with nutritional goodness. In fact, one serving of the crunchy chickpea snacks has as much protein as almonds, as much folate as three cups of spinach, and as much fiber as two cups of broccoli. Whether it’s classic hummus or sweet sriracha, the Good Bean gives us some of the best gluten-free snacks on the market.

Other gluten-free snacks to buy from this company: Chocolate Covered Chickpeas

As soon as you try your first PeaTos gluten-free onion rings, you'll realize you've always needed them in your life.

5. Onion Crunchy Rings From PeaTos

PeaTos wants to give you the finger-licking goodness of regular chips, just without the artificial flavors, synthetic colors, and, of course, gluten. As you might have already guessed from the company name, the base ingredient of these tasty gluten-free snacks are peas. Coming in two flavors—classic onion and fiery onion—these tasty gluten-free chips are your next healthy addiction.

Other gluten-free snacks to buy from this company: Crunchy Curls.

Sweet Gluten-Free Snacks to Buy Now

The options are many and the taste always so good. With quest you can eat all what you crave, whenever you crave it, and without any guilt.

6. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Protein bars From Quest Nutrition

Quest Nutrition has one purpose—for you to eat the foods you crave whenever the cravings hit, no guilt attached. The Quest Oatmeal Chocolate Chip protein bar from this El Segundo-based company are the perfect gluten-free snacks for kids, packing chunks of chocolate flavor, cinnamon, and gluten-free oats. And if you’re a sliiightly older kid who likes snacking (just like us), you can also definitely enjoy these chocolatey goodies (perhaps maybe binge?).

Other gluten-free snacks to buy from this company: s’mores and cinnamon roll flavored protein bars and nacho or ranch flavored tortilla style protein chips.

7. Jelly Beans From Jelly Belly

Does Jelly Belly even need an introduction? The childhood favorite, California-made candy has a history that goes back all the way to 1869 and a distinct taste that cannot be replaced. As one of the best gluten-free snacks to satisfy a sweet craving, Jelly Belly jelly beans are unmatched.

Other gluten-free snacks to buy from this company: Sunkist Fruit Gems

Everything from Ocho Candy is gluten-free and guilt-free, yet flavorful and filling.

8. Chocolate Candy Bars From OCHO Candy

Everything sold by OCHO Candy is totally gluten-free. The perfect grab-and-go gluten-free snacks to much on, OCHO’s flavors of chocolate candy bars skimp on neither taste nor health benefits. All the flavors are mouthwatering and decadent, but the caramel and peanut bar is our favorite.

Other gluten-free snacks to buy from this company: Mini Pouches

9. Gummy Bears From California Gummy Bears

Using non-GMO syrups and natural colors, California Gummy Bears has successfully become a favorite California candy brand, especially for those who pay attention to what they consume. Established in Los Angeles, the Kosher-based company makes flavorful, juicy gluten-free snacks for everyone to enjoy. Get the fruit mix to sample all their tasty flavors together, and once you establish your favorite, purchase individual flavors separately—yum. 

Walk into any See's Candies store and buy your boo the yummiest and most guilt-free assorted chocolates ever.

10. Assorted Chocolates From See’s Candies

See’s Candies is a true California classic. With old-school chocolate you can never get enough of, See’s remains as a favorite gluten-free snack to buy with no second thoughts on messing up dietary restrictions. Whether you’re craving chocolate coffee beans, toffees, or peanut brittle bars, See’s has you covered with its wide variety of sweet, sweet gluten-free snacks.

Other gluten-free snacks to buy from this company: Lollipops, Candies, Jelly Beans.

11. Layered Fruit Bars From Pure Organic

Pure Organic believes in making organic snacks that don’t compromise on taste, convenience, and ingredients. The result? Delicious fruit treats that the whole family can enjoy sans gluten and sans guilt. The layered fruit bars are our healthy gluten-free snacks of choice from the company. From Pineapple Passionfruit to Raspberry Lemonade, these treats come in a variety of flavors. 

What are your favorite California-made gluten-free snacks to buy? Let us know!

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