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A Guide to Sacramento's Neighborhoods
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A Guide to Sacramento's Neighborhoods

Looking to move to the state's capital but not sure where to start? Here’s what you should know about Sacramento’s neighborhoods.


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December 18, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About The Best Sacramento Neighborhoods 

While there is no end to good neighborhoods in Sacramento, each section of the city offers something slightly different. With everything from historic homes to newly built condos, any lifestyle is possible in this inland metro area. When it comes to choosing the right neighborhood, Sacramento realtor and Recommended Business* owner Rico Rivera says, “it really just depends on your lifestyle and what you like,” but he emphasizes the importance of doing your own research to find the right fit. Here’s what you should know about Sacramento’s neighborhoods.

Whether you're looking for a modern condo or a historic home, Sacramento has it all. Discover which neighborhood is most suitable for your lifestyle.

East Sacramento

Median home price: $614,000

East Sacramento is full of established neighborhoods and beautiful Victorian homes, offering a more suburban atmosphere than other regions. This neighborhood also features Fab Forties homes that architecture enthusiasts will adore, but its main draw is its proximity to Sacramento State University. While East Sacramento’s location makes it a fantastic option for college students, its quaint shops and eateries, established private schools, parks, and small-town vibe also make it a great place for young families.

Tahoe Park

Median home price: $440,000

If you’re looking for a true suburban vibe that’s still close to downtown, Sacramento’s Tahoe Park is the perfect place to buy a home. Known as an up-and-coming neighborhood full of historic charm, this area is frequented by young professionals. While there are plenty of homes in this area, it’s also dotted with inviting coffee shops and parks that were made for Sunday strolls. 

Curtis Park 

Median home price: $565,000

Sacramento’s Curtis Park is beloved for its historic character and suburban feel. The neighborhood offers a wider variety of homes for rent than nearby Tahoe Park—making it a fantastic place to live while finishing up your home search. With diverse residents and lower median home prices than East Sacramento, Curtis Park might be the perfect spot to call home. 

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Oak Park

Median home price: $490,000

Tucked between Tahoe Park and Curtis Park, Oak Park residents enjoy close proximity to midtown. Much like its surrounding neighborhoods, Oak Park is known for its historic homes and has been revitalized in the last few years. Today, the area offers Berkeley-esque vibes with its strong hipster culture. Artisanal eateries, art galleries, and coffee shops make this neighborhood feel both energetic and suburban. 

Land Park

Median home price: $770,000

Nestled between Curtis Park and the Sacramento River, Land Park is known for its newer homes, historic charm, and dining scene. While all of Sacramento is referred to as America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital, the Land Park neighborhood shows off its elegant flair with local shops such as Taylor's Market and the crave-worthy Freeport Bakery.  

With its newer construction of 2000s houses, higher home prices, and upscale amenities, Land Park is geared toward established professionals and families, but it’s also a wonderful area to spend time in. It’s home to the Sacramento Zoo, a sprawling golf course, and the kid-friendly Fairytale Town. Nearby South Land Park also offers great housing communities a bit farther away from the downtown area.


Median home price: $485,000

Located southwest of the Sacramento Executive Airport, Pocket is a family-friendly neighborhood known for its 1970s and ‘80s homes. While it’s slightly farther away from downtown and the Capitol Mall than many other areas of the city, it’s dotted with bus routes that make getting around incredibly easy.

“If you like walking everywhere and you don’t want to get in a car and drive somewhere, I would live in midtown or downtown. The walkability is great and everything’s around you.” —Rico Rivera

Bustling downtown Sacramento offers endless entertainment, making it ideal for young professionals.

Downtown Sacramento

Median home price: $350,000

The downtown area is the heart of Sacramento, offering everything from incredible farm-to-table eateries and cool boutiques to historic homes and the California State Capitol. In addition to having a bustling city environment, downtown is home to the Old Sacramento Waterfront—a Gold Rushera district featuring riverboats, historic façades, and wooden-planked sidewalks. 

Since this neighborhood has so much going on, it’s a popular tourist destination and an excellent place for young professionals and nightlife enthusiasts to live. For those who need to commute out of the city for work or who enjoy traveling via rail, the downtown Amtrak station provides a convenient way to get around without having to drive. Though you can take your pick of good neighborhoods in Sacramento, nothing quite compares to the energy of downtown.

Midtown is a hip and vibrant neighborhood that's become the cultural center of the city.

Midtown Sacramento

Median home price: $795,000

Midtown is an idyllic neighborhood for those wanting easy access to the city’s amenities. With dozens of restaurants, grocery stores, and nightlife destinations within walking distance, cars aren’t necessary here. Combine these perks with a bike score of 98 and a transit score of 53 from Walk Score, and you’ll be able to take full advantage of all that Midtown Sacramento has to offer. 

Due to its accessibility, this neighborhood is often known as a hipster area and is a popular choice for both Millennials and Gen Xers. While younger generations adore this district, there’s a good amount of diversity thanks to downsizers who reside in Midtown’s condos. 

Mansion Flats, Sacramento

Median home price: $650,000

Mansion Flats is a unique neighborhood featuring everything from 1880s homes to modern architecture. Located near downtown, this region is a melting pot with its culturally diverse population, scattering of single-family homes and multi-unit residences, and range of household incomes. 

There’s no end to opportunity in Mansion Flats. With excellent walk and bike scores, this neighborhood makes getting around without a car incredibly easy. For those looking to be near the action without having to live directly in the downtown area of Sacramento, Mansion Flats provides an ideal solution.

Natomas, Sacramento

Median home price: $427,000

Situated north of downtown Sacramento, closer to the international airport, Natomas offers nice homes at decent prices. Like West Sacramento, Natomas is a wonderful option for residents commuting to San Francisco for work because it’s near the 80 freeway and doesn’t require driving through downtown. Since it’s close to downtown—especially if you’re in the South Natomas region—it’s also a great fit for young professionals. 

Offering new tract-home communities and larger houses at lower prices than many other Sacramento neighborhoods, Natomas is an ideal place for first-time homebuyers to consider and is a popular choice for residents in their 30s. While easy access to the airport is available from anywhere in the city—a unique characteristic Sacramento residents are particularly proud of—Natomas offers unparalleled proximity for travelers. 

For those who don’t mind being farther away from downtown or living outside of Sacramento, the cities of Elk Grove, Folsom, Roseville, and El Dorado Hills have a lot to offer. With great school districts, stunning nature trails, and plenty of charm, these cities are amazing options for those who don’t mind commuting into Sacramento for work or who are able to work from home.

Make sure to research each neighborhood thoroughly before looking for homes, and don't hesitate to contact a local realtor for help.

Ready to move to Sacramento but not sure where to start? 

If you’re considering moving and trying to find the right Sacramento neighborhood for you, start with this advice from Rivera:

  1. Write it down: Turn your idea into a plan and put pen to paper.
  2. Do your homework: Research Sacramento and its neighborhoods so you get a good idea of what each area is like and where you might want to live.
  3. Call a professional: Sometimes the biggest mistakes we make are when we try to do it all ourselves. Get expert help from a lender and a realtor to make the process easier.

Are you moving east from the San Francisco region? Read Rivera’s article, “Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Sacramento from the Bay Area,” for additional inspiration.

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