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15 Home Workout Essentials To Improve Your Routine
Health & Fitness

15 Home Workout Essentials To Improve Your Routine

Whether you’re looking for extra support or motivation, these home workout essentials will help you achieve your goals.


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April 23, 2021

Working out at home became the norm for many people in 2020. Thanks to the plethora of virtual workout classes, fitness bloggers to follow, and home workout equipment, exercising has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for extra support or motivation, these home workout essentials will help you achieve your goals. Make space for new home gym equipment and take care of your body through quarantine and beyond.

The home workout equipment, tech, and accessories you won't want to live without

Providing support and grip, the ideal yoga mat is easy to carry and clean. Get the best ones from Manduka.

1. Yoga Mat from Manduka 

A yoga mat is one of the most helpful home workout essentials you can invest in. It serves as a protective barrier between you and the floor, and opens the door for an abundance of workouts. Yoga, pilates, stretching, and HIIT are a few examples of fitness classes you can participate in using only a yoga mat.

El Segundo-based Manduka makes one of the best-rated yoga mats on the market. Their mats come in a variety of colors and thicknesses while offering great stability, support, and protection.

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2. Jump Rope from Rx Smart Gear

As a flexible and portable piece of home exercise equipment, a jump rope is an easy investment. If you don’t have room for a treadmill or a bike, this small home workout essential is a great source of cardio. 

Rx Smart Gear is famous for its top-quality ropes. The San Diego-based company boasts a wide range of jump ropes for every level and serves as the go-to brand for many fitness enthusiasts. If you’re a beginner, start with the Original Rx and watch jumping rope become one of your favorite safe exercises

Whether you get rubber, neoprene or metal dumbbells, this at-home workout equipment will jazz up your routine in no time.

3. Dumbbells from Hampton Fitness

Dumbbells are must-have equipment if you’re looking to do strength-building exercises. Start with lightweight dumbbells and work your way up as you advance in your home workout routine. You’ll definitely find a dumbbell of your liking at Hampton Fitness. The Ventura-based company offers a wide range of essential fitness equipment for home, including jelly-covered dumbbells that won’t harm your floors.

4. Water Bottle from Takeya

Staying hydrated while working out is very important. Avoid forgetting to take water breaks while exercising at home and have a water bottle on hand. Huntington Beach-based Takeya has the coolest and brightest bottles that’ll definitely become a home workout essential for you. What’s more? If you buy a stainless bottle now, you’ll get another one for free. Maybe that’ll encourage your partner to start working out with you.

One of the main benefits of incorporating resistance bands into your workout routine is gaining muscle mass and tone.

5. Resistance Bands from TRX

Resistance bands provide a killer workout without taking much space at all—these exercise equipment are small but mighty. Use resistance bands to warm up your muscles before a strenuous workout, and you’ll see their toning benefits after just several times of use. TRX offers high-quality bands for very affordable pricing. The four-pack bands of different resistance levels is pretty inexpensive and a worthwhile investment. 

6. Body Weights from Bala Bangles

Looking to add a bit more of a challenge to your home workouts? Body weights are about to be your next favorite buy. Los Angeles-based Bala Bangles makes functional and beautiful weights that’ll seriously elevate your exercises. You don’t even need to hold on to the weights while you work out—all you need to do is slide them on and feel the burn. Now that’s an invention we can get enough of.

7. Pull-up Bar from Perfect Fitness

No, pull-up bars aren’t reserved for frat houses. Turn one of your doors into a pull-up station, and your upper body muscles will thank you. One of the best home gym equipment for a reason, these tools help you incorporate upper body exercises into your daily routine with minimal effort. 

Get one from Perfect Fitness and watch your arm, chest, and upper back muscles transform in a matter of weeks. The multipurpose portable exercise equipment is sleek and easy to install. You can also remove it from your door and practice pushups on the floor. Talk about a total body workout.

Want to provide more support to your wrist? Get a new pair of protective gloves that also help to prevent callouses.

8. Protective Gloves from ToeSox

You can’t forget about safety while you work on toning your body and building strength. This simple and small home workout essential will help you focus on your practice and stop you from slipping at the same time. Jump, squat, push, and pull without worrying about damaging your hands by getting a pair of training gloves from Toesox. The Vista-based company specializes in making protective socks and gloves and will give you the extra layer of protection you need.

9. Massage Roller from 321 STRONG

This home workout essential isn’t technically a piece of exercise equipment, but should still be a crucial part of your routine. Stretch, lengthen, and soothe your muscle tissues by increasing blood flow through your body with one easy step. All you have to do is roll your body over the foam and you’ll be significantly less sore. 321 Strong makes one of our favorite rollers, and is loved by runners, swimmers, and physical therapists all over California.

10. Massage Gun from Therabody

If you want to take post-recovery workout to the next level, your best investment would be a massage gun. Professional athletes worldwide have been raving about the healing and soothing effects of Therabody’s massage guns for a while now. This home workout essential will help you give as much attention to your recovery as you do to your workout. Did we also mention that it feels absolutely amazing? 

Make working out a habit by downloading one of the best fitness apps on the market. Exercising will soon become your favorite part of the day.

11. Fitness Buddy App

Do you feel like you just aren’t motivated enough without a personal trainer? This app will make it seem like you have one. Headquartered in Palo Alto, Fitness Buddy is an app that feels like a virtual personal trainer and nutritionist in one. 

With hundreds of workouts and personalized meal plans and recipes, this app has been getting positive reviews from people working out at home. All exercises feature clear and simple instructions and videos. Progressive workout plans make it suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes.

12. Fitbit

Fitbits shine in the world of athletic equipment and are now staples of all fitness enthusiasts. Designed with fitness and health in mind, Fitbits offer a wide range of features that make your exercise routine more effective. Use this smart device to count your steps, miles walked, floors climbed, calories consumed, heart rate, and more. This home workout essential is like motivation on your wrist.

13. Yoga Mat Towels from Laguna Beach Textile Company

Working out and sweating go hand in hand. Having a good quality, sweat-absorbing towel will make your workouts feel cleaner and fresher. Laguna Beach Textile Company makes yoga towels for you to lay on your mat and enjoy a less sweaty workout. This essential fitness equipment for home is made of a sustainable polyester-nylon blend, and also minimizes slipping when switching movements.

The easiest and most fabulous way to get motivated to exercise is throwing on the coolest workout clothes. They're sure to boost your confidence.

14. Workout Set from Wolven

Is there anything more motivating than a fresh set of workout clothes begging to be worn? Sustainable L.A. brand Wolven makes workout clothes that are eco-conscious, high-quality, and super cute. We can’t imagine anyone putting on their gorgeous sets and not wanting to immediately bust into an intense workout. Don’t believe us? Buy a set and see for yourself, we’re willing to take this bet.

15. Sneakers from Skechers

Wearing a pair of lightweight, breathable, and good-quality sneakers greatly helps your workout routine. Not only do these home workout essentials protect and comfort your feet, but they also stabilize your feet as you work your muscles. Skechers, headquartered in Manhattan Beach, offers a wide range of athletic shoes that are both budget-friendly and well-performing. Invest in a pair now and your feet will thank you later.

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