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10 Fitness Classes to Try This Summer
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10 Fitness Classes to Try This Summer

The top 10 fitness classes in California let you work smarter, not harder. From HIIT to yoga, to kickboxing, see what's trending now. Team


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September 14, 2022

Yoga classes, spin classes, and sunrise hikes in California’s beautiful landscapes are traditional cardio and strength-training workouts to complete the average fitness routine. But with every new year (and season), new trends spring up that take the world by storm and make their way into our everyday fitness classes.  According to data collected by ClassPass, treadmill classes were the fastest-growing fitness trend across the United States in 2018, followed by the popular resistance training, yoga, barre, and Pilates classes.

Over the past few years, the importance of working smarter instead of harder has become increasingly important, too. Shorter, highly targeted workouts have taken over longer sessions, and the bond between working and working out has become stronger. Not only are gyms providing spaces for people to work on their laptops after sweating it out, but workplaces are also adding gyms to their locations so employees can fit in some exercise during lunch or between meetings. And while we all value our time, we are now starting to encourage recovery and self-care with the same enthusiasm. Steam rooms, compression massages, cold plunges, and foam rollers that relax muscles are showing up everywhere.

Though some workout trends thrive season after season, some are replaced by the next big thing. Here are the top 10 fitness classes to try this summer.

1. HIIT Hybrid Classes

HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, exemplifies the idea of working smarter rather than harder by using short bursts of strenuous exercises.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) rose to new levels of popularity over the last year and has been blended with just about every other type of exercise, from water aerobics to kickboxing. The training mainly comprises short bouts of intense work (usually lasting between 10 to 60 seconds), followed by an equally long period of active recovery. This type of exercise helps keep your heart rate up, and assists in faster weight loss, all in a much shorter time frame than the regular exercise routine. As schedules continue to become more densely packed, the need for short and effective workouts increases. This can only mean one thing: HIIT workouts are here for the long haul. It’s no wonder that most, if not all, C.A. fitness class instructors incorporate some type of HIIT into their routines.

2. Yoga

This tried-and-true staple is here to stay. Yoga strengthens the whole body while simultaneously allowing for relaxation, self-reflection, and a renewed sense of balance. Stress-relieving yoga poses have proven to be beneficial both for the mind and the body. Yoga helps tone your muscles and complements a strength-training routine by making you more nimble as well as strong. Yoga is also great because it can be done just about anywhere, requiring little more than open space and a mat to stand on. Whether you're looking for an L.A. fitness class to join your fellow yoginis on a wellness journey, or want to find an outdoor yoga class, preferably near the beach, you’ll find your heart’s desire in the Golden State.

3. Treadmill

The spin craze has informed a whole new way to walk on a treadmill that doesn't include staring at a television.

Group fitness classes have taken over studios across the country, leading to a treadmill workout revolution. Gone are the days of running alone while facing a TV and feeling unmotivated — unless, of course, you’re opting for one of the awesome running trails in California; those are fun. Thanks to the popularity of cycling, motivational instructors are joining the treadmill game and bringing their groovy playlists with them.

4. Individualized Classes with Personal Trainers

With efficient, 20- to 30-minute workouts gaining popularity, personal trainers are becoming more important than ever. These fitness gurus take the guesswork out of finding the right areas to target and the perfect exercises to get the job done. Individual classes are a great supplement for group cycling and treadmill classes, as they add a level of personalization and education to any fitness regimen.  Luckily with the advancement of technology people who have a hard time making it to the gym can choose an individualized online fitness class that they can complete in the comfort of their homes.  

5. Kickboxing

Power through your stress with a kickboxing class that gets your heart pumping.

Kickboxing classes combine the group atmosphere of cycling or yoga with the intensity of HIIT, strength training, and cardio. Get out some aggression and your daily stress while learning self-defense techniques that will make your body and mind stronger — we believe you won’t even need anyone’s encouragement to stay motivated. With new challenges and a fierce rotation of exercises, prepare to never be bored at the gym again.

6. Lagree

The Lagree Method combines cardio with resistance training to strengthen and tone at the same time. This method puts form at the forefront, emphasizing the importance of consistency rather than intensity. Unlike some of the other fitness trends on this list, Lagree workouts require a spring-based tension machine called the Megaformer, which can be adjusted during use to create a personalized experience. Accordingly, it’s always best to sign up for a C.A. fitness class to exercise right and reap the full benefits of Lagree. 

7. Cycling

Cycling increases your physical and mental strength while decreasing your stress and calories.

There are cycling studios popping up on seemingly every corner next to coffee shops, inside malls, and alongside pressed juiceries — great news to those of us who don’t like the hustle of going on an outdoor bike ride, especially as it gets colder. While the cycling fitness class trend may see a decline in the next year, cycling itself is growing stronger. With quality bikes available for home use, more fitness enthusiasts are opting for the private experience with streamed classes — providing the encouragement of group classes without having to leave one’s own space.

8. Barre

For targeted, small-range movements, barre is the go-to exercise class. While this method is a combination of several other workouts, including dance and strength training, its repetitive nature makes it quite energizing. Try incorporating one barre class per week to add variety, tone muscles, and increase flexibility. Even if you can’t find fun dance fitness classes near you, there’s a chance you’ll find a barre class in a neighborhood near you. 

9. Aerial Fitness

If hanging upside down, doing tricks through the air, and maintaining balance sound more like fun than exercise, then you need to try aerial fitness for yourself. This intense workout provides full-body results that will leave you feeling like you ran away with the circus.

10. Swimming

Swimming provides the benefits of traditional exercise while also being gentle on the body.

Whether doing laps on your own or joining an aquatic fitness class, swimming aids joints while still producing the same fat-burning effects of cardio. With an intergenerational appeal, swimming is gentle on the body, making it a perfect form of exercise for easing into other fitness activities or taking it easy on rest days. Even if swimming on the best beaches in California does the trick for you, joining fellow swimmers for an intense yet relaxing class is a can’t-miss experience.

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