Clean Haircare Brands You'll Love

Clean Haircare Brands You'll Love

By Rachael Medina
Staff Writer May 26, 2020

As communities across the world and in California mitigate health risks during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are shifting our content focus and not encouraging any travel or social activities during this time. We will, however, continue to shine a light on and celebrate the many beautiful aspects of our State with the intention of being a source of inspiration and joy during this difficult period. Thank you for reading, and stay safe.

The Golden State is famous for its glamorous movie industry, iconic surf culture, and laid-back attitude—all of which influence the latest hair trends. Thanks to the state’s sustainable brands, you can choose your style and feel good about it. California’s clean and natural hair products don’t harm the environment and give you that dolled-up look you’re after, so bring on the beach waves, blunt bobs, and fringe bangs

California is home to numerous clean beauty brands that steer away from antiquated norms, offering healthier and natural alternatives everyone can feel comfortable using. While the term natural can technically refer to everything from botanical ingredients to asbestos, clean hair care describes products that are free of toxic and harmful chemicals—such as parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde—which are often found in traditional hair products and cosmetics. 

Your tresses may not take to the natural haircare products right away if they’re used to being subjected to harsh chemicals, so give clean beauty products time to work their magic. Once your hair has adapted to the natural hair treatments, you’ll never want to go back. Here are some of our favorite routine-altering hair products.

 California's Best Natural Hair Products

Grab Playa's collection of everyday beachy hair essentials for an effortless, California-chic look. Photo courtesy of Playa.

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The Venice-based
Playa creates effortless and healthy beauty products that work for you. Thanks to a combination of natural botanicals and curated clinical ingredients, strands get the clean boost they need without sacrifice. Each Playa product is also made to be used without heat or styling, so there’s never been a better time to embrace your natural beauty. 

If you’re new to natural beauty products and need another reason to give Playa a shot, the company’s recycling program allows you to send back your empty bottles so they won’t end up in a landfill, which helps you reduce your carbon footprint. Try the Monoi Milk leave-in conditioner—specifically formulated for damaged, chemically treated hair—for a luxurious version of self-care.

Create beachy waves, enhance curls, and restore shine with Beautycounter's popular sea-salt spray. Photo courtesy of Beautycounter.


Armed with a mission to get clean beauty into the hands of everyone,
Beautycounter makes some of the best healthy hair products on the market. The Santa Monica brand may be better known for its makeup line, but you can rest assured that each of its all-natural hair products is made with only safe ingredients and is rigorously tested. (Need proof? The “Never List” has 1,800-plus questionable and harmful ingredients that Beautycounter pledges to never use). 

Order the whole collection and revamp the way you think about hair care. Start with the daily shampoo and conditioner, then move on to the sea-salt spray to add a touch of texture and curl to your ’do.

Nourish and revive dry hair with Juice Beauty's best-selling haircare products laced with green apple. Photo courtesy of Juice Beauty.

Juice Beauty

San Rafael’s
Juice Beauty is the go-to brand for organic hair products, skincare, and makeup. Crafted with revitalizing organic botanical juices, moisturizing avocado oil, thickening soy protein, and fortifying barley protein, this company’s haircare collection will change your perspective on natural hair care forever. 

Try the green-apple shampoo and conditioner for a clean dry-hair remedy with lasting results. Free of sulfates and silicones, these products won’t weigh hair down or cause damage over time. 

Keep tresses soft and moisturized with the Beyond Hydrated shampoo from the Honest Company's haircare line. Photo courtesy of the Honest Company.

Honest Beauty

Located in Los Angeles,
The Honest Company offers everything from laundry detergent and hand sanitizer to baby items and beauty products, giving you the chance to make healthier choices all around the house. While there are dozens of reasons to adore this California brand, its “NO List” is perhaps our favorite; with more than 2,500 chemicals and materials that will not be used in any Honest products, this list shows customers that their health is being taken into account. 

Opt for the Beyond Hydrated shampoo to rid your hair of dirt, oil, and buildup while nourishing strands with coconut juice and antioxidants.

Use Le Prunier's beloved Plum Beauty Oil to soothe dry skin and protect hair against heat damage. Photo courtesy of Le Prunier.

Le Prunier

Santa Monica’s
Le Prunier is one of our favorite natural skincare brands, and just when we didn’t think we could love them any more, we discovered the company’s Plum Beauty Oil could be used in the hair as well as on the skin. Considering the oil is made with just a single ingredient (prunus domestica seed oil, to be exact), it’s easy to see why this is one of the most beloved all-natural hair products.  

Massage the oil into the ends of your damp hair after using an all-natural shampoo to protect against damage caused by blow-drying and styling. You can also apply the oil after you dry your hair for a smoother, more natural look and feel.

Achieve silky-smooth strands with Derma E's line of nourishing, all-natural hair products. Photo courtesy of Derma E.

Derma E

The Simi Valley–based
Derma E surprisingly started out as a health food store before moving into the clean beauty space. Now, the brand is one of the largest in North America’s natural facial care industry and is a pioneer in mindful personal care products. 

With several lines of shampoo and conditioner, Derma E offers something for every hair concern. Whether you seek scalp relief, hair restoration, or nourished strands, you can’t go wrong with Derma E’s haircare products.

Try the dry shampoo from La Tierra Sagrada to make hair look and feel fresh between washes. Photo courtesy of La Tierra Sagrada.

La Tierra Sagrada 

Headquartered in Los Angeles,
La Tierra Sagrada is a holistic, all-natural, hand-blended haircare company that celebrates the power of rituals. Every item in the collection is made without pesticides, toxins, and harmful chemicals. Instead, all the high-end products rely on the healing power of plants, reminding users to reconnect with nature and enjoy the process of self-care.

Pamper yourself and find your center with the nourishing repair masque, hair treatment, or dry shampoo. To really make the most of these products and discover the healing nature of routines, opt for the New Moon Ritual Kit, complete with shampoo and conditioner, salt spray, jojoba oil, and a moisturizing hair treatment.

Have you made the switch to clean beauty? Let us know your favorite natural hair products in the comments below.

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