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The Best National Forest to Visit, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Best National Forest to Visit, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Your astrological sign often reveals a lot about your personality, making it a helpful guide for finding the best national forest for you.


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November 17, 2020

Offering diverse landscapes and a multitude of outdoor activities, national forests in California are undeniably the most incredible ones in the world. Whether you want to go camping, hiking, or simply enjoy some solitude in the heart of Mother Nature, there's a national forest fit for you. In fact, your astrological sign often reveals a lot about your personality, making it a helpful guide for finding your next fall destination, perfect California beach, ideal national park, and more. So, put some trust in the cosmos and head to the best national forest according to your zodiac sign.

1. Aries

Element: Fire

Aries dates: March 21–April 19

Lose yourself in the mystique of the Klamath National Forest. Wander through the expanse and soak up the wisdom of the trees.

Klamath National Forest

Aries are enthusiastic, confident, and optimistic, which is why their presence marks the beginning of something energetic and extraordinary. Klamath National Forest is the ideal place for Aries to explore the depths of their nature. Home to 200 miles of river systems for rafting and 152 miles of wild and scenic rivers, the national forest is covered in ponderosa and Jeffrey pine as well as red, white, and Douglas fir. With a handful of designated wilderness areas, the forest offers countless unique settings for excitement and recreation.

2. Taurus

Element: Earth

Taurus dates: April 20–May 20

There's no better place for a Taurus than Sequoia National Forest. Admire the tall trees, mighty mountains, and colossal caverns.

Sequoia National Forest

Reliable, devoted, and well-grounded, Tauruses have the ability to see things from a grounded, practical, and realistic perspective. It’s only appropriate for this Earth sign to be compatible with Sequoia National Forest, where the greatest concentration of giant sequoia groves in the world is found.

The majestic forest is also home to the Giant Sequoia National Monument, which was designated by President Bill Clinton and encompasses 328,315 acres. Essentially a land of giants, the national forest is made up of mighty mountains, rugged foothills, deep canyons, colossal caverns, and the world’s largest trees standing tall and stable like Tauruses. 

3. Gemini

Element: Air

Gemini dates: May 21–June 20

Explore the lush grounds of Los Angeles' massive playground: the Angeles National Forest.

Angeles National Forest

Geminis are known for their gentleness and adaptability. Quick learners and curious in nature, they’re eager to experience the world to its fullest. The Angeles National Forest has similar traits to that of a Gemini. Covering around 700,000 acres, the vast and diverse forest is basically the backyard playground for the massive metropolitan area of Los Angeles, beckoning to locals and visitors alike.

Managing the watersheds within its boundaries, the national forest supplies SoCal with water and protects the surrounding areas from catastrophic floods. Meanwhile, the mighty Mount Baden-Powell guards the forest as nature lovers hike the eight-mile round-trip trail to the top of the peak.  

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4. Cancer

Element: Water

Cancer dates: June 21–July 22

As water signs, Cancers will feel right at home when visiting the cascading rivers within Six Rivers National Forest.

Six Rivers National Forest

Cancers are easily attached to others—they’re quite the loyalists (so it’s always wonderful to have a Cancer for a best friend)—as well as sympathetic and highly imaginative. They’re also water signs, making Six Rivers National Forest a fitting destination for them. The 974,612 acres of highlands stretch south from the Oregon border for approximately 140 miles to Mendocino County.

5. Leo

Element: Fire

Leo dates: July 23–August 22

Run wild in the lush, fern-filled forests of Mendocino, especially if you're a Leo.

Mendocino National Forest

Cheerful and warm-hearted Leos accomplish anything and everything they set their mind to. As dramatic and self-confident beings, the fire sign has the ability to unite people and lead them to Mendocino National Forest for an outdoor experience of tranquility and seclusion—out of all 20 national forests in California, this is the only one not crossed by a paved road or highway. With densely forested woodlands and open meadows expecting your arrival, it’s the ideal place for a Leo to kick back and relax by a sparkling lake with majestic mountains serving as your backdrop.

6. Virgo

Element: Earth

Virgo dates: August 23–September 22

The stunning Los Padres National Forest is an absolute paradise for exploratory Virgos.

Los Padres National Forest

Los Padres National Forest is the perfect spot for Virgos to explore. Encompassing 1.75 million acres of mountainous lands, it’s home to Central California’s scenic coast, including Big Sur and the Transverse Ranges. Virgos would call this place heaven—paying attention to the smallest details of the forest’s natural beauty, they’ll catch glimpses of marine habitats and towering conifers, oaks, and redwoods. As the ideal setting for the kind and loyal earth sign, Los Padres National Forest is abundant with recreational possibilities. 

7. Libra

Element: Air

Libra dates: September 23–October 22

Calling all Libras: Head to the largest national forest in California for spectacular landscapes.

Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Gracious and fair-minded Libras long for balance and harmony in their personal lives and in the great outdoors. To accomplish this successfully, this astrological sign won’t regret taking a rewarding hike in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. Encompassing five wilderness areas, this is the largest national forest in California. The haven of solitude and crisp mountain air has over 600 miles of streams and rivers as well as hundreds of mountain lakes with spectacular views. As social air signs, Libras are never alone in the forest; the snow-capped Mount Shasta is always with you, no matter which path you take here. 

8. Scorpio

Element: Water

Scorpio dates: October 23–November 21

Beloved Scorpios, roam the lands of Stanislaus National Forest and lose yourself in nature's beauty.

Stanislaus National Forest

As water signs, Scorpios tend to be passionate, resourceful, and brave—making them great leaders. They’re also determined and decisive and often crave connection with the outdoors. Stanislaus National Forest is the best choice for Scorpios looking to get lost in the beauty of nature.

Go for a swim in over 800 miles of rivers and streams; it’s almost impossible to be bored here. Back in the days of the Gold Rush, the national forest used to be occupied by miners, homesteaders and ranchers, dam builders, and loggers—coming across artifacts and historic sites while exploring the natural wonders is common.   

9. Sagittarius

Element: Fire

Sagittarius dates: November 22–December 21

The wild landscapes of San Bernardino National Forest will satisfy any Sagittarius' wanderlust.

San Bernardino National Forest

Idealistic, generous, and hilarious, Sagittariuses have a strong desire to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life. San Bernardino National Forest is the best place for the perfectionist fire sign to discover what they’re searching for.

10. Capricorn

Element: Earth

Capricorn dates: December 22–January 19

Capricorns, celebrate living life to the fullest and being yourself in Eldorado National Forest.

Eldorado National Forest 

The most responsible and disciplined of the signs is Capricorn. The earth sign is considered to possess an inner state of independence that gives them the ability to lead while also being realists. Eldorado National Forest offers the perfect opportunity for Capricorns to be their true selves in the great outdoors.

Located in the central Sierra Nevada, this national forest is the best escape from busy urban life. Since it’s close to the original gold discovery site in California, it prides itself on having numerous gold-bearing rivers and streams. Live your best Capricorn life in this national forest—hiking, fishing, camping, and cross-country and downhill skiing adventures await you.

11. Aquarius

Element: Air

Aquarius dates: January 20–February 18

The magnificence of the Sierra National Forest beckons to free-spirited Aquariuses.

Sierra National Forest

Aquariuses are as progressive and free-spirited as it gets. As an air sign, they have a deep need for time spent in solitude, away from the chaos, in order to restore their spirits. Luckily, the Sierra National Forest provides the ideal setting for rejuvenation and relaxation.

The 1.3 million-acre destination has countless scenic attractions such as Fresno Dome, Nelder Grove, Shaver Lake, China Peak. With towering mountains, subalpine meadows, and parts of the John Muir Trail covering the stunning area, Sierra National Forest is a land full of possibilities. 

12. Pisces

Element: Water

Pisces dates: February 19–March 20

Artistic Pisces will find all the inspiration they seek in the majestic Ansel Adams Wilderness of Inyo National Forest.

Inyo National Forest

Recognized as artistic, intuitive, and wise, Pisces possess certain aspects from the rest of the horoscopes. There are many timeless qualities in this water sign, just like the Inyo National Forest. Extending 165 miles near the California-Nevada border, the forest is dotted with natural wonders—the majestic Mono Lake, the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, and the scenic Mammoth Lakes Basin call this place home. With an estimated 238,000 acres of old-growth forests, Inyo National Forest is a piece of heaven in the Golden State.

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