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California National Parks to Visit Based on Your Zodiac Sign

California National Parks to Visit Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you’re a compassionate Pisces or an independent Aquarius, here’s the best California national park for your astrological sign.


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June 30, 2020

Boasting everything from waterfalls and fields of wildflowers, to dense redwood forests and arid desert dunes, California’s national parks and sites are full of adventure year-round. With hundreds of miles of undulating coastline, rigid mountain peaks, and a plethora of varied landscapes, the Golden State provides endless opportunities to see something new. But deciding where the wind should take you next can prove to be a challenge. Luckily, your zodiac sign can provide insight into your personality and help guide you toward the right sites and national parks to visit first, according to your astrological sign.


Element: Fire

Aries dates: March 21–April 19

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Lassen Volcanic National Park

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries are known for their confidence, determination, and competitive nature, making more adventurous vacations appealing to them. Lassen Volcanic National Park is an ideal place for these personalities, because they tend to appreciate physical challenges and remote destinations more than others. 

Complete with every type of known volcano, hydrothermal areas, boiling pools of water, and mud pots, this unusual national park has a lot to discover. Spend the weekend camping, hiking, and exploring to make the most of your time away.


Element: Earth

Taurus dates: April 20–May 20

Yosemite National Park

Known for their affinity for the finer things in life, Tauruses are reliable, devoted, and patient, so even the most crowded sites are worth the wait when they’re high-caliber destinations. While practical, the Taurus is unwilling to compromise on quality, so gourmet food, well-made clothing, and stunning scenery are a few things this sign seeks. 

Yosemite National Park is an ideal spot for a Taurus because it’s tried-and-true and features some of the state’s best views. Since this sign tends to appreciate hands-on activities, make sure to add hiking, slacklining, and rock climbing to your itinerary for an experience you won’t soon forget.


Element: Air

Gemini dates: May 21–June 20

Redwood National Park

Geminis often have the desire to feel free and liberated, making the untamed forest of Redwood National Park the perfect place for them to visit. This sign is associated with curiosity, spontaneity, and energy—traits that are well-suited for exploring the tallest trees on the planet. As both a national and state park, Redwood offers a unique view of the Golden State, combining prairies, rivers, forests, and dozens of miles of coastline. 

Start your journey with a weekend in Ferndale and Eureka before driving to this stunning national park to satisfy your yearning for diversity. Then, take a walk to the beach, hike in the redwoods, and go for a scenic drive in the park. If you’re up for even more adventure, drive to the nearby Gold Bluff Beach and spend a night or two camping on the beach


Element: Water

Cancer dates: June 21–July 22

Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

As a National Park Service recreation area, Whiskeytown Lake is an ideal place for this water sign to unwind. As an imaginative, emotional, and sympathetic sign, Cancers tend to appreciate relaxing and spending quality time with loved ones, especially in family-oriented destinations that are off the beaten path. Crowds and popular tourist destinations aren’t exactly up their alley, but this lesser-known Shasta County getaway offers a rejuvenating experience they’re sure to enjoy. 

Located eight miles west of Redding, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is full of possibilities. From paddleboarding and kayaking on the lake, to hiking and mountain biking on the park trails, to chasing waterfalls and picnicking, there’s plenty of leisurely activities to choose from here. 


Element: Fire

Leo dates: July 23–August 22

Death Valley National Park

As fire signs, Leos are bold, passionate, and natural-born leaders who love attention. Leos tend to seek unique and exclusive destinations, making Death Valley National Park their ideal park. The destination will appeal to your fiery nature—it has some of the hottest temperatures on the planet, after all—and earn you bragging rights for visiting the lowest point on the continent at Badwater Basin. (You can garner even more attention when you ride to Dante’s View to take in the unbelievable views.) 

This zodiac sign is all about the experience, so stay a few days in Death Valley, taking time to photograph the whole thing. Whether you spend your time stargazing, backpacking, enjoying back-road excursions, or visiting the park’s film locations, there’ll be plenty to brag about when you return from this getaway.


Element: Earth

Virgo dates: August 23–September 22

Muir Woods National Monument

Practical and organized, Virgos can find it hard to step away from their work. Naturally, these planners like to schedule out everything—including vacation—making relaxing more difficult and Wi-Fi a must. Muir Woods National Monument offers a perfect solution for these nature enthusiasts because of its close proximity to San Francisco

Spend the day hiking in Muir Woods, looking for local wildlife, and visiting the beach to appreciate the gorgeous surroundings. Then, plan enough time to drive to nearby Sausalito to get changed and make your dinner reservations on the water. This mixture of activities will satisfy Virgos’ love of to-do lists while allowing them to enjoy the scenery and stop working for a bit. 


Element: Air

Libra dates: September 23–October 22

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

As an air sign, Libra is ruled by the mind and believes in balance and harmony, but like other Venus-ruled signs, it also has an admiration for the finer, beautiful things in life. Just as the sign itself balances two objects, California’s Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks offer two experiences. 

Gaze at the dazzling strength of giant sequoias, marvel at the colorful granite landscape, and head out into the national forests for an incredible trip. While Libras may be known for being indecisive, with so much beauty to see, they’ll likely be happy wherever they end up.


Element: Water

Scorpio dates: October 23–November 21

Pinnacles National Park

Scorpios are brave, resourceful, and natural leaders, making vacations in the wilderness an excellent choice. While they appreciate structure and are always searching for the truth, they crave the connection and ease that comes with longtime friendships, so a group trip into nature is an ideal escape. 

Pinnacles National Park offers a bit of everything for Scorpios. With beautiful pines and impressive pinnacles, it’s easy to attract the passionate personalities of this zodiac sign while allowing them the freedom to explore and fend for themselves. 


Element: Fire

Sagittarius dates: November 22 – December 21

Lava Beds National Monument

The Sagittarius is an optimistic free-thinker with admiration for travel and the outdoors. Since they have such an open mind, they tend to prefer visiting places that others might not think to travel to, making Lava Beds National Monument a great choice. 

Located in the northeastern edge of the Golden State, Lava Beds National Monument is full of unusual sights that quell Sagittarius’ desire for new thrills. Spend time exploring the interesting geological formations such as the shield volcano, Medicine Lake, rock art, and hundreds of caves dotting the landscape.


Element: Earth

Capricorn dates: December 22–January 19

Joshua Tree National Park

Discipline, responsibility, and structure are core pillars for Capricorns, often leading them to stick to what they know rather than venture into new territories. When it comes to national park vacations, Capricorns need a mixture of familiarity and quality

Joshua Tree National Park is the perfect destination for this sign because it offers a dependable experience and fun at the same time. This park is a wonderful place to bring the whole family and create new traditions together—two elements Capricorns are known for. Spend the weekend playing music at the campsite and hiking the most popular trails, or rent a house nearby for an elevated excursion. 


Element: Air

Aquarius dates: January 20 – February 18

Channel Islands National Park

The Aquarius sign tends to represent independent, original individuals who have their own ways of doing things. As an air element, they crave cerebral stimulation but also like to have fun, making Channel Islands National Park an excellent place to get away. 

Hike the trails, kayak in the surrounding ocean waters, and camp in the remote parts of the islands for a unique experience. Invite your friends and schedule a cleanup to satisfy your desire to help people, too. 


Element: Water

Pisces dates: February 19–March 20

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Pisces are artistic, compassionate water-lovers, so naturally, their ideal vacations involve scenic coastal views. Since Pisces are known for having their heads in the clouds, they don’t mind the infamous fog of San Francisco. Plus, with a high concentration of creatives in the region, this sign fits right into the local culture. 

Get to know the 19 ecosystems located throughout Golden Gate National Recreation Area, find the art installations, capture the beauty in a photograph or two, and bring your dog to make the most of your vacation. Since Pisces enjoy swimming, make sure to visit the coast and dive in once you’ve finished exploring the park.

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