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Produce Party: California's Best CSA Boxes

Produce Party: California's Best CSA Boxes

CSA boxes bring fresh fruits and vegetables from small farms to your home. Here's where to find the best local CSA boxes in California.


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May 18, 2020

Luscious potato leek soup and a kale Caesar salad are the preludes to a main course of savory roast chicken with caramelized shallots and a flaky mustard tart—sumptuous foods you’d expect to find at a high-end eatery. But California’s CSA (community-supported agriculture) programs are actually responsible for both these ingredients and these recipes. 

That’s right, CSA boxes bring fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms to your home. Some even feature additional items—such as pasture-raised meats, California olive oil, honey, pies, and cheeses—making it easier to cook creative, wholesome meals. Many suppliers also deliver the boxes directly to your doorstep, so you finally have a good excuse not to go to the grocery store.

CSA Box Delivery FAQs

Many local farms such as Brentwood's Frog Hollow Farm deliver CSA boxes full of fresh produce.

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1. What is a CSA box?

An acronym for community-supported agriculture, CSA is an ideal way to eat locally grown produce and support small farms. By signing up for a CSA box, individuals help finance the farm’s operations by purchasing future crops. Many CSAs only charge when the boxes are shipped, some charge a one-time CSA membership fee, and others require at least a month-long commitment. By getting CSA boxes delivered, individuals can still eat local foods without having to visit a farmers market each week. 

2. Where are CSA farms located in California?

Thanks to the Mediterranean climate and vast agricultural diversity of California, there are local CSAs delivering to nearly every county in the state. While the products will vary depending on location and season, it’s easier than ever to join a CSA farm share and reap the benefits of getting fresh, local produce sent to your home. 

3. How much produce will I receive?

Most CSA programs offer a variety of box sizes that cater to the needs of individuals as well as families. Some offer small, medium, and large boxes, while others present price ranges based on the weight. 

In general, the smallest box is best for one to two people, the next size up is for small families (or individuals who primarily eat a vegetarian diet), and the largest option is ideal for produce-loving families or offices. 

4. What are the benefits of signing up for a local CSA box subscription?

There are numerous benefits that come with participating in a CSA: 

  • You can enjoy super-fresh produce that tastes better than what you would find at chain grocery stores. CSA boxes allow the produce to be transferred from the farm to the consumer fairly quickly, so farmers can pick their fruits and veggies at their peak—instead of picking them early and having them ripen during transport to a grocery store far away—resulting in more flavorful items.
  • You can reduce your carbon footprint by eating locally. Since the produce in a CSA box doesn’t have to be sent across the country, there are fewer carbon emissions associated with it. 
  • You can try new produce. It’s much easier to give foods a shot when they’re already in your home. As an added benefit, some CSA farms provide recipes on their websites to help you use all the products in your box and avoid food waste.
  • You can adopt healthier habits thanks to the convenience of home delivery. Much like trying new things, eating healthy foods is simple once they make it into your house.
  • You can spend less time shopping at the grocery store.

5. Can I get items other than fruits and vegetables delivered with my CSA box?

In many cases, farms provide additional CSA foods in their boxes—including local honey, California kombucha, cooking oils, pastries, and more—so look for add-ons after selecting your produce.

6. How can I join a CSA near me? 

Visit the websites of the California farms below to see if they’re accepting new CSA members. Since CSA agriculture has become more popular recently, some small farms may have a waitlist. If you live in a region that’s not listed below, search for “farm share near me” to see participating farms in your area.

California’s Best CSA Boxes

Here are a few local farms providing CSA boxes to communities throughout the Golden State. If the small farm closest to you isn’t taking new CSA members right now, consider joining Farm Fresh to You for organic produce delivered throughout many areas of Northern and Southern California. 

Savor juicy summer peaches and other seasonal produce from Acta Non Verba, an urban farm that delivers CSA boxes to East Bay residents.

Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project 

Location: Oakland

Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project (ANV) provides education, childcare, and access to healthy food for individuals living in Oakland, Berkeley, and other East Bay cities. ANV offers a wide range of CSA boxes, including two-pound boxes of salad mix as well as weekly and full-season flower, fruit, and veggie subscriptions. All boxes are reasonably priced, though most of the CSA subscriptions require a yearly $25 fee to cover set-up costs. 

If you’re looking to make an even bigger difference at ANV, sign up for one of the farm’s volunteer positions—you never know who you might meet or whose life you might change.

Full Belly Farm

Location: Guinda

Nestled northwest of Sacramento, Full Belly Farm is a Bay Area favorite, offering CSA boxes for home delivery and providing produce to some incredible local eateries such as Yo Tambien! Cantina. Full Belly Farm is also a terrific resource for discovering recipes and understanding seasonal crop schedules—making it easy to anticipate what items might come in your box and what to make with them.

Due to this farm’s popularity, it’s not uncommon to find a waitlist, so jot down your contact information or keep checking back for your chance to become a member.

Discover a variety of locally grown vegetables and fruits from JR Organics, a Southern California farm offering CSA boxes for pick up.

JR Organics

Location: Escondido

JR Organics provides organic produce to residents of San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange Counties. Unlike many of our other favorite farms, JR Organics distributes the vast majority of its boxes using centralized drop sites rather than home delivery (though customers in Carlsbad and Oceanside can request home delivery). 

Each CSA box is driven by the seasons, so you’ll always be surprised with new items, but you can expect to see everything from celery and brussels sprouts to avocados and citrus, depending on the time of year. 

Bite into sweet blueberries and other freshly harvested fruits from Long Beach Farms, which provides CSA boxes as well as bespoke recipes.

Long Beach Farms

Location: Long Beach

Long Beach Farms is an urban farm on a mission to make the food system more sustainable. In keeping with its goal, the farm’s CSA boxes must be picked up from local stands. You may find potatoes, leafy greens, fruits, and herbs in your boxes—and you can choose to add on some pasture-raised eggs. Aside from receiving tasty food, CSA members also get priority access to seasonal farm events and weekly newsletters with recipes.

Singing Frogs Farm

Location: Sebastopol

Singing Frogs Farm is a truly special regenerative farm in Sonoma County. The farmers grow their delicious vegetables using strict, non-conventional standards that put the planet first. Singing Frogs Farm is committed to no-spray, no-till, and low-water organic agriculture, resulting in nutrient-dense produce you can eat straight off the farm. 

So, you can rest assured your produce was freshly harvested when you retrieve it from one of the farm’s 11 CSA pick-up sites throughout Sebastopol, Graton, Petaluma, and Santa Rosa. And if you’re looking to source even more of your groceries from local farms, Singing Frogs Farm has you covered. You can easily add on flower and rice deliveries or sign up for egg or olive oil shares from other local producers. 

Have you tried a CSA box subscription? Tell us about your favorite California CSA farms in the comments below.

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